The benefits and harms of the Brazil nut for women and men

Brazil nuts are significantly different from their counterparts. A high percentage of selenium prevails in the exotic product. The amount of enzyme is 10 times more than in almonds and pine nuts. Consider in order the impact of the Brazilian product on the body.

The benefits of the Brazil nut

  1. Benefit is achieved through a complex of enzymes. In the aggregate, substances bring the body tremendous value. The product prevents the formation of intestinal, lung, breast and prostate cancers.
  2. Walnut acts as an active defender from the effects of negative radicals and DNA chains from some disturbances in the structure. The product greatly enhances the body’s defensive function against viruses and harmful bacteria.
  3. Herbal product suppresses almost all inflammatory processes in the human body. Walnut has a positive effect on hormonal activity, is actively involved in the production of thyroid hormones.
  4. Regular use leads to stable operation of the pancreas and endocrine system. The product is in demand in the treatment of infertility in women and men.
  5. Walnut stabilizes the production of sex hormones, as a result of increased libido. Reproductive age in women is extended. Also, the nut is necessary for the body to assimilate useful substances extracted from other products.
  6. The inclusion of nuts in the daily diet will eliminate the formation of cardiovascular pathologies. The product well prevents the risk of heart attack and stroke. The likelihood of thrombosis and atherosclerosis is also reduced.
  7. Proved a positive effect of the nut on the visual organs. The product inhibits the development of cataracts and improves visibility. Brazil nut qualitatively cleanses the body from the effects of taking strong medicines.
  8. Walnut from Brazil is popular among athletes. When used, the product can significantly increase muscle mass. The valuable composition of trace elements restores damaged fibers and directly affects their growth.

The benefits of Brazil nuts for women

  1. Walnut has a relatively small calorie - 686 Kcal. on 100 gr. However, raw materials are valued for their high content of tocopherol, magnesium, thiamine, selenium. All of these substances are necessary for women for proper life.
  2. Numerous studies by scientists have shown that selenium prevents the development of breast cancer. That is why doctors advise you to include a nut in your daily diet.
  3. Other valuable substances delay the early onset of menopause, as well as reduce the number of hot flashes during the climax. Walnut reduces painful cramps during menstruation, regulates the stability of the cycle.
  4. Brazil nut is often found in the menu of women who have difficulty conceiving. Therapy of pathological changes can eliminate infertility.
  5. Fat-soluble compounds in combination with lipids are responsible for the beauty of the skin. The substances stimulate the release of collagen fibers and elastin, thereby combating wrinkles and premature wilting of the dermis.
  6. Brazil nut has a beneficial effect on the hair. It saturates the hair with valuable minerals from the inside, closes the scales, controls the activity of the sebaceous glands. After a month of using the product, the mop looks much better.
  7. The composition is extremely appreciated by female representatives who have dedicated their lives to the sport. The incoming amino acids control the formation of muscle fibers and do not allow them to decay during sleep.
  8. Brazil nut is perfect as a snack between main meals. It easily quenches hunger and maintains a feeling of fullness for the long term. At the same time, the product improves mood, fights insomnia and nervous breakdowns.

Brazil nut in traditional medicine

  1. Traditional healers have long been a positive attitude to the walnut representatives, the Brazilian type is no exception. Fatty acids in the amount of three pieces clear the vessels of harmful cholesterol and do not allow it to form in the form of plaques.
  2. Walnut increases blood circulation, thereby enhancing the work of all internal organs. Systematic use improves metabolic processes, cleanses the liver of toxic compounds.
  3. The product has a pleasant feature, which is the complete cleansing of the digestive tract. Even 1-2 nuts, eaten daily, will save you from old waste and poisons.
  4. High accumulation of dietary fiber, namely fiber, accelerates intestinal motility and normalizes the microflora of the internal organ.
  5. Doctors advise including fruits in the diet of oncology patients. Walnut blocks blood flow to the malignant cells, killing the tumor. Lung gland cancer is also prevented.
  6. The product enhances the effect of medical drugs aimed at the treatment of cardiac and vascular ailments. If you add to this proper nutrition, you will quickly overcome the disease.
  7. Brazil nut is responsible for the normalization of blood glucose, reducing performance to a normal mark. This property is valuable for people with diabetes. It also reduces the likelihood of cholesterol deposits in the form of plaques.
  8. Connoisseurs advise people to use the nuts with the problems of the endocrine system. The product controls the activity of the thyroid gland, preventing many ailments.

Brazil nut application

In medicine

  1. Brazilian walnut extract is added to most medicines. The product is endowed with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antitumor, antioxidant, antiviral, immunomodulatory and anti-sclerotic effect.
  2. In folk medicine, the bark of nuts is often used. From it make a healing broth that saves the body from the list of serious diseases. The composition actively restores vitality after serious illnesses and operations.

In cosmetology

  1. Brazilian oil is appreciated by professional cosmetologists. The plant component has a positive effect on the skin and tissues.
  2. When applying the oil, a protective layer is formed on the epidermis, which resists the harmful effects of the environment. The composition prevents the loss of moisture in the tissues, nourishes the cells, slows the aging process.
  3. The product of vegetable production in a short time heals the damaged skin. Oil will be applied in professional care products for curls. The active ingredients nourish the hair structure, relieve brittleness, dryness. Strands become obedient.

In cooking

  1. Brazil nut in the culinary world is used in various variations. The product is dried, fried, salted and used fresh. Raw materials are often added to salads, ice cream, sauces, jelly, chocolate, pastries and first courses.
  2. Often, the nut acts as a spicy seasoning, oil is also extracted from the fruit. The value of the latter can not be overestimated. Herbal composition is added to high-quality art paints.

Brazil nut damage

  1. All products are not only beneficial, but also harmful. So, Brazil nuts are contraindicated for individuals who have an individual intolerance to citruses or an allergy to exotic fruits and nuts.
  2. The allowable daily allowance of nuts is 2 pieces. If you exceed the specified amount, there will be a likelihood of dizziness, vomiting, nausea, upset stool.
  3. The supply of Brazilian nuts to our country is strictly controlled. The peel of the product can concentrate aflatoxins in itself - toxic compounds that cause liver cancer. The product is allowed to be imported into the Russian Federation only after checking for the absence of poisons.
  4. Incoming fatty compounds break down upon contact with air and become dangerous for the body. Nuts begin to taste bitter. Store the product in a sealed package in the refrigerator. After the expiration date do not use.

Brazil nuts bring undeniable value to the human body only if you consume the product metered. Do not eat more than 2 pieces per day. The first acquaintance, start with a quarter of the fruit to make sure there is no allergy.

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