How to make oatmeal at home

Oats are one of the most useful cereals, which are only available at this time to people. In order to make a variety of healthy food, you need oatmeal, which is made from oatmeal. In fact, it is quite possible to purchase this product in the store, but, I must say, oatmeal is not the most common variety and is often sold only in the departments of dietary food at a rather high cost.

If you look at the price of oatmeal or flakes, which can also be used as a basis, then the difference becomes obvious and the feasibility of saving on this product becomes obvious. When oatmeal is used regularly to create various dishes, various positive effects are manifested in the body. In particular, the main ones should be noted the improvement of immunity and intestinal function.

The list of dishes that can be made from this flour is quite impressive. Here you need to say about the various pastries (pancakes and pancakes, buns and pancakes, pies), and about cereals and jelly. This ingredient will be especially useful for athletes (for vegetarians, by the way, also), as it allows you to make many quality dishes that are perfectly combined with training programs and allow the body to get the necessary components.

Required components


Of course, you will need the source material, that is, oatmeal or flakes. It is best to purchase cereals, but here you need to consider a number of aspects:

  1. Groats can be different in value, but identical in terms of quality, health food stores and various brands often create a huge mark-up for virtually no reason.
  2. There are sowing options, they are also quite edible and affordable at the cost, but here it is necessary to clarify the availability of treatment with various fertilizers.

In addition, it is possible to use flakes, but here you need to choose not those that prepare quickly, but those that need to be cooked. After all, the longer you need to prepare the product, the less pretreatment it went through, respectively, the more natural it is. In any case, flakes are not preferred, as the final product, although it does not look different, will be much poorer in content.

You will also need a kitchen chopper, some kind of combine or blender, which is able to grind the substance to completely small fractions. If you want to keep the resulting product, then prepare sealed containers. It is best to use some kind of glass jars with tight lids, but plastic containers can be a normal option.

Cooking process

Of course, some points may seem superfluous, and here a lot depends on your perseverance and thoroughness. For example, some completely pick the grains in order to sift out poor-quality material, although, in fact, the reject rate there is quite low and many do not focus on this on their own attention. It is sometimes advisable to slightly rinse and dry the grains in order to get rid of dust and get a cleaner product, this is especially true if a wholesale lot is purchased, for example, which could be stored in conditions that are not very clean.

Anyway, the grains obtained should be put in an electric chopping unit and started to grind. The process should continue until a completely fine consistency is obtained, which will be identical to the flour consistency. It is possible to control the grain fraction depending on your own preferences, for example, for some pancakes can use larger fractions of flour, and for jelly, on the contrary - smaller ones.

It is necessary to transfer the obtained product only to a dry container, which should be hermetically sealed and stored in a cool space without direct sunlight. Storage is possible for quite a long period - from a year or more, if optimal conditions are observed and there is no humidity.

Oatmeal Recipes

In conclusion, we offer a number of recipes that can be useful.

Flour pancakes
This dish will require a pair of eggs, a glass of milk, half a cup of flour, a little salt, soda, and sugar. First, you should whisk salt, soda, sugar, eggs, milk. They are whipped a little, and after that a spoon of flour begins to be added. The final consistency needs to be done with something like liquid sour cream, which is easily poured onto the pan. The peculiarity of the creation of these pancakes is the rapid sedimentation of flour. Therefore, before pouring each pancake, the mixture must be stirred again to make it uniform.

Dried fruit cake
The advantage of this dish is long-term storage. In addition, such a cake is an excellent alternative for morning oatmeal, which can sometimes bother.

For cooking you need to take:

  • egg,
  • curd packaging;
  • a spoon of soda and a spoon of vinegar;
  • a glass of kefir;
  • various dried fruits;
  • a glass of oatmeal.

First, extinguish soda with vinegar, but you can not do this and just use baking powder for the dough. Next, the main ingredients are mixed: soda, flour, eggs, cottage cheese, kefir. They are left to brew a little (it is necessary to mix thoroughly), and during this period the dried fruits are chopped, which are then also kneaded to the main components. It remains only to put the mixture in the baking dish, which is covered with baking parchment.

The cake is baked in a preheated oven at 180 degrees. After cooking, it is best to let it cool completely and only then pull it out of the mold. This may take quite a significant period of time, but since the form is better preserved, as stated earlier, it can be stored for many days in a row and the taste even gets better with time.

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