Tomato Violet jewel - description and characteristics

Tomatoes are considered a popular garden crop, which is developed and improved from year to year due to the active work of breeders. And that is why gardeners and farmers can choose for themselves the most delicious and easy to grow variety. Directly high yields are considered a positive quality of the variety Violet jewel, which is among the most popular among the entire range.

Violet jewel is a special variety of tomatoes, which perfectly combines taste, aroma and beautiful appearance. For gardeners and farmers, it has become an ideal solution for a large and tasty harvest. In addition, it is suitable for breeding in the open field and in the greenhouse, since the breeding species has undergone various improvements for the possibility of comfortable cultivation in the future. This is a medium-sized plant, the bushes of which are sprawling, therefore, when planting seedlings into the ground, it is necessary to carefully plan the space in order to obtain practicality and convenience in the subsequent processing of the bush.

Distinctive features of the variety

Amethyst jewel is a variety characterized by large fruiting, due to which a high yield of a product is ensured from one square meter. But it is an interesting fact that when grown in open ground the plant can reach half a meter in height. And that is why special care is required when growing to avoid overloading and even damage to the bush.

The following features can be distinguished in the cultivation of tomato varieties Amethyst jewel:

  1. A tomato of this variety is distinguished by an average rate of ripening, so after 100-115 days after planting it is possible to collect juicy and tasty fruits. But this feature extends only during the greenhouse cultivation of fruits, as in such conditions creates the optimum temperature and humidity, which has a positive effect on the subsequent yield.
  2. High yield is an important positive quality, which became the basis for the development of demand for this product. Healthy brush plants can provide more than 5 dense fruits, poured juice and useful substances.
  3. The plant can bear fruit until September, and if we consider growing in greenhouse conditions, the period increases significantly.
  4. Gives dense and tasty tomatoes, poured in bright red color, thanks to which attractiveness is combined with rich taste.
  5. The plant during breeding was vaccinated against various diseases, so the fruit will delight with its taste and aroma. And the process of growing is not accompanied by diseases and infections of the plant. Even the most persistent diseases will not cause a violation of flowering and fruiting of tomato.

Also, the plant copes with temperature changes, hot days and cold nights will not create difficulties for the plant, and the fruiting will be presented at a high level. But active fruiting is maintained while maintaining temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius.

Fruit Description

Fruits of a flat round shape, therefore, they are ideally suited for preservation, and also will be pleased with their attractive appearance, since the features of the form secrete the fruit from all the existing diversity. But attracts and bright color, combining play of purple and red tones. Depending on the place of cultivation - in the sun or in the shade, the fruits have their own shade. This is a feature that distinguishes a variety from the entire assortment of tomatoes, so you can talk about individuality and originality. Those gardeners who have already engaged in the cultivation of the plant, were able to identify the following positive properties of the variety:

  1. Fleshiness in combination with a small amount of seeds is the main feature that will delight consumers. It also attracts the fact that, despite the color of the shell of a tomato, the internal cavity has a bright red hue, filled with juice and rich taste.
  2. The tomato flavor of the fruit is ideally combined with a small fruit note, so sweetness and spiciness are formed.
  3. Fruits are not large, so the weight is no more than 200 grams, but in the aggregate, the weight of several fruits growing on one branch can cause damage to the stem, so you can not do without tying up for even distribution of the load.
  4. Fruits due to the dense peel can withstand long storage or transportation, so when creating all the conditions you can enjoy the taste of tomatoes for a long time.
  5. For salads and preserves, this variant of tomatoes is ideal due to its structure and spice. If we talk about conservation, the fruits will not crack and deform, which allows them to ideally preserve their basic taste and aroma for a long time. The variety has proven itself in creating culinary masterpieces due to its appearance and taste.

The subtleties of growing and care

It is necessary to plant seeds for seedlings no later than 60 days before the required date of planting in open ground, since it takes some time to germinate and strengthen the root system of the plant.

The fruits are characterized by active growth and development, so there is a need to plant the seeds correctly, since their supersaturation in one common container may cause a disturbance of subsequent fruiting. And it is important to remember that in the process of growing the stem of the fruit has an unusual purple hue. This should not be confused with the disease of the stem system, since the particular shade is completely safe and does not cause difficulties for the growth of the plant.

As soon as the seedlings are ready and transplanted into the open ground or greenhouse, then special care is not required, since it will be enough just to ensure timely weeding, feeding, watering and hilling. And also it is necessary to worry about the fact that the fruits were tied up in the process of beginning the ripening of tomatoes, because this is how the opportunity to preserve the plant in integrity and safety is provided.

As it grows on a plant, 2-3 stalks will grow, on each of which there will be 5-6 medium sized fruits. To maintain the stem can not do without the protection of the plant, because otherwise it can cause debris from the bush.

To improve the growth of a tomato plant, you can use natural fertilizer based on needles, sawdust and wood chips. By mulching, the soil is filled with useful properties and substances, which favorably influences the general process of cultivation.

Tomatoes Amethystine jewel is tasty, fragrant and beautiful fruits, but for the assembly of a large crop it is necessary to ensure proper maintenance and care, because otherwise it may result in a violation of the fruiting.

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