Tomato Kiwi - description and characteristics of the variety

Tomatoes got this name because it looks very similar to exotic fruits. When ripened, tomatoes become swamp colored. The flesh is green, has a sweetish taste, and has a fruity flavor. Fruits can be eaten fresh, prepare tasty and healthy salads from them, or seals - they have an unusual appearance. Consider how to grow this variety, its characteristics and other interesting information.

General information about the variety of Kiwi

Tomatoes are an indeterminate species, bushes are tall (up to 1.5 m) and develop quickly. The brush consists of 5-6 fruits. The maximum weight of a single tomato can reach 300 grams. The flesh has a pleasant emerald hue, delicate.

You can also highlight the following information about this variety:

  1. It is permissible to grow in open ground, but if you put the seedlings in the greenhouse, the harvest will be greater, and it is easier to care for it.
  2. Poor tolerate low temperatures, so experts recommend planting bushes in open ground exclusively in the southern regions.
  3. It is important to tie the bushes - in view of the fact that they are tall.
  4. Gardeners are advised to form seedlings in 2-3 stalks.
  5. Fruits have a round, slightly flattened form on top.
  6. One tomato has a weight of about 200-300 grams.
  7. The growing season is about 4 months.

What needs to be done to harvest a good crop?

Novice gardeners are often concerned about the issue of crop yields. The most important thing is to follow all established recommendations:

  1. When the plant is in the growing season, it is necessary to water only with strong aridity.
  2. Before planting seedlings, it is necessary to add the following mixture to the well: potassium sulfate + superphosphate.
  3. If it is planned to grow a variety in greenhouse conditions, it is necessary to form a plant in 1-2 stems, with no more than 5 brushes per stem.
  4. When the fruits begin to form, it is advisable to carry out basal dressing using magnesium sulfate.
  5. When the tomatoes begin to ripen, do not forget to remove the old leaves.

As you can see, the care is quite simple - no special manipulations are needed to achieve a good result. If you follow all the conditions correctly, you will get an excellent harvest of delicious Kiwi tomatoes.

How to grow fruit?

Due to the fact that the bushes are high, they need special care. To increase the yield - remove excess shoots. The brushes start to tie up about 2 weeks after you place the seedlings on the soil.

Excess moisture is extremely harmful to plants. Water the bushes only if the ground is dry. Do not forget to fertilize tomatoes, if you want to get a good harvest. Phosphorus, potassium are substances that contribute to the improvement of the appearance, taste of fruits. But too much nitrogen helps to delay the development of the fruit, while the bushes themselves will grow.

Tomatoes grow well in the ground, if before that you grew cucumbers and cabbage on it. In order not to infect the plant with phytophtora, do not plant sprouts in the soil where onions, potatoes or sweet peppers previously grew. Add superphosphates to the ground, as well as wood ash, to achieve maximum results. When preparing a seedling container, one should not forget that there should be drainage holes in the pots.

As soon as the sprouts ripen, they need to be dived into separate pots due to the fact that in this way the plant will have a better developed root system, this is important. Otherwise, the bushes may die.

Growing varieties: step by step instructions

Let us consider in detail what you need to do if you decide to independently grow the Kiwi variety and indulge yourself with the most delicious fruits of an unusual color:

  1. Take a shallow container, fill it with 5 cm of earth.
  2. Use tweezers to spread out the grain in it, the depth is no more than 1.5 cm, leave a distance of about 3 cm.
  3. Cover with 1 cm of earth.
  4. Spray it with water - moisten the ground.
  5. Next, cover the tank with foil and until new sunrises appear, you do not need to open it.
  6. Watering seeds is impossible.

The optimum temperature is + 20 ... +25 ºС.

Next, you need to carry out a picking - this means that the grown bushes need to be seated on separate tanks. During this period, it is necessary for the plant to stay in a colder climate - + 18 ... +20 ºС. Light also needs a lot - light up the bushes from 16 to 18 hours a day, for this you can use artificial light sources (located at a distance of about 15 cm).

Need feeding - every 10 days. Fit chicken droppings or cow dung. As soon as the earth begins to dry out - the plant is watered. Landing in the ground should be carried out in a timely manner, since if you are late there is a possibility that the fruits will ripen until September.

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