How to get rid of aggression and irritability

Laughter, love, joy, kindness ... Aggression is one of human emotions, only with a negative value. Each of the manifestations of the human psyche is given to us by nature, but every sane person must understand how unpleasant and even dangerous this emotion is for others, and for this reason try to restrain it. If this is not done, the negative will grow like a snowball, and getting out of this state is extremely problematic.

Causes of aggression

It should be understood that absolutely everyone can be subject to aggression. But only someone can restrain their emotions, so as not to throw out negatives on others, and someone cannot or even does not want to cope with this negative.

A person in a fit of aggression experiences a deterioration not only of his mental, but also of his physical condition. His pulse and heartbeat increase, tingling in the neck and shoulders are possible. In this state, the “aggressor” is able to do a lot of stupid things, which later will regret, insult or even hit someone inappropriately tucked under his arm.

Often, people can not even understand where they have so much malice towards others. To suppress aggression, you first need to find out the causes of its occurrence, find the sources.

There are many reasons that can serve the emergence of negative emotions.

Causes of aggression can be:

  1. Hormonal changes in the body due to various diseases, as well as lack of necessary substances.
  2. Hunger. Women, following any system of weight loss, very often tear their irritation on others.
  3. State of constant stress, depression, overwork.
  4. Short-term extraneous irritants. Suffice it to recall the expression: "You got up on the wrong foot."
  5. Heavy labor activity. This is especially true for women who are overly busy at work, and yet you still have time to redo a lot of things at home. Lack of time, lack of sleep, as a rule, lead to an increase in irritation, which, sooner or later, will result in an outbreak of aggression.
  6. Negative emotions can also be obtained in the course of a dispute, if one could not prove one’s point of view.
  7. Depression and, as a result, an aggressive state can arise from unrealized plans, overestimated expectations. For example, a person was counting on an increase in position, but did not receive it, or a woman planned to lose 15 kilograms during the diet, but only got rid of 6 kg.

By the way, it is believed that aggression is the oldest instinct that promotes survival.

Types of aggression

The key to a successful fight against aggression is to determine not only the causes of its appearance, but also the types:

  1. Verbal - direct aggression, not involving physical impact. May be due to a bad mood, a bad day. As a rule, the "aggressor" breaks down on a person who is nearby, turning to a scream and sharply gesticulating.
  2. Hostile aggression, expressed in the intention of a person to cause physical harm to another, to accompany rude words not only with gestures, but also with a blow.
  3. Instrumental is expressed in the intention of a person to throw out his anger not by physically affecting another person, but by imitating this action with, for example, a punching bag. This is a good kind of aggression and it is aimed at the desire to learn how to manage your emotions, do not let other people suffer from them.
  4. Unmotivated A person cannot explain the reason for a bad mood. It can be both direct and hidden when the symptoms are carefully hidden from others.
  5. Straight. In this case, the “aggressor” does not intend to conceal the bad mood and directly makes it clear to the chosen object that he does not like it.
  6. Indirect. A person in the state of this type of aggression may, often, not understand that he is experiencing aggression towards the subject. As an example, you can bring a feeling of envy.

How to get rid of aggression

Learning adequate behavior, properly perceive external factors, not giving a negative way out would seem so simple. However, all this must learn.

    1. One of the most common and time-tested exercises is the following. If you feel that you are about to break down and the consequences can be quite unpleasant, just close your eyes and try to abstract. Count to 10. This simple technique significantly reduces the adrenaline in the blood, which is produced in the run-up to a conflict situation, allows a person to concentrate and act adequately and meaningfully.
    2. Remember that the people around you are far from perfect. Each of them has its own character, watch out for quick-tempered people. If you feel that one of them is in a state bordering on aggression, just step aside.
    3. Laughter prolongs life! These wonderful emotions have a beneficial effect on a person, eliminates irritability, anger and aggression. If you don’t want to laugh at all, try to just smile. Even the usual imitation of a smile helps to relax the body, relieve muscle tension. By the way, in yoga there is even an exercise called "Buddha Smile". The effect it gives is amazing, after such an artificial smile, body and soul are charged with joy and positive emotions.
    4. In no case can you save the negative in yourself. Remember, above we talked about instrumental aggression? Negative emotions can not splash out on others, but, for example, with the help of exercises in the gym, dance, fitness, aerobics or a regular punching bag. The advantage of a pear is that by striking it, you can imagine a stimulus.
  • Get plenty of rest, get enough sleep, do not let the syndrome of chronic fatigue. Try to be in the fresh air more often. If you are used to getting to work by public transport or by private car, change the habit. Go to work on foot, thus starting the day with a walk.
  • Aromatherapy in our time is very relevant. Lavender or sandalwood oils perfectly relieve tension, stress and contribute to the attainment of peace and tranquility.
  • Tell your loved one about your problems. It is very important that you be listened to, sympathize, given to speak out. Remember that you may be asked to do the same, never refuse a person if he wants to share his problems with you.
  • If you feel that you are not able alone to cope with aggression, contact a specialist who will help you understand the causes of its occurrence. An experienced psychologist will teach you some ways to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon.

What to do if everything annoys you:

  • Do not allow yourself to provoke.
  • Do not respond with anger to mockery and unkind attacks.
  • Analyze the situation, it is possible that you are making an elephant out of a fly.
  • Do not fall into the traps. For example, if you are a victim of slander, do not waste time on excuses. Time will put everything in its place.

Now you know how to deal with aggressive behavior. The most important thing is not to let the situation take its course and try to solve it.

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