How to give your dog a pill for worms

Every dog ​​owner should take care of his pet, maintaining good health. One of the planned procedures is deworming - run-parasite worms. Worms are considered the most dangerous, so it is important to carry out prevention on time. In most cases, dogs are given a suspension or a pill, we are interested in the latter option. The owners resort to tricks, wanting to feed the pet cherished "drug."

The choice of drug for deworming

  1. "Drontal". The composition has gained the approval of many dog ​​handlers and dog owners at the expense of an acceptable cost, high efficiency. The advantage of the drug is considered to be relative lightness, in some cases repeated administration is necessary after 2 weeks. The disadvantages include the form of release - tablets, it is difficult to feed them to temperamental individuals. On the pet market, "Drontal" is often faked.
  2. "Pratel". The drug is highly toxic, therefore, has a number of contraindications. It is not necessary to give medicine to animals with kidney and liver diseases, as well as to pregnant and weakened individuals. The advantages are low cost and high efficiency after the first dose.
  3. "Cannavtel Plus". The composition is made in Germany, it is given to cats and dogs. Parasites die from the first time, while the tool is quite gentle. The advantages include the absence of side effects, an acceptable pricing policy. Of the minuses is to highlight the complexity of the calculation of the dosage, the inability to use on allergic dogs. If the animal has often been on the street before, the drug may not work immediately.
  4. "Milbemaks". Drops have no taste or smell, so they are easily swallowed by four-legged friends. In this case, the tablets are small, which greatly simplifies the process of deworming. The composition is suitable for small breed dogs, puppies, elderly individuals. If you correctly calculate the dosage, there will be no side effects. The downside is the lack of effectiveness. If the situation is running, you will need to re-run the worms.
  5. "Prazitsid". The composition is versatile and inexpensive, which is why it is loved by dog ​​breeders. As practice shows, the effect of the procedure is achieved from the first time. Repeated administration is required only in emergency cases, there are no side effects. Tablets have a sweet shell, so the animals swallow it easily. Prazitel is considered a type of Prazitsid, it is more effective.

Features of deworming

  1. If you are performing the procedure for the first time, it is important to prepare for it in advance. Take care that you have an absorbent drug (activated carbon or equivalent) on hand. You may also need to phone the vet, carrying for an unscheduled trip to the clinic, saline, immunostimulant.
  2. Before giving the dog a pill, read the instructions. If the manufacturer does not make recommendations regarding the time of admission (before or after meals), let us take a pill on an empty stomach in the morning. In this way, you will provide effective treatment at one time.
  3. If the dog spits out a portion of the pill or does not swallow the medicine completely, a repeated dose is not given. The amount of the drug is calculated individually for height, weight, age and other indicators.
  4. It is not always possible to remove the worms from the first time. In the started situations it is necessary to give a preparation repeatedly in 12-14 days. Throughout the waiting period, it is advisable to monitor the pet's feces in order to identify the parasite.
  5. Give the pet a formula to stimulate the immune system before feeding the pet. After taking the pill watch for your pet. It should be emptied in the next 6 hours. Otherwise, stimulate the intestines with an absorbent.
  6. Almost all anthelmintic drugs cause thirst. Provide your pet around the clock access to clean water, change it every 5 hours.
  7. If you notice that the animal is drooling or the pupils are dramatically expanding, feed it to activated carbon or another drug with absorbent properties. Puppies up to 8 months and weakened pets absorbent is given without fail after 1 hour after the procedure.

How to give a dog a tablet of worms

  1. Mix the medicine with a treat. If the pill is allowed to be taken with food, crush the pill into powder and mix with treats. As a delicacy, you can take a small slice of sausage or melted cheese, minced meat, chicken or beef liver, canned food, butter. The listed products overshadow the bitter taste of the medicine, so the dog will not notice the trick.
  2. Arrange the game. If your pet belongs to suspicious individuals and does not want to take medicine, go smarter. Mash the tablet into dust in a convenient way. Make a few balls of minced meat mixed with butter. Now try to feed the animal treats in a playful form. Toss the treat up, let the dog catch it. It is not necessary to hold the entire tablet in one portion of minced meat, in the form of a game you will feed the pill in several stages.
  3. Blow into the nose of the animal. To cause a swallowing reflex and to feed the medicine in its pure form, it is necessary to resort to tricks. Place the capsule on the root of the pet's tongue, then gently squeeze his mouth. Hold the dog, because it starts kicking. Blow gently into the nose, you will feel like a pet swallowed a pill. You can also chop the medicine and mix it with warm water, then introduce it to the animal in the mouth and blow it in the nose.

If none of the proposed methods was effective, give the dog an anthelmintic drug by force. To do this, call an assistant, ask him to wrap the pet in the blanket and hold it. Mash the tablet into dust, dilute with water and enter with a spoon on the root of the tongue. Cover your pet's mouth, scratch its neck.

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