How to get rid of hops in the garden

Before planting hops on your plot, think 10 times. Are you able to cope with his power and all-pervading? No doubt, wrapping a pergola or covering an unsightly fence with vines, it is incredibly beautiful. But, without proper supervision, hops grows so much that instead of beauty brings a headache.

How to get rid of hops in the garden? Such a question arises before the owners when they cease to control this plant. Now we will discuss all the known methods, and in the end we will learn the secret of how to grow hops without the hassle and hassle.

Hops do not have, like other lianas, a mother plant. All processes are completely independent. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with it comprehensively, using all possible measures.


The most familiar to many gardeners are the hurricane and the roundup. In principle, you can use any poisonous substance. Just do not spray. Hop it anyway, his life force is too great. Yes, and there is a high probability of inadvertently carrying poison on cultivated plants. Especially when the hops occupied the landing too tight.

The brush method is too tedious and wasteful. Dew or rain will nullify your efforts.

The selected herbicide should be concentrated in a syringe. Then inject directly into the hop stem, closer to the above-ground growth point. This procedure should be done in spring or early summer. At this time, sap flow is the most active, and the poison will quickly spread throughout the plant.

Do not expect that one procedure is more than enough. It will have to be repeated once a month until the complete destruction of the plant.

Council Please note that piercing the bark of the creeper with a needle is not so easy. Choose a syringe with a thick needle.

Salt and diesel fuel

Yes, ordinary table salt and simple diesel fuel. In the spring, as soon as the hops begin to grow, it is necessary to cut all the shoots as low as possible. It is advisable to pick a point of growth with a sharp object and, if possible, expose the root system to at least 20 cm deep.

Then mix the diesel and salt in the ratio of 1 to 1. And already this hellish mixture from the heart to soak loose garlic, roots and a small piece of earth around.

After the regrowth of new shoots, the procedure is repeated.

Council Do not pour the mixture over a large area. After such an attack at this place for several years will not grow even the most malicious weeds.


The method is suitable for regions with severe winters. Although most of all hops raging in warm regions. But what if you are lucky and the winter happens to be frosty?

Does the thermometer creep below -20 ° C? Without hesitating, we stomp to the enemy and we otkolupivaem soil from the roots. How many can, so much and dig. In a day, when the frost begins to do its beneficent work, help him. Pour cold or icy water into the hole.

Council If you know for sure that there will be a frosty winter in your climate, then it is better to dig up the hop roots in the fall. Then do not have to peck the frozen ground.


In early spring, without waiting for the appearance of green shoots, they cut off all last year’s roots. Then cover with black dense nonwoven fabric, thick cardboard, film or roofing material. Top sprinkled with earth, pressed with bricks, stones. The main thing - to block the plant access to sunlight. Absolutely.

You can open it only in late autumn, so that the frosts help you to get rid of hops. In the spring, the procedure must be repeated. Perhaps it will take more than one year. But it is absolutely safe for your landings in terms of chemistry.

Council The method is not suitable if the hop has already climbed into the middle of the cultural plantings. You will not cover them, they will die along with the hops. But for separately growing bushes it is quite applicable.


Another way to get rid of hops in the garden without the use of chemicals. Just enough from early spring to late autumn to cut off all the shoots at ground level. The procedure should be done at least 1 time per week.

This will weaken the root system of the plant and it will safely die. It is very important not to let the shoots grow. The process of photosynthesis, even in the smallest sprouts, gives the hop a tremendous vitality.

Council Cut must be very low above the ground. It is advisable to capture part of the root with the kidneys.

Mechanical method

Normal weeding. If you allow your own strength. If the hops got you so much that already eye twitches. If other methods are tried and do not work. Then take knives, axes, shovels, forks. And dig, cut, pick out even the most microscopic roots. Because each of those left in the ground can grow into an independent mighty bush.

The method is very labor-intensive, but then in your garden there will be such loose soil! And a huge field for planting cultivated plants. Just take your time, wait at least another season. During the year, the remaining hop roots will surely manifest themselves as young plants. And they, too, must be ruthlessly exterminated.

Council The method does not give a 100% guarantee that you get rid of hops forever. If the plot was heavily clogged, then a few more years the plant will appear in different parts of the garden. Or grab the soil under a microscope to be sure.

How to keep hops under control

If you still really want to have this vine in your house, then observe only three conditions:

  1. It is necessary to plant hop only in metal tanks without bottom, at least 1 meter high. This will allow the roots to not crawl around.
  2. Watch for the appearance of cones and timely remove them. If you do not, then soon your garden will turn into a jungle. You can plant male instances. On them bumps do not grow.
  3. Ruthlessly trim the excess. If the hops on the gazebo, then cut off any branches sticking to the side. If on the fence, then mercilessly cut off all the shoots that creep away everywhere. Aesthetically beautiful and safe for your garden.

These simple tips will help you enjoy the beauty of the vines without the hassle and grueling fights.

How to get rid of hops in the garden? It is not easy. Only a long and hard struggle will allow to defeat this aggressor. Good luck!

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