How to get rid of acne after shaving

A razor is an indispensable tool on the path to beauty and perfect appearance. Despite the fact that progress in the world of beauty walks forward with eight-mile steps and procedures have appeared that allow replacing the shaving process, not all wallets are able to withstand such a blow. For this reason, shaving is still quite relevant cosmetic ritual, which not rarely causes a number of problems. After using a razor, small acne, inflammation and irritation appear on the skin. This is due to the fact that when shaving hair, the machine captures part of the epidermis, which leads to increased blood circulation in these areas, which is accompanied by itching and not rarely burning.

Why do acne appear after shaving?

No matter how carefully and scrupulously the shaving procedure was performed, and the hated acne and redness stubbornly appear again and again. What could be the problem in this case? A question that can be answered for several reasons:

  1. Incorrectly matched shaving foam. A cosmetic product may simply cause an allergy to one of the components driving its composition. Before you buy a foam, you should carefully examine the list of components. Such substances as menthol, camphor or alcohol in the list should not be. They cause a feeling of dryness, tightness, and later itching and inflammation.
  2. Use a shaving razor or depilator. Very often it is the tool itself that causes acne after shaving. Depilators, in spite of all the advantages of its use, cause the skin to experience extreme stress. Alternatively, you can try to replace it with a conventional machine. Similarly, the situation may be the opposite. You also need to remember that in the first two or three weeks of initial use of the depilator, the appearance of inflammations is quite a normal reaction. Not normal - if longer.
  3. Depilatory cream can also cause acne. Abolishing for a while its use and follow the reaction of the skin would be a very sensible decision. If the reason still lies in the cream, go to an alternative method of the procedure.
  4. After shave cosmetic. It does not matter what they write and say - everything is purely individual and each skin type can have a completely unpredictable reaction to a lotion or cream. Try to change the favorite cream of labor will not be.

How to get rid of acne after shaving

If the inflammation after shaving still appeared, then you can and should get rid of them. Very well proved broth chamomile, which should wipe the affected skin. You can also brew and calendula flowers. Herbal decoctions should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than three days and heated before use.

Aloe vera is an ideal aid in the fight against skin problems. Try to use it both in pure form and as part of some cosmetics. Excellent reviews about aspirin. The tablet is ground to powder and diluted with several drops of glycerin. As for finished medicines, they can be purchased at any pharmacy - the main component in the composition of cortisol.

With the appearance of acne after shaving legs, you can use common recipes and methods, or you can add to them medicines such as Zenerit and Dalacin. Benzene peroxide, which serves as the basis for many ointments, in a small concentration is often used to combat irritations and acne after shaving. Such ointments are also good because they have no restrictions in use - the more often the better. Such a small thing as the temperature in the room can also help in the fight against skin rashes. At a set temperature of 24 degrees, perspiration normalizes, which leads to stabilization and restoration of the skin.

If self-treatment does not give the desired results, you should seek qualified help from a dermatologist or a dietitian. Usually, ozone therapy is prescribed to external agents, which saturates the blood with oxygen, thereby contributing to a better absorption of drugs by the skin. Taking vitamin A and saturating your diet with foods rich in this vitamin — milk, butter, spinach, egg yolk, and fish oil — can also help combat acne after shaving.

Perhaps the cause of the occurrence of inflammation lies not in external factors, but indicates problems within the body. Many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract declare themselves by external manifestations in the form of acne and all sorts of rashes on the skin. Therefore, it is not worth unsuccessfully to fight acne on its own for a long time.

Preventing acne after shaving

The appearance of inflammation and irritation on the skin after shaving can be avoided if the procedure is carried out correctly and several basic rules for the prevention of their occurrence are followed.

  1. A quality machine or a razor is the key to a smooth and clean shave. It is better to choose a machine with two or three razor strips, as well as with aloe helium pads. You also need to remember that you need to take care of the tool. At least rinse thoroughly with running water before and after use.
  2. Preparation of the skin. Never shave dry skin. Before you arm yourself with a machine, do not be lazy and rumple your skin. The ideal option is a bath, but if there is no time, then you can do with a shower for 15 minutes.
  3. It will not be superfluous to scrub the skin. To do this, mix approximately the same amount of shower gel and regular baking soda and lightly, without damaging the skin, massage and rinse. Scrub removes hardened particles of the epidermis. Which will greatly facilitate the procedure of depilation.
  4. If the skin is sensitive, the movement of the machine should be in the direction of hair growth.
  5. After shaving, use special emollient creams or lotions that do not contain alcohol or menthol and never rub your skin with a tough washcloth.
  6. Do not allow anyone to use the shaving razor.

And the last thing you need to know about the prevention of the appearance of acne after shaving, the timely conduct of the procedure. Of course, not always enough time to take care of themselves. But all the same, do not allow a situation where the situation has passed into the category of disaster.

It must be remembered that the longer the hairs, the more movements with a razor will have to be done, which means it will damage the skin more and unambiguously provoke irritations and inflammations on it. If, however, the after-shave acne problems could not be avoided, then a pause in carrying out the procedure for several days should be taken, because the additional friction will cause more and more trauma to the skin and thus even more redness.

Beauty should not require sacrifice in the case of depilation. Do not bring the skin to a deplorable state, it is better to carry out the correct treatment of injuries and in the future do not forget about preventive measures. Only in this case, the desire to look perfect will be justified. Healthy, smooth, clean skin - as a result of proper and timely care, will not take long to wait if the process is organized in compliance with all the rules.

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