How to lose weight with kefir: 6 ways

Many people know the beneficial properties of fermented milk products. It is used in cosmetology, nutrition and medicine for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Kefir tidies up the digestive tract, speeds up the metabolism, promotes the growth of hair and nails. Many pop stars and show business sit on kefir diet, because it allows you to lose those extra pounds in a matter of days.

Express weight loss


Diet is to use kefir for 5 days. Per day you should drink more than 2.7 liters. It is forbidden to eat or drink anything else, except kefir. If it is difficult to follow the rules, green tea with melissa or jasmine 2 times a day is allowed. Consider, the load on the body will be enormous, during this time you will lose weight by 1-1.2 kg daily. The first two days can dry mouth, apathy, loss of strength. If by the third day everything does not get better, interrupt the diet.

Youth diet

The technique is developed for young boys and girls. Adhere to the diet you need 3 days, then move on to a different composition of products. The diet is designed for 6 days, for which it is really possible to lose up to 5 kg. Drink at least 4 liters of fluid per day, of which 2 liters is kefir.

1-3 day

  1. Breakfast: 90 gr. ground oatmeal, 350 ml. kefir, 3 apples, berries, 550 ml. kefir.
  2. Second breakfast: 100 gr. tuna in own juice, 1 cucumber, 450 ml. kefir.
  3. Lunch: 150 gr. boiled beef or chicken, salad "Iceberg" in unlimited quantities, broccoli or beans, 400 ml. kefir.
  4. Dinner: 150 gr. lean fish, 1 tomato, 300 ml. kefir.
  5. Late dinner: 550 ml. kefir.

4-6 day

  1. Breakfast: 170 gr. cottage cheese fat content of not more than 1.8%, 100 gr. natural yogurt without additives, 400 ml. kefir.
  2. Second breakfast: 50 gr. flax bran, 130 gr. tuna, 450 ml. kefir, 1 grapefruit.
  3. Lunch: 220 gr. steamed veal, vegetable salad, 450 ml. kefir.
  4. Dinner: 3 soft-boiled eggs, 600 ml. kefir.
  5. Late dinner: 550 ml. kefir.

You can sit on a diet once a month. For the entire period, you must completely give up alcohol, because it causes a feeling of hunger, retains water and is overly high in calories.

Diet "Mary Poppins"

Diet will throw 11-12 kg. For three weeks you need to drink 2 liters of kefir per day. It is allowed to use the following products:

  • lean fish: pike, pollock, pelingas, carp, cod, bream, gilthead;
  • lean meat: veal, beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit, pork pulp (1 time per week);
  • dairy products with a fat content of not more than 1%;
  • fruit without restrictions;
  • all vegetables except potatoes and tomatoes.

For 21 days you will have to forget about pastries, sweets, cereals and cereals, nuts. You can not eat salty, spicy, sweet and fried foods. Prepare meals in your own juice with the help of an oven, multicooker, steamer.

Drink at least 4 liters of fluid per day, with 2 liters of kefir.

It is not allowed to use packaged juices, coffee, compote, fruit drink. Drinks should not be sweet. If there is a juicer, prepare fresh citrus fruit every morning.

We recommend the frequency of meals - 1 time in three hours. You can eat an unlimited amount of permissible foods per day, but they should always be accompanied by a glass of kefir.

Sports diet


The technique is more suitable for people actively involved in sports. Once a month you need to arrange a fasting week, which is signed by the hour. It is recommended to reduce the load due to the lack of energy value of the products.

  1. Breakfast: 2 soft-boiled eggs and 450 ml. kefir.
  2. Second breakfast: 2 pears, 100 gr. flax bran, 450 ml. kefir.
  3. Snack: lean fish, baked in foil, 2 cucumbers, 1 tomato, 500 ml. kefir.
  4. Lunch: 50 gr. oat bran medium grinding, 1 banana, a slice of low-fat cheese, 400 ml. kefir.
  5. Supper: salad from Peking cabbage, tomatoes and celery, 200 gr. kefir.
  6. Late dinner: 1 liter of kefir with chopped dill.

It is important to use 3 liters of liquid per day, not counting kefir. Permissible drinks include fresh juices, herbal tea, tomato juice.

Sailor's diet

The method consists in alternating kefir with other useful products.

The first two days you need to eat eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, vegetables, fruits and cereals. As drinks coffee is allowed without sugar and milk, green tea, fresh juice.

The next two days you drink one kefir at the rate of 2.2 liters per day.

After this, the "bright" days come again, which allow absolutely any fish and seafood, beef, veal, rabbit and even pork to enter the diet. At the same time you need to drink at least 3 liters of water. Any other drinks are prohibited.

After 6 days you start all over again, periodically adding 1 liter of kefir per day to the “bright” days. Diet is recommended to withstand no more than one month, after the third week the body is depleted, even despite the large amount of protein in the diet.

Model diet


Weight loss is designed for 8 days. Everything that is allowed to be eaten can be expressed in 4 words: kefir, cottage cheese, apples, water.

  1. On the first day you eat green apples at the rate of 2.5 kg / day.
  2. The second day is to use kefir every 1.5-2 hours. Per day you should drink 2.4 liters of fermented milk product with a fat content of not more than 0.1%.
  3. On the third day, it is allowed to eat cottage cheese (no more than 1.8%) in unlimited quantities.
  4. On the fourth day you drink only water, you can afford a cup of green tea with natural honey, but not more than 1 time a day.

Then from the fifth to the eighth day you start over. Diet greatly depletes the body, refrain from mental and physical activity, move less and rest more. As soon as you feel unwell, immediately stop losing weight and go to a gentle method.

Do you like kefir and want to lose weight with it? If the task is to lose weight in a short time, resort to express weight loss. When there is enough time left until an important event or beach season, use a three-week method. For those who are actively involved in sports, suitable for youth, sports or diet "Mary Poppins". Follow the state of health, at the slightest indisposition, stop losing weight. It is advisable to consult with your doctor so that he reveals contraindications.

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