How to lose weight with a jump rope: effective methods

Not many people know, but the sport with the use of jump rope is scientifically called "skipping". Classes for weight loss with the help of available tools from every year are gaining rapid momentum, and this is not surprising. Rope perfectly improves the tone, it has virtually no contraindications. To use squeezing as a weight loss tool, you need to familiarize yourself with important aspects.

Contraindications to jumping rope

  • unstable blood pressure, in particular, hypertension;
  • vertebrae, hernia, disc clamping and other diseases in the spine;
  • violation of the heart, arrhythmia;
  • weak joints and cartilage;
  • headache, migraine;
  • circulatory disorders, diseases of the vascular system;
  • pregnancy, lactation, menstruation.

Advantages of the rope

  • price policy;
  • accelerated calorie burning;
  • the whole muscle group is involved;
  • increases endurance;
  • improves gastrointestinal tract;
  • stabilizes the work of the bronchi, lungs (important for smokers);
  • cellulite decreases;
  • the metabolism is accelerated;
  • increases skin elasticity.

How many calories burn rope

This tool is considered the most intense in terms of cardiovascular disease. No wonder the rope is compared with a treadmill, stepper and exercise bike, it is worthy to be called their ally.

However, contrary to common belief, the rope is much more effective than all the above tools. A quarter of an hour of intense jumping equals to 40 minutes of running at an accelerated pace, 50 minutes of work on the exercise bike and 30 minutes of using the stepper.

With regard to aerobic exercise, half an hour of use of a rope replaces 1.5 hours of dancing. It all depends on individual preferences, some people like to pedal until they are blue, others prefer to spend 15 minutes and calmly do other things.

Jumping rope preparation

  1. Pay attention to the shoes. Your sneakers should be non-slippery, fully fitting the leg, not heavy, "breathing." Prefer options with additional fixing heels. If finances allow, purchase sneakers with a depreciation effect, they can be found in each line of famous brands (Reebok, Adidas, Nike). Of course, because of jumping rope jumps alone, you do not need to buy expensive shoes. This advice is more designed for people leading an active lifestyle.
  2. Start choosing appropriate clothing. With regards to underwear, a bra must necessarily be sporty. It is designed for maximum breast support. Discard the linen with hard bones that put pressure on the ribs and make breathing difficult. You also need to pay attention to the panties, do not wear thongs, they rub their buttocks while jumping. Outerwear should choose tight leggings and a narrow jersey, too loose form will cling to the rope, complicating the process.
  3. Jumping is impossible without a tool for training, so choose an option that is suitable for height. The main characteristic of the rope is the length. In order not to be mistaken, lower it down and stand exactly in the middle. Lift up; product handles should be at shoulder level. For reference: a length of 200-220 cm. Corresponds to a height of 150-153 cm., 220-260 cm. Is suitable for people of 153-168 cm height, if your height varies in the range of 168-185 cm. Prefer skipping ropes from 285 cm The longest option (300-320 cm) is designed for people from 185 cm high.

Methods of losing weight with a rope

Just before the start of classes, do a light workout, gymnastics or stretching. You can combine three types of heating at once. You can not start jumping without going through this stage, otherwise the heart will receive a tremendous burden.

Do not seek to lose weight by 10 kg. for 1 day of training, adjust yourself to a long and correct load. The first training session should not last longer than a quarter of an hour. Each subsequent time, you need to increase the interval by 5 minutes. Ultimately, you must walk to 40 minutes of uninterrupted daily jumps.

If possible, get a skipping rope, which counts the number of scrolls, lost calories and pulse. Do not allow an increase in heart rate by more than 60% to the “maximum” mark. At this interval, the tissues are saturated with oxygen and the fat is effectively burned.

To calculate the individual rate, subtract your age from the number 218. For example, you are 30 years old, subtract this number from 218, we get a rhythm equal to 188. The number of heartbeats per minute when jumping rope should not exceed 112-167 beats.

To achieve maximum results, stick to a high pace throughout your workout. It is better to jump a few minutes less than to reduce the speed of execution. People at the penultimate and last stage of obesity are recommended to perform the exercise at a slow pace, without diminishing the duration of training.

Make sure that the landing is carried out strictly on the toes. No need to use the whole foot or firmly fall on the heel, try not to touch it to the floor.

Watch your body position during exercise. Straighten your back, press your forearm against the sides. Only brushes work. Do not hunch and do not pull back the ass. In order to lose weight, it is enough to jump in one place throughout the whole session, alternately shifting the legs.

Lose weight with a rope really, the main thing is to follow the recommendations and monitor the pulse. This sport is used by men and women both at home and in the gym, along with power loads. Increase training time gradually, follow the technique of jumping.

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