Walnut septum: medicinal properties

Walnut is one of the few unique products that can replace a full day meal and a whole first-aid kit for the whole family. Walnut is very useful for the body - various tinctures, decoctions, extracts are made from it. Green nuts are used to make tasty and incredibly valuable jam, walnuts are used in numerous recipes. Everything is used - kernels, shells, leaves, stalks, tree bark. But walnut partitions are considered the most useful and most valuable raw materials. They contain a large amount of vitamins, acids and microelements that can completely change the body's work. Today we will talk about the medicinal properties of walnut partitions, as well as how to use them properly.

What are the useful partitions of walnuts?

It has long been in Russian villages of walnut partitions prepared infusions and decoctions. Such medicine was available in every home, because it is effective against various ailments. Typically, the alcohol tincture was prepared in the fall, during the season of picking ripe nuts. Properly prepared tincture could be stored for up to a year, it was used for various health problems.

  1. Iodine deficiency. Some areas of our country have a small amount of iodine in the soil, which affects the health of the population. According to statistics, more than a third of people on the globe have iodine deficiency to one degree or another. Check it is not difficult - you need to make iodine strips on your arm before bedtime. If there are no traces on the skin in the morning, it means that the body needs iodine, so it completely absorbs it. To find out more accurate amount of iodine in the body, you can use analyzes. So walnut partitions are a unique product saturated with iodine. For the treatment of iodine deficiency and disorders of the endocrine system you need to drink a decoction of partitions course for at least a month. This will not only compensate for the lack of iodine, but also bring hormones in order. Walnut partitions are often used in the complex therapy of diabetes.
  2. Antibacterial properties. Walnut partitions have excellent antimicrobial properties, tincture can be used as a powerful antiseptic. Dissolve a teaspoon in a glass of warm water and use the solution for rinsing in the fight against mucosal inflammation. It is effective for sore throat and stomatitis. Tincture can be used to treat wounds and cuts, decoction of partitions is used in the fight against burns - it not only removes redness and disinfects the wound, but also contributes to the rapid regeneration of tissues. Tannins in the partitions allow you to use the decoction for rinsing eyes with keratitis, blepharitis, barley.
  3. Diarrhea. The walnut partitions contain a large amount of tannins, they effectively combat diarrhea of ​​any nature. Medicinal decoction suppresses diarrhea in food poisoning, nervous breakdown, infectious diseases, and irritable bowel syndrome. Broth not only stops diarrhea, it suppresses the development of pathogenic microbes, removes toxins from the body, protects against dehydration.
  4. Tumors and polyps. The use of partitions is also in the treatment of various neoplasms and polyps on the intestinal mucosa. In general, walnut partitions perfectly suppress benign and malignant tumors, sometimes the medicine is used in a complex of general therapy for oncological diseases. Get rid of cancer completely with this tincture, of course, will not work, but to stop the growth of the tumor and the appearance of metastasis is quite real.
  5. For women. Walnut partitions can be used for various hormonal disruptions, it allows women to get rid of the problems and diseases of the reproductive system. Regular course taking tinctures and decoctions will relieve mastitis, mastitis, cysts, and even fibroids. Broth partitions can be used in the fight against painful menstruation, to reduce the symptoms of menopause.
  6. For men. Homemade medicine is very useful for men's health. With coursework, it allows you to get rid of prostatitis, adenoma, reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer, improves potency.
  7. Immunity. As you know, iodine deficiency adversely affects the human condition. Nut walls divide iodine deficiency, it helps to strengthen the immune system, the body can withstand viral and bacteriological pathogens. In addition, a medication course helps to improve human performance, improves memory, concentration and attention. The work of the nervous system is getting better - sleep becomes deeper and better, stress resistance increases.
  8. Joints Few people know, but the tincture of nut walls is often used in the fight against various pains in the joints. At the same time, the tincture for treatment is not only consumed orally, but is also rubbed into painful areas. To rub the tincture you need at least 15 minutes, making circular massage movements, after which you need to wrap your knees with a film and leave until morning. In addition, the tincture is effective against pain during sprains, radiculitis, injuries. Tincture not only relieves inflammation, swelling and redness, it perfectly warms the muscle tissue.
  9. Pressure. Partitions actively influence the state of the blood vessels, making them more elastic and mobile. Regular intake of tincture is indicated for hypertensive patients - the medicine reduces the level of blood pressure. In addition, the walls actively fight cholesterol and reduce its level in the blood. Immediately after taking the tincture, the cerebral vessels dilate, this allows you to get rid of the pulsating and pressing headache.
  10. Slimming Walnut partitions are able to adjust the body's metabolic processes, improve metabolism. In combination with diet and moderate exercise, the tincture gives an excellent result - the amount of subcutaneous fat decreases, the body returns to normal.

Often, the tincture based on walnut partitions is compared to tincture of ginseng. The drug can be used for general body tone, as a preventive measure. Walnut partitions raise hemoglobin, relieve goiter and atherosclerosis, and are used for stress and depression. Tincture is very good to rub into the withers during the deposition of salts. This allows you to quickly get rid of the so-called "hump" at the base of the neck. And partitions are used for prolonged cough, bronchitis and pneumonia. The broth should be consumed inside - it gives an expectorant effect, and tincture needs to be rubbed on the chest to warm the skin and increase the flow of blood to the indicated areas.

Walnut partitions are often used in cosmetology. Tincture on alcohol not only dries oily skin, but also suppresses inflammation of various kinds. Tincture can be used as a lotion to wipe the skin in the fight against acne, acne and boils. But most often a decoction based on walnut partitions is used for rinsing hair. A large number of tannins helps to normalize the sebaceous glands, eliminates excess fat. In addition, rinsing can make the curls smoother and shiny.

How to use and take medicine

It is better to collect walnuts partitions in the fall, at the time of collecting nuts. Try not to peel nuts more than you can eat - the kernels and the partitions themselves are not stored for a long time without a shell. Peeled partitions should be dipped in a dark glass bottle, filled with vodka or alcohol, and the bottle should be kept for 3-4 weeks to keep the container in a dark and cool place. Shake the bottle to make the tincture more concentrated and saturated. After that, the drug should be filtered, the tincture can not be stored for a long time directly with partitions. Drink the prepared medicine 10-20 drops 2-3 times a day, depending on the disease. Usually, the walnut partitions tincture is drunk in a course of one month, after which you should take a break in a couple of months.

In addition to tinctures, you can make a decoction of partitions. It does not contain alcohol, so it is more preferable for children and the elderly. A tablespoon of partitions should be filled with a glass of boiling water and let it brew for a couple of hours. With an optimal concentration of decoction, it will look like strong tea. It can be used externally or taken orally in half a glass in the morning and evening.

Contraindications for the use of walnut partitions

Any medicine, and even more so strong and effective, has a number of contraindications. You need to abandon this method of treatment if you have the following diagnoses and irregularities in the body.

Decoction and tincture should not be used against an allergic rash, in the treatment of eczema or psoriasis. The fact is that the nut and its partitions are a rather allergenic product, it can cause even more redness and swelling on the skin.
If you are allergic, use the tincture of walnut partitions is also not worth it. The drug can cause rash, itching on the skin, urticaria, coughing, and can even cause Quincke’s edema.

Any herbal remedies, and especially, with such a powerful medicinal effect, can not be used for women during pregnancy.

Walnut partition tincture should not be given to children under five years old. After the age of five, you can offer the child only a decoction, no alcohol infusions.

You can not drink alcohol tincture of partitions in various diseases of the gastric mucosa. Gastritis and ulcers are direct contraindications for treating with walnut septa, especially if they are not taken on an empty stomach.

If you do not have these diseases, do not rush to drink the tincture in full portions. Taking any new medicine should start with a small amount. If allergic reactions occur, an antihistamine should be taken and this treatment should be abandoned.

The walnut tree has always been a symbol of fertility and longevity. This is not surprising - a tree can live for several centuries, giving a rich harvest to people and animals until old age. 300-400 kilograms of nuts can be collected from one tree. Walnut is used not only in cooking, cosmetology and medicine. Black and brown paint is made from the shell. Walnut shells are used even in the space industry - this is an excellent insulator. Use the power of nature and walnut. Prepare a medicine from partitions - it is useful for all occasions!

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