How to remove redness after tanning: effective ways

Tanning lovers know firsthand that abusing the procedure often leads to redness. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the skin: one many 5 minutes, others and after 8 remain pale. In both cases, an undesirable red tint appears, which is accompanied by painful sensations. To get rid of the consequences, it is enough to follow the tips that are designed specifically for these purposes.

Effective ways to deal with redness after tanning

It is not always possible to comply with safety. If it was not possible to protect the skin and red spots appeared on it, proceed to immediate treatment.

In the salon, where you go to the procedure, special tools are sold for a safe tan in the solarium. They need to be applied to the moment when you entered the cabin. If you have not done so, get an ointment or a cream to remove red. They have a pleasant smell, adapted for tanning in tanning beds and perfectly soothe the skin. The composition is sold both in disposable bags and whole bottles. Apply it on the skin, do not rub, let it be completely absorbed.

Dairy products
Lubricate the affected areas with a rich layer of fat cream, wait until the mixture is absorbed into the skin. When the first layer dries, apply the next one. If the pain from the slightest touch to the skin subsides, the procedure can be considered finished. The composition is removed only with cool water. You can also use ryazhenka mixed with cottage cheese. All fermented milk masks are best done in the bathroom. The negative side of the procedure is considered to be an unpleasant smell, but it disappears after bathing with a shower gel.

Salvage ointment and Panthenol cream will help soothe the skin. Lubricate the skin with the agent, leave until completely absorbed. Redness will disappear in about 4-5 hours. Any healing aloe vera based ointment will also work. You can use the fresh juice of the plant or its crushed pulp. In this case, the tool is applied in the form of a mask and left for 45 minutes.

Natural oils
The best option of all available means of traditional medicine. Natural oils include olive, sunflower, camphor, sea buckthorn, burdock, and corn. Choose any or combine several options together. Apply the composition on the skin, gently rubbing. Wait 1 hour, then gently wash the mixture with tepid water and soap or shower gel.

Apricot or peach
Using a blender or grinder, grind 300 gr. fruits. Pre-remove the bones, but leave the peel. Make a mask, wait 1 hour (more), rinse the mixture.

Cosmetic ice

Rubbing ice cubes well removes redness, tones and smoothes the skin. Make 50 gr. black or green tea in 500 ml. boiling water, insist 20 minutes. Cool, pour into forms, freeze. Treat the affected areas with ice for 5–10 minutes several times a day.

Medicinal herbs
Prepare a decoction of herbs, brew, cool and strain. Fold the gauze or cotton fabric in several layers, moisten it, make a compress. Wait 40-60 minutes.

Consider the most effective formulations:

  • thuja cones, thyme, fresh parsley;
  • yarrow, geranium, magnolia, rose flowers;
  • dried garlic, kukushkin flax, burdock;
  • chamomile, rosemary, coltsfoot;
  • honeysuckle, sage, lemon balm.

Take the plants in the same proportions, pour boiling water at the rate of 20 grams. each herb per 100 ml. water. Optionally, you can add 1 or 2 tablespoons of any oil. The procedure must be repeated every 2 hours.

Baby cream
The method is suitable for those who have appeared not pronounced red hue. If the skin is slightly pink, lubricate it with baby cream. He cope with the task in a short time. For severe damage to the composition is not suitable.

Grate or skim 4 medium sized tubers of raw potatoes. Mix them with milk, cover the skin and wait 30 minutes. After that, wash with cold water and apply a healing ointment. You can replace raw vegetables with fresh and chilled.


Cut the fruit into several wide slices, remove the peel. Stand in the shower or bath, gently wipe the damaged skin for 10-15 minutes.

Strawberry, raspberry or currant berries
Take 200 gr. any fresh berries, chop them into puree. Apply to skin, leave for 40 minutes until partially dried. Gently wash the composition, spread with corn oil and wait another 25 minutes. Wash off the shower gel.

Preventive action

To avoid redness, you need to be able to prevent the negative effects of tanning on the skin.

  1. From the first to the fifth visit to the tanning booth is limited to 5 minutes, no more. Starting from session 6, an increase of 2 minutes is allowed for the next three treatments. The skin should get used gradually.
  2. Peeling, scrub and mechanical cleaning significantly weaken the protective functions of the epidermis. Therefore, they are not recommended to do before a direct visit to the solarium.
  3. Before proceeding with the procedure, lubricate the skin with protective agents. In addition, do not forget to protect the chest, lips, eyes and hair.
  4. After leaving the cabin, wash with cool water. It is important to understand that hot or warm water will cause even more damage.
  5. If large blisters form on the skin that do not decrease or disappear, consult a doctor immediately.

You can remove redness after tanning yourself. Prepare a potato, berry, fruit or cucumber mask. Get healing ointment, use children's cream, make a compress from medicinal plants.

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