How quickly sober up at home

Every person in life there are situations when there is a desire to drink or a solemn event "obliges" to this. But not everyone knows or forget the simple rules so that in the morning the head remains fresh and the mind is clear. The first thing to remember is that mixing different alcoholic beverages is unacceptable. A good snack will also help prevent increased intoxication. And, of course, you need to respect the rate that everyone has their own.

Tips for prudent


Those who are still able to do something at bedtime to ease their morning awakening are advised to use one of the “experienced” methods. There may be drugs in the home first aid kit. Then the task is facilitated, and the process of getting out of the state of intoxication is accelerated.

"Alka-Seltzer" is one of the most effective anti-harassment drugs. Its main ingredients are aspirin, soda and citric acid. Drink a few pills on the night, if you have the opportunity, repeat the drug in four hours.

It will help and activated charcoal in the amount of six to eight tablets. You can add aspirin and no-silo in a 2: 1 ratio at bedtime.

If the heaviness in the head does not go away, smell ammonia, the smell of this drug will quickly return you to normal.

But you can understand the fact that it is not always possible to comply with the recommended, especially if the banquet was a success. Regret comes in the morning after waking up, but not sobering. The most successful solution in such a situation is to sleep through, especially the head does not want to break away from the pillow. Only a job or other important meeting cannot always be canceled. Here begins the search for a miracle cure for hangover and headache.

Primary Help for Sobering

You can try the simplest methods of getting out of alcohol intoxication, using the means available in your home arsenal.

Dampen a towel in very cold water and rub it with intensive movements of earlobes. As a result of such manipulations blood circulation will increase, and the hangover will pass.

You can get rid of light drunkenness by eating citrus fruits: lemons, oranges, grapefruits, or replace them with a few tablets of vitamin C. Freshly squeezed apple juice, which should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, will also work. Only not in its pure form, but with the addition of grated ginger, a spoon of cinnamon and red pepper. Fructose is useful for the body, spices - for the nervous system.

For those who are not in a hurry in the morning, it would be nice to take a walk in the fresh air, bypassing, of course, the establishments selling alcoholic beverages. In this case, there is a chance to avoid auxiliary sobering methods.

After one of the manipulations done, the general condition of the body will restore the contrast shower and a cup of strong coffee without sugar.

Emergency ways sobering

When the application of the previous methods does not give positive results, and a fruitful day is planned on the eve, and nothing can be changed, it will be necessary to use unpleasant but effective procedures.

Gastric lavage
At home, use one of the proven methods - artificially induce vomiting. To do this, dissolve some potassium permanganate in water (about three liters) and drink the resulting solution. After that, keep close to the toilet or carry a bucket. Then repeat the procedure. Potassium permanganate can be replaced with baking soda with the addition of a few drops of ammonia. Also, to cleanse the stomach, chamomile flowers are suitable, which need to be filled with boiling water, insist 15 minutes, cool, strain and drink. In conclusion, to get rid of the unpleasant smell, rinse your mouth and throat with a decoction of lemon balm, bay leaf, parsley, or chew one of these herbs. This method is good, while alcohol did not have time to be absorbed into the blood, so hurry to use it at the initial stage of intoxication.

Bowel cleansing
Urgent sobering measures include bowel cleansing. In this case, will have to resort to using enemas.

Other Homemade Recipes for Clarity

Ordinary mint has a sobering effect, from which you can make tea, or use a plant tincture, diluting 20 drops in a glass of water. Drink a drink immediately - then the headache will quickly subside and the feeling of heaviness will disappear. The analogue will be strong tea with the addition of honey and ginger.

Try a kefir drink with lemon juice and 8-10 tablets of activated carbon. You should immediately drink the whole mixture.

Effective products are containing fructose, as it is a tool that successfully removes alcohol from the body. This includes honey.

A good way out of intoxication is to drink a glass of water with the addition of 4 tbsp. l apple cider vinegar. To improve the taste, you can add sugar or honey.

Sobering cocktails

Sometimes, due to the circumstances, the “patient” is not able to serve himself, and it is better to prepare someone to make miraculous cocktails.

  1. 1 drop of any vegetable oil, 1 egg yolk, 3 drops of lemon juice, 2 tsp. tomato paste, a little black and red pepper. Mix all ingredients and drink in one gulp.
  2. 1 tsp cognac, one egg yolk, sunflower oil, 3 tsp. tomato paste, salt and black pepper. Mix, add a little horseradish.
  3. 1 glass of tomato juice, a piece of grated ginger, black pepper, raw egg.

Raw egg is also used as a standalone product, which is inherent in the property of detoxification. Enough to drink the contents, and the improvement will come very soon.

Alcohol dehydrates the body; To prevent this, you need to drink two glasses of water. And nicotine enhances the effect of alcoholic beverages, so refrain from excessive smoking.

Tips narcologists to eliminate intoxication at home

Take 1.5 liters of fresh milk. Dissolve 1 cup of honey in 1.3 l of hot water and add 20 tablets of ascorbic acid 500 mg each, mashed to a powder. All mixed in a three-liter jar. After preparation, drink 2 glasses at a time. All the rest to use during the day in fractional doses. If the state of health continues to be disappointing, repeat the recommended method on the second and third day.

And experts warn that combining sugary drinks with alcohol or after it contributes to increased intoxication. It is advisable to eat before the first drunk glass, since the effect of alcohol increases significantly on an empty stomach.

As a warning, it is worth knowing that in a state of even mild intoxication a person loses the ability to perform requiring precision work, drive a vehicle and loses a sense of responsibility.

So, even for a sober head, weigh your possibilities and analyze whether it is worth proving to yourself and others that you are able to drink at the festive table more than a neighbor with a strong physique.

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