How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence

Self-esteem greatly affects the actions of a person in certain situations. The manner of behavior, actions, statements - all this is an integral part of the personality. A man or woman with low self-esteem is afraid to conquer the heights, because they believe that they will fail. An incorrect assessment of one’s own capabilities arises in early childhood, when the personality is not yet fully formed. As a result, it is difficult for an adult to reorganize in a different way and believe in himself.

Signs of low self-esteem in women

Before proceeding to therapy, it is necessary to characterize the important features. So let's get started.

  1. The desire to dominate, which manifests itself in an aggressive form. Women by all means try to humiliate people who allow them to treat themselves in a similar way. Ladies expose imaginary superiority, unaware that this is only a sign of weakness and a lack of complexes.
  2. Excessive shyness and humility. This category of persons goes against their own principles. Unlike aggressive girlfriends, shy girls are embarrassed for any reason, implicitly carry out all orders and requests. They do not know how to say "No!", So they often feel unhappy. Submissive ladies do not think that it is necessary to defend opinions and interests, it is easier for them to obey.
  3. Idealism in all areas of life. Women with low self-esteem do not know the sense of proportion. By nature, they are perfectionists who in every way strive to be perfect. Full perfection will never be achieved; therefore, such persons often fall into a prolonged depression and envelop themselves in an all-consuming hatred for others.
  4. Constant manifestation of proprietary instincts. Complicated and insecure girls follow every step of close people. This may be a life partner or best friend, brother, sister or co-worker. Women mistakenly believe that by subjugating the life of another person, they will become the rulers of the universe. In fact, this only speaks of insolvency and mass complexes.
  5. Frequent attempts to cause pity for his person. Girls with low self-esteem constantly want to be petted and felt sorry. To this end, they tell each comer tragic stories from their lives, attracting universal attention. As a rule, people start avoiding such people after a long "heartbreaking" conversation.
  6. Fear of making serious decisions. Unsure ladies panic at the thought of a possible independent decision. They are not morally prepared for such tasks, so they are trying to shift the responsibility to another person. If you propose a complexed woman to settle the problem, she will first ask for a solution algorithm.

How to increase self-esteem woman

Learn a foreign language, attend courses in hairdressing, nail or learn the subtleties of professional makeup. Try to realize the potential, strive for more. Get promoted at work, become financially independent.

Update wardrobe once a month
Open the cabinet and try on every thing, throw away everything that sits imperfectly. Go shopping with your girlfriend, get sexy lacy underwear, stockings and a belt for them. Perhaps no one will see the outfit, but your self-esteem will soar to the skies. Do not believe? And you check!

Watch out for fashionable novelties, buy some blue jeans, they should be in the wardrobe of every lady. Pay attention to stylish dresses, sweaters, T-shirts and seductive shorts. Change your sneakers with high heels and choose a pencil skirt and a soft jumper for your tracksuit.

Watch your posture
Not in vain, Verochka from the movie "Office Romance" constantly reaffirmed the relationship between correct posture and success. Complicated ladies walk, slouch, confident women flutter with a straight back and head held high. Straighten your shoulders, put on your heels and work out a graceful gait.

Take care of yourself
Once a month, visit a hairdresser, cut off the split ends. If you dye your hair, do not go with regrown roots. Wash your hair as you pollute, do your hair.

Every two weeks, go for a manicure and pedicure, periodically indulge yourself with body wraps and a relaxing massage. Watch your figure, do not overeat, do not abuse sweets.

Once every five days, make masks for the face, use high-quality decorative cosmetics professional series. Buy an expensive French perfume, do not believe it, but perfumes characterize a woman better than any psychologist.

Think positive
Cheerful and cheerful people energize everyone around. Smile more, tell funny stories from life, attract successful people with a bewitching smile. No need to stretch your lips in a violent gesture, a smile should be sincere. If you constantly insist that everything is bad, life is boring and monotonous and it will be so.

Set a goal and achieve it
Sitting on the couch, you will not achieve anything. Think broader, set big goals, it’s easier to hit them. Have you ever wanted to buy a car? Well, now imagine how you stand in a traffic jam and take a selfie on the phone. Dreaming about a dizzying career? Unlearn a specialty and conquer the heights. Looking at pictures of slender girls with inflated buttocks and a press? No one bothers you to sign up to the gym and go on a diet. Aim for your dream, never stop.

To increase self-esteem, it is enough to bring yourself into shape. Do not just lose a couple of pounds, and tighten the body, pump up the buttocks, back, press (within reason). You can sign up in the gym or fitness, visit a trial lesson in water aerobics.

It would not be superfluous to learn the art of dancing or the skill of doing splits (stretching is stretching). Modern studios offer a large selection of areas: half-dance (pole dance without undressing), hip-hop, salsa, tango, regetton, twerk. All of these options are able to raise self-esteem, because with proper execution of movements dance looks extremely sexy.

Find a hobby
Take up the search for hobbies that will take away all your free time. Begin to travel, it is not necessary to immediately fly overseas, explore your country. Visit a climbing school or a yoga lesson, sign up for a section on martial arts or crocheting. The choice is endless, most importantly, do not stand still!

Choose the right environment
Girls with low self-esteem have few friends. Occasionally, false friends wind up around them, and they strive to pin up or point out flaws. Throw such away.

Communicate only with sincere and successful people. Do not listen to those who say that you will not succeed. Find an idol, learn his secret of success and repeat the feat. Do not allow anyone to humiliate yourself, defend the point of view and do not hesitate to point your opponent at his mistakes.

Stop comparing yourself to others.
Love yourself, you are a person with your own strengths and weaknesses. As soon as the thought flashes in my head that Marinka, from work, has a more beautiful figure, immediately dismiss her. Surely you have repeatedly made compliments about the bewitching smile, eyes or gait.

Instead of setting 1-0 in favor of the very Marinka, write down the plus sign for yourself. Repeat simple manipulations each time, dwell only on the positive features. Have self-esteem, it is directly related to confidence. All people are individual, remember this.

Do not criticize yourself
Self-criticism must be constructive. You do not need to make excessive demands on your own person, learn to accept mistakes. Kicks are only useful in moderation, otherwise your self-esteem drops even lower. Observe the work and rest regime in order to accumulate strength for new achievements. Do not strive to be everywhere everywhere, solve problems as they become available.

How to increase self-esteem for men

Learn to defend your own "I"
Defend the opinion, take only constructive criticism, skip past everything else. Do not let others speak out about you in a bad light, know how to stand up for yourself. To be more successful in increasing self-esteem, be responsible for the other person. This may be a younger sister or parents, girlfriend, friend or friend. Protect and protect your loved ones, as they are an integral part of you.

Aim for more
Set a goal for six months to save up for a new car or fly to the islands. Get promoted at work or start your own business. Even if you now have a lot, do not stop there. Having goals leads a man forward, he becomes independent and self-confident.

Find a life partner
The psychology of men and women is closely related. Thanks to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, men achieve unrealistic heights, look after themselves, become smarter and wiser. The "right" companion will always indicate the merits of the partner, support him and increase self-esteem at times. A woman is a reflection of a man. To help the gentleman to get rid of the complexes, she must be confident, wise and successful.

Become an expert in one area
Think about what kind of eyes you have? Perhaps you have a passion for cars and are well versed in design? Or do you prefer to work with numbers, because you are a mathematician to the bone? Maybe your hands grow from the shoulders, which opens up great opportunities in terms of construction? Focus on one thing and develop only in this area. Go to a new level to be in demand in certain circles.

Do sports
Sign up at the gym or boxing section, start pumping at home or run daily. Exercise 4-5 days a week. If possible, hire a coach, with him you will achieve results much faster. Bring the body in shape, then to seduce them beautiful ladies. Women drool at the sight of the prominent muscles, and I want to touch them. And the man, in turn, will significantly increase self-esteem, since he will increasingly be given rapturous glances.

Enrich yourself spiritually, read educational books, attend advanced training seminars. Become independent financially. Money is a great motivation, it gives you confidence in the future. Every day, dedicate yourself to searching for passive income that will work for you around the clock. Create a website on the Internet, start blogging or share your skills through an online channel. If you have sufficient knowledge in several areas at once, then you will greatly enhance communication functions, as you will become an interesting interlocutor.

Connect with successful people
Carefully study the environment, weed out losers and those who chat a lot behind their backs. Do not trade small things, value your time and devote it only to relatives and faithful friends. Try to establish communication with "useful" acquaintances, have connections in different circles.

To increase self-esteem woman, you need to regularly monitor the appearance and wardrobe. It would not be superfluous to visit a dance studio or fitness, you should also find a hobby and stop comparing yourself with others. As for men, realize the potential in one area, develop materially. Put the body in order and find your life partner.

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