Tomato Cottage favorite - description and characteristics of the variety

On the territory of the country grow a huge number of tomatoes of completely different varieties, both on an industrial scale, and in the framework of home use. Among the variety of varieties, you can easily find tall tomatoes that need to be tied up, stunted varieties, as well as late and very early. Gardeners who choose determinant varieties prefer tomatoes in which at least a few fruits are tied. Such a prolific tomato variety is the Dacha favorite, which has become very popular among gardeners from different regions of the country who are engaged in the independent cultivation of this vegetable crop.

Features of the plant

According to the data of qualified specialists and experienced gardeners, the variety Pet Dacha has the following distinguishing characteristics:

  1. Variety refers to stunted, but on demand need a garter.
  2. The ability to plant seedlings not only in the greenhouse, but also in open ground.
  3. The use of tomatoes is quite versatile and fits any needs.

The variety of tomatoes Dachnoye pet is not considered a hybrid crop, which allows any summer resident and gardener to independently take the seeds for the next harvest in compliance with all the rules.

Fruit Description

It is important to know that the variety Country favorite differs in height due to the landing site. In the open field the bush will be slightly lower than that planted in the greenhouse. This should be taken into account if a low-growing shrub is necessary in the greenhouse without further tying the shoots.

All bushes of the Dachny Pet variety are almost identical in shape and differences are difficult to find. The fruit bush of this vegetable crop with growth forms two strong trunks that carry up to 15 fructifying brushes. Each of these fruit branches of tomatoes is able to develop on itself about 10-12 flowers, which, after high-quality pollination, are tied into fruits of excellent quality. Ripening of tomatoes occurs almost simultaneously. This makes it possible to simultaneously harvest the required amount of the gardener.

In the process of growth, the fruits are distinguished by a light bright green tint. In the area of ​​the stem, you can see a spot a few tones lighter than the main color of the tomato fruit, which eventually becomes a darker shade. At full ripeness, the fruit acquires a rich red color, and a spot with a different color at the stalk merges with the main color and does not stand out.

The form of a fully mature fruit is round, with a slight flattening from above.

Seedlings and planting

Most of the dacha residents living in the middle belt of the country prefer a seedling method of growing tomatoes. The option of collecting material does not matter at all. It can be both purchased in specialized stores, and taken independently.

  1. In approximately 2-2.5 months, the right soil is harvested for future seedlings, which must include peat, necessary fertilizers with important trace elements in its composition and garden soil.
  2. The day before sowing, it is necessary to reach the seedling tanks so that they are at a comfortable room temperature, soak the seeds in a solution of potassium permanganate or aloe juice, which before planting should be washed under a running water at a gentle temperature.
  3. Planting is made into the prepared soil, one seed each, into a container, which is filled with earth no more than 1 cm, sprayed with warm water and covered with food film to create the greenhouse effect.
  4. It is important to maintain the correct temperature in containers - up to 24 degrees and watering out of the spray gun. Before planting, it is necessary to fertilize the soil up to 3 times with the help of biological fertilizers.
  5. Dive is made at the stage of regrowth of 2 and 3 leaflets.
  6. 7-9 days before transplanting into the soil, seedlings need to be hardened, periodically carrying it out to the open air.
  7. The transplant is made into ready-made wells, which are abundantly doused with warm water. The distance between the rows of tomatoes should not be less than 70 cm. After planting 10 days later, it is important to fertilize the bushes again. In the process of growing tomatoes require fertilizer, but in small quantities to avoid burns.

Bushes do not grow above 60 cm, but if necessary they can be tied up. To form a bush is not difficult, it requires only the removal of stepsons.

Disease prevention and treatment


The peculiarity of the variety "Country favorite" is the resistance to almost all known and widespread garden diseases. To be sure that there will definitely be no unforeseen diseases, it is important to carry out prevention. For this you can purchase ready-made chemicals, for example, "Trichodermin".

Gardeners reviews

  1. Anastasia, Tyumen: Excellent tomatoes that I planted in the ground and greenhouse. Require garters, but the rest of the work with them is simple. In the greenhouse, otlodonosili 2 weeks earlier than in the ground, but the fruits were the same, very tasty and strong.
  2. Olga, St. Petersburg: Planted tomatoes only in the greenhouse, I liked them. It turned out to be quite frost-resistant, after landing there was a frost 2 days after landing. The harvest was rich.

The variety of tomatoes "Country favorite" is the right choice for a rich harvest, which also depends on the diligence and efficiency of the summer resident. This variety will provide quality tomatoes that are suitable for any kind of follow-up work with them.

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