Tomato Minibel - description and characteristics of the variety

Tomatoes occupy an important place in human nutrition. Breeders are constantly working on breeding new varieties. Many gardeners grow several types of tomatoes at the same time, comparing the characteristics and yield. The variety Minibel is notable for its short stature and excellent taste. Tomatoes are planted in the open field on the site, and on the windowsill. Compact bushes look great at home and on balconies, they are often grown for decoration. Fruits are consumed fresh, preparations are prepared for the winter, they make delicious tomato juice.

Variety description

Bushes are short, suitable for decorating window sills and balconies. During growth, they barely reach a height of 40 cm. The fruits are very small, collected by tassels, have a bright red color when ripe. The flesh is juicy, the taste is pronounced tomato. Tomato weight ranges from 10 to 15 grams. The skin is thin, not prone to cracking. Tomatoes can be stored fresh for a long time. Proper care of plants allows you to get a good harvest of small dwarf tomatoes.

Features of growing

The variety is desirable to plant in loose fertilized soil. Grow tomatoes by seedling. Seeds and soil should be disinfected. To do this, the seeds are placed for 2 hours in a manganese solution, then washed in warm water. The earth can also be poured with a weak manganese solution or calcined in the oven. Such measures will help get rid of dangerous diseases and pests. The soil is mixed with nutrient mixtures. Well suited for this purpose sand, black soil or humus (1/4/5).

Sowing, diving and planting tomatoes

Sowing should be done in late February or early March. Lay the seeds to a depth of 1 cm. For faster germination, seeds can be pre-wrapped in a wet napkin or gauze for about a day. On top of the box with the future seedlings covered with film or glass. In order for the seeds to grow faster, the capacity of the crops must be kept in a warm place, watered regularly with warm water, and sufficient sunshine should be provided. If the light is not enough, you should resort to artificial lighting with a lamp.

As soon as the seedlings form several leaves, they should be seated in separate containers or glasses. On open ground or in the greenhouse, seedlings are planted approximately 40-50 days after the emergence of sprouts. Before this plant must be tempered. For this, pots or glasses with seedlings are taken out on the street or on the balcony for a few hours over a period of 1-2 weeks.

Before planting seedlings in the ground, the soil should be fertilized with complex mixtures. Low-growing bushes do not require tying to the supports and tearing off the stepsons. This greatly facilitates the physical work of gardeners.

Grade Care

From the correct implementation of the rules for the care depends on the future harvest tomato. Be sure to loosen the soil and remove weeds. Despite good drought tolerance, it is advisable to observe the correct irrigation regime. Seedlings watered no more than 1 time per week. More frequent flow of water can lead to rotting of the roots of bushes.

The variety Minibel is fairly resistant to the occurrence of common solanaceous diseases and pests among the family members. However, for the prevention of several times during the summer should be sprayed bushes with special preparations. The important point is that tomatoes must be regularly fed with mineral and organic fertilizers. This will have a positive effect on obtaining high yields and healthy fruits.

Many gardeners note the high characteristics of the variety Minibel. Tomatoes are great for all types of canning, do not crack even with a lack of water. They can be stored fresh for a long time.

Reviews gardeners

  1. Svetlana Yuryevna, 42 years old: The first time planted variety Minibel in the country. The result was very good. All tomatoes are small, ripened all together. Pickled the whole fruit, and still have fresh tomatoes. Taste rich tomato. Be sure to plant this variety next year.
  2. Ivan Timofeevich, 56 years old: Neighbor advised to plant a variety Minibel. I grow these dwarf tomatoes on the windowsill, the bushes have grown compact, small tomatoes are stuck in bushes in large numbers and are a real decoration of my apartment. Tomatoes ripened almost at the same time, everything is just like a selection. It is very convenient for canning. The tomatoes themselves are very tasty, no different from large-fruited tomatoes.

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