How to get rid of bulimia yourself

Mental disorders, accompanied by a violation of the norms of the usual diet - this is the scourge of today's youth. Bulimia and anorexia are two girlfriends who often meet in the same person. Bulimia is gluttony, when you feel an intolerable and irresistible hunger, despite the fact that a huge portion of food has already been eaten. After eating a person with bulimia, he feels guilty and ashamed of the food he has eaten, as he is afraid of getting fat. To remedy the situation, he tries to induce vomiting, taking laxatives. The circle closes and everything repeats again.

How to recognize in yourself bulimia

Very often, a person with bulimia does not recognize himself or others in his addiction. He does not even consider it an addiction or a disease. But to recognize this mental disorder is still possible. Here are some signs characteristic of the behavior of a person with bulimia.

  1. A huge, incredibly huge amount of food that a person can eat. Attacks of gluttony may occur at night. Sometimes a person suffering from bulimia tends to chew something constantly. After this amount of food eaten, pain and cramps occur in the stomach, various disorders of the digestive system occur.
  2. Guilt is the constant companion of bulimia. After an attack of gluttony, a person tries to correct the situation and carries out various “cleansing” procedures for the intestines - he puts in an enema, causes vomiting, takes laxatives and diuretics.
  3. Often, bulimia is accompanied by various psychological disorders - depression, stress, anxiety, worsening quality of sleep.
  4. A person suffering from bulimia is fixated on his weight. Weight loss, diet and nutrition - this is all that is of interest to him. In fact, the retention of the desired weight becomes the main goal of life.
  5. Bulimia periods alternating with anorexia. For a long time, a person exhausts himself with hunger strikes and loses weight. But at some point, his brain simply turns off, and the patient eats a portion of food that is caloric in size equal to a weekly diet of an ordinary person.
  6. A person with bulimia cannot be distinguished among healthy people. He has a normal average weight, in eating he does not stand out among others. Overeating occurs only in solitude, he usually hides his inclinations from friends and family members.

Why does bulimia occur?

This disease haunts teenagers, mostly girls. During puberty their psyche is unstable, they are dissatisfied with their appearance. Very often, girls think that they are overweight. For lack of experience losing weight and proper nutrition, they simply refuse to eat, which often leads to anorexia. Prolonged fasting causes depletion of the body, followed by an unrestrained attack of gluttony. This is bulimia nervosa that needs to be treated by a neurologist.

Often, eating disorders come from childhood. In many families there is a cult of food, when the child is forced to eat, regardless of his wishes. "You will not get up from the table until you eat the entire contents of the plate" - this is absolutely the wrong behavior of adults in the family. Usually in families where there is a cult of food, most suffer from overweight. The child himself feels when and how much he is. If you want him to eat a portion of soup, you need to increase his stay in the fresh air, give him the opportunity to play outdoor games and restrict access to sweets, cookies and other sweets before lunch. And then he will eat a treasured plate without persuasion and with appetite.

There are frequent cases of bulimia at a more mature age, about 25-30 years old. This type of bulimia occurs on the background of various psychological problems, stress at work, failures in personal life. The patient simply "jams" the problem. Temporary gusting joy helps to distance itself from the failures of life, but everything is imaginary. After all, with the running form of bulimia, a person simply does not feel the taste of the products.

When an adult sees food only as a consolation and salvation from spiritual experiences, this often leads to eating disorders. Bulimia harms not only the digestive system. Frequent eating of food spoils the teeth, there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth, the organs of the thyroid gland suffer. All this is accompanied by deterioration of memory, impaired quality of sleep and prolonged depression.

How to get rid of bulimia

To cure this disease, you need to remember that bulimia is a mental disorder. First you need to send your thoughts in the right direction, and only then begin to treat the body itself. If you suspect the presence of bulimia in yourself, your friend or a member of your family, you need to take urgent measures. It is possible to recover from bulimia; this requires patience and discipline.

  1. To begin, accept and recognize your problem. Denial does not lead to anything good. To defeat a disease, you must recognize its presence with your head held high. And then go to the doctor. Self-treatment in this case is extremely undesirable and even dangerous.
  2. The doctor does not need to be ashamed of his illness. Tell a specialist honestly and frankly about your bouts of bulimia - how often they occur, and what emotional state you have. The doctor will prescribe a course of medications that will cure organs affected by malnutrition. Along with this, you will get a prescription for antidepressants. They will help you not to feel the anxiety that you seize. Also, you will write out a detailed diet indicating the size of portions and meal times.
  3. As for self-treatment, psychological motivation is important. You need to love yourself the way you are. Look at yourself in the mirror. No need to compare yourself with skinny and girls of model appearance. In life, men often like health-giving people, rather than emaciated women. Love yourself just like that. Find and list all your advantages - there will be a lot of them.
  4. To get rid of bouts of bulimia, try to plan your day. Lead a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to eat healthy foods, comply with the diet and not violate it. Before eating, put in the plate exactly as much as you plan to eat. No additives. Do not linger at the common table. As soon as you have finished the last piece from your plate, you need to get up from the table. It is better to talk with family in a different setting, for example, in the living room.
  5. Do not seek comfort or reward in food. For example, you go to an important exam and give yourself a promise that if you can pass it successfully, then allow yourself to eat a cake. This is fundamentally wrong. You can not encourage yourself to eat, because you are a man, not an animal. Tell yourself that if the exam is successful, then buy yourself that fashionable handbag, which you have dreamed of for so long, or give yourself a subscription to the pool. Learn to seek joy not only in food.
  6. Take care not to think about food. Often we have an imaginary feeling of hunger, just because we are bored and have nothing to do. It only seems to us that we are hungry. In fact, you just need to take yourself. Sign up for language courses, go in for sports, meet friends more often. It will distract you from thinking about food.
  7. Stop taking weight loss medications. Teach yourself not to induce vomiting even after a bout of bulimia. Get over the fact that the eaten foods are already in you and there is no way to get them out. Throw out all laxatives and diuretics from your home — they should not be consumed so often. It is better to work out the calories eaten on the simulator than to induce vomiting.
  8. If you feel that you are experiencing stress that you cannot cope on your own, you need to seek help from a specialist. An experienced therapist will identify the root of your problem and help you overcome it.
  9. Find a purpose in life and go to it. Understand that losing weight, diet and nutritional rules - this is not the main thing. So you already look great, let nutritional correction and diet be your usual norm, which you don't need to think about. After all, you brush your teeth daily, but do not think about it all day? So it is here. If you intend to lose weight, you just need to adhere to proper nutrition and move more. But you can not think about it every second. Find yourself a more interesting target. Perhaps you want to get a second education, buy your first car or learn Spanish. Dare! There are so many interesting things in the world besides food worries.
  10. To cope with the appetite of the wolf, you can use the decoction of herbs. Alfalfa, aloe vera, starlet, burdock, licorice root, fennel, nettle, green tea, plantain. All these plants have an excellent ability to suppress appetite. They can be used alone or in combination with each other. A few tablespoons of herbal flock need to pour a liter of boiling water and let it brew. Then it is necessary to strain the broth and drink 200 ml in case of an approaching attack of bulimia. If you feel unbearable hunger, although ate quite recently, just drink this warm broth. In a few minutes you will feel better.

If you suffer from bulimia - no need to torment yourself and worry about it. Like any other disease, bulimia is perfectly treatable. However, for an effective and accurate result, you will have to be patient - only one year after the absence of bouts of bulimia you can consider yourself completely healthy. Love and accept yourself the way you are, because you are truly beautiful!

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