How a woman to stop snoring: folk methods

Female snoring is a sign of apnea. Overnight respiratory arrest occurs due to diabetes, obesity, and relaxation of the respiratory muscles. Flabby tissues overlap the nasopharynx and cause oxygen starvation. Female snoring is not as intense and loud as male, but it is no less dangerous. Night breathing stops sleep problems and can cause a heart attack. It is possible to treat female snoring with microprocessor devices, broths and gymnastics.


Muscles of the nasopharynx weaken due to latent and chronic inflammatory processes:

  • rhinitis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • sinusitis.

Snoring occurs due to a curved nasal septum, improper bite, or too long uvula. Apnea and its symptoms will disappear if a woman cures chronic rhinitis and tonsillitis, relieves tonsil swelling.

The patient will need consultation otolaryngologist. The specialist will examine the nasopharynx and select the products: sprays, solutions, antibiotics or antibacterial agents. A woman with a curved septum and polyps in her nose will need surgical treatment. The operation can not be avoided with an elongated palatine uvula and advanced tonsillitis, when the inflamed tonsils should not be sprayed, but removed.

Apnea and snoring often appear in overweight patients. Fat deposits located in the neck and chin, put pressure on the muscles of the larynx and overlap it. The symptom will disappear along with the subcutaneous fat. Normalize weight in only one way - to combine a diet with physical activity.

Patients with overweight and nocturnal breathing are recommended to check the thyroid and pancreas, to donate blood for hormones and sugar levels. Snoring can be one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism or diabetes. In such situations, gymnastics and decoctions are powerless. You will have to take hormonal drugs to restore metabolism or the means to normalize the level of glucose in the blood.

Snoring occurs during menopause, when the concentration of progesterone and estrogen decreases in the female body. Soft tissues and skin lose their elasticity, and the muscles of the nasopharynx weaken. The situation will be corrected by synthetic or phytohormones, breathing exercises and laser correction of the sky.

Only a specialist can determine the exact cause of snoring and snoring. A woman must first discover the source of the unpleasant symptom, and then find the correct and correct treatment that does not harm her health.

Folk methods

The weakened muscles of the nasopharynx tighten sea buckthorn oil. The product contains vitamins that are responsible for the production of collagen fibers and the elasticity of soft tissues. The supplement moisturizes overdried mucous and helps get rid of tonsillitis, hidden rhinitis and sinusitis.

Sea buckthorn oil rinse the mouth and throat before bedtime. You can during the breakfast to take 1 tsp. product, as well as bury supplement in the nose twice a day. Improvement will come in 2-3 weeks. Duration of treatment with sea buckthorn oil - 21 days, then a mandatory break.

Vegetable recipes
Carrots - a source of vitamin A. Beta-carotene is converted in the body into retinol. The substance is actively involved in the production of collagen. Fibers are part of the muscles of the larynx, are responsible for the elasticity of these tissues. The more retinol and collagen in the body, the more elastic the sky. Carrots are used in baked form. Three times a day, eat a large root. Vegetable must be watered with vegetable or butter, you can fill with sour cream. Beta-carotene is not absorbed without fat.

Night breath stops are treated with raw carrot salad. First, fry 3-4 medium onions in a dry frying pan. When they turn golden, 50 ml of olive oil is poured into the billet. Hot dressing mixed with grated carrots and eaten for lunch.

Insomnia and snoring cope leafy leaf. It is crushed in a mortar or blender, and then the resulting mashed potatoes are mixed with honey. The preparation is eaten before bedtime for a month. Cabbage helps with swelling of the mucous membrane and tonsils, and honey has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Chronic rhinitis at home is treated with fresh juices from onions and carrots. Products combine in equal proportions. Blanked impregnated cotton-gauze turunda and inserted into the nasal passages. The tampon is injected into one nostril and left for 5-10 minutes, and then a new one is prepared and the second is processed.

Saline and oil
Snoring caused by tonsillitis is treated with thuja oil. The additive reduces swelling of the tonsils, removes inflammation. The product is diluted with vegetable oil. Preference is given to flaxseed, but sunflower unrefined or olive cold pressed will do as well. Thuja solution is instilled into the nose twice a day and applied with cotton buds or gauze tampons on the tonsils. Before the procedure, rinse the throat with saline or boiled water.

In chronic rhinitis and snoring, turunds soaked in olive or linseed oil are injected into the nasal passages. Cotton swabs can be moistened in onion juice, diluted with water. Vegetable oils and natural solutions disinfect and soften the tonsils and maxillary sinuses, destroy the source of infection and restore the elasticity of the sky.

For mucosal inflammation, the throat and nose are washed daily with a solution of sea salt and soda. In a cup filled with warm water, pour 10 g of each component. The drug is stirred and injected into the nasal passages with a syringe or syringe. Saline is used three times a day to enhance local immunity and remove snoring.

Herbal Recipes
Apnea will be freed from decoctions and water infusions. Women who do not get enough sleep because of their own snoring are advised to prepare a natural herbal drink daily. The composition of the drug includes:

  • horsetail;
  • black elderberry fruits;
  • cowberry roots;
  • burdock

Burdock root should be twice as large as the rest of the plants. Dried herbs are mixed and stored in a fabric bag or a special jar. Before brewing a spoonful of the workpiece is ground in a coffee grinder or mortar.

Steam 30 g of the mixture in a glass of boiling water and wrap a towel for 40-50 minutes. During the day, drink 5 tbsp. l filtered water infusion. Between each serving of medication to take a break for 3-4 hours.

5 hours before bedtime, a decoction of oak bark and calendula flowers is prepared. In the pan pour 1 tbsp. l each plant and poured 500 ml of distilled water. Bring the medicine to a boil in a water bath or low heat. Remove and tightly close the lid. Before going to bed, a glass of broth is filtered and rinsed with a means to the throat.

Rid of snoring a mixture of 2 garlic heads and 3 large lemons. From citrus remove all the bones. Products are ground in a blender, insist for a day in the refrigerator. Take 30 g of garlic paste on an empty stomach. Mass eaten before bedtime and after waking up.

Apnea devices

Night breathing stops are treated with microprocessor devices. The device produces oxygen and delivers it through a special tube to the lungs. The patient inserts the tip of the device into the mouth, fixes it and goes to bed. The microprocessor works all night. It delivers air under high pressure, protecting it from falling into the sky and oxygen starvation.

Therapy is carried out in special clinics and home conditions. The only drawback of the microprocessor is the return of snoring after the abolition of oxygen treatment.

Other sufferers are recommended for women suffering from apnea:

  • mandible fixers resembling boxing mouthguards;
  • stripes extending the wings of the nose;
  • electric shock bracelets that shock a snoring woman;
  • simulators for the language;
  • nipples for adults.

Most devices are useless, and some are very dangerous. They affect the functioning of the heart, can provoke arrhythmia or hypoxia. Specialists involved in the study of sleep and snoring, recommend not spending money on questionable devices. Bracelets and clips replace medical gymnastics.

Singing and other workout options

Breathing exercises train the muscles of the larynx. They are recommended for patients older than 45 years for the prevention and treatment of snoring.

One of the easiest exercises is whistling. A woman picks up a full chest of air and exhales it through her lips, stretched out with a straw. She is trying to whistle any melody to use the maximum amount of laryngeal muscles.

The uvula is trained differently. The patient, typing in the lungs air, loudly utters the sound "and". The letter must be stretched to tighten the neck muscles. Daily repeat 30-40 times. Useful when snoring singing. It doesn't matter if a woman has a voice or not. The main thing is to train the ligaments. Sing as loud and often as possible.

If you cannot whistle and develop the vocal cords due to the neighbors, the patient should perform a special complex daily:

  1. Closing your mouth, clench your teeth tightly and strain the back of your tongue, trying to reach the sky with it. Breathe nose slowly and smoothly.
  2. Open your mouth, push and gently return to the place of the lower jaw. Follow the sensations in the joints. If pain occurs, stop the exercise.
  3. Put a hard plastic object in your mouth. Suitable case for a toothbrush or mascara. Inventory clamped between the jaws and try to bite into two parts. Exercise lasts 5 minutes.
  4. With the mouth closed and open, move the tongue to the sides and back and forth, and then twist it with a straw.
  5. Take a deep breath and hold the air for 2-3 seconds. Use your index finger to pin the right nostril against the septum. Without removing the hand, exhale. Then repeat the exercise, closing the left nostril.
  6. Stick your tongue out and try to touch the tip of your chin. Stretch hard, straining the muscles of the larynx and throat. Quickly put your tongue back in your mouth.
  7. Sit on the floor or sofa, strain your neck. Slowly tilt your head back as low as possible. Stretch your head to the back.

Gymnastics snoring combined with contrasting compresses. Apply a cloth moistened in cold water to the throat for 5-10 seconds. Remove and wrap with a cloth soaked in hot liquid. Compress improves blood circulation in the larynx and increases the tone of soft tissues.


  1. Women who often snore are advised to sleep on their side or stomach. A tennis ball tied to the back will not allow the patient to roll over on her back at night.
  2. The usual down pillow is replaced by a high orthopedic one. It supports the head and protects against laryngeal edema.
  3. Chronic inflammation occurs due to smoking. Patients who complain about snoring should stop using nicotine.

Apnea attacks lead to oxygen starvation, reduce performance and slow down mental processes. A woman can improve her state of health and get rid of snoring if she regularly trains the muscles of the larynx, takes a douche and applies popular recipes.

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