How to let go of past relationships: 7 ways

Many people lose themselves after breaking up with a partner, and this is not surprising. Yesterday you dreamed of a happy future in a beautiful house, and today you feel yourself broken. The trick is to start a new life, letting go of past relationships. You will think that it is easier said than done. Of course, the first time will be difficult, but then will begin a surge of strength, because there will be hope for the best. We have assembled an effective collection of psychological techniques, taking into account possible difficulties.

Method number 1. Do not blame your own "I"

There are cases when ladies blame themselves for all mortal sins after separation from their beloved man. Do not be like them, two are always to blame for the gap, this is a scientifically proven fact. If you know for sure that you’ve got it all right, step back from the situation, look at it from a different angle. You are a living person with your pros and cons, everyone has the right to make mistakes.

The above recommendation did not help? Start blaming the former man for the current break, but don’t call him or send him an SMS. Scroll in the head, what he is a goat, do not descend before pouring mud into the open.

The essence of this method is to forgive yourself. Otherwise, you can not go forward, the past will inexorably slow down. A new life will present a worthy gentleman who does not want to be with a girl who regularly engages in self-flagellation.

Method number 2. Do not regret the past

You can often hear phrases like "Sorry for the time spent" or "I spent the best years of my life on you." In fact, such statements do not carry any meaning at all. Once you were with a partner, it means you wanted it.

Do not dwell on the past, otherwise you risk missing memorable events occurring in the present. Focus not on your personal life, but on relationships with your relatives and close ones. Try to build a career, strive for more.

Emphasis on the positive aspects of life will help to forget the past or temporarily away from it. In addition, it is important to remember forever - the surrounding people do not like girls who constantly pretend to be victims.

Method number 3. Focus on yourself

At this stage it is necessary to take care of your own psycho-emotional state. Stop thinking about what the former companion is doing now, with whom he communicates, how his affairs are in general. Become selfish for a while, defend yourself, stop scrolling dialogues that never take place.

Not be superfluous to visit the beauty salon. Tidy your appearance: change your hairstyle, do a manicure and pedicure, pamper yourself with spa treatments.

Go shopping with your girlfriends, buy beautiful underwear, high heel shoes, seductive dresses. In short, change the image dramatically, because shopping is the best medicine.

Method number 4. Remember past experience


If you do not belong to the category of girls jumping from one relationship to another, then this recommendation will be quite appropriate. Remember how you were before a relationship. Call your friends, go to a bowling alley, a nightclub or a cinema, have fun.

If there is no desire to break out "to the masses, arrange cozy gatherings at home in the circle of loved ones. Turn on a funny comedy, order a beer, buy a bottle of good wine. Try to behave as before, do not discuss with anyone the former connection.

There are often cases when a girl forgets about herself, being with a guy. It's time to fix the situation. Recall former interests, be engaged in what you have not decided for a long time. Light up the spark that you had before meeting with a man.

Method number 5. Break the link

Remove the former guy from all social networks, stop communicating with him at all. Block the number on the phone, change the SIM card, send the number to your friends. It is important to make such a move in order not to wait for messages or calls from him.

Throw out or send real memories to the far shelf of the cabinet. These can be frames with joint photos, donated earrings or a teddy bear. Throw T-shirts, shaving accessories and other ex-boyfriend's trash.

Now you need to create a cozy female nest, which will not be reminded of the past connection. If necessary, perekleite wallpaper, change the curtains, make a permutation. In the case of a rented apartment, it is recommended to change it to another.

Method number 6. Do not try to forget


You should not make a common mistake - try to forget. The more you think, the more clearly you remember. Allow yourself to remember the good and bad moments, do not try to turn it into a drama.

It is important to understand that you were with a person nearby for certain reasons. This means only one thing - it was an integral part of life. Mentally thank the man for the gift of happiness and release the sadness resulting from his possible blunders.

After a certain period of time you will notice that the memories have stopped bringing pain. That which has been torn to pieces now passes by without affecting the hidden corners of the soul.

Method number 7. Show feelings

Allow yourself to feel if the situation requires it. Agree with the mind that when a decent (!) Gentleman appears, you will not give him a turn from the gate. It is not necessary to immediately have sex, rather interesting joint pastime.

Do not close from the opposite sex, not all men are goats. The time of bitterness and self-blame has passed, look for positive moments in everything. Accept invitations, go on dates, do not tell newfound friends about former relationships.

The gap has come, it's time to move on. Do not blame yourself for all mortal sins, do not regret the time spent, do not try to cause pity in others. Do not try to forget the former man, do not hesitate to express feelings, enjoy freedom.

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