Sea buckthorn with cold - the benefits and application

Many owners know about the beneficial properties of a frost-resistant shrub with golden fruits. That is why sea buckthorn is grown in private plots not only for ornamental purposes, but also for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in order to combat a number of ailments. A vitamin-rich berry best of all deals with wound healing, nourishing the skin, strengthening the immune system, fighting viruses, and also effectively relieves inflammations of various kinds and speeds up the processes of regeneration of body tissues.

About the healing properties of sea buckthorn

Small trees or sea-buckthorn shrubs bring small berries with a seed as a crop. But not everyone knows that not only fruits can be used for medicinal purposes, but also leaves, young shoots and plant bark.

Sea buckthorn is rich in a complex of vitamins A (carotene), E, ​​C, PP, H, group B, as well as trace elements - calcium, potassium, iron, boron, manganese, copper, zinc and others. The plant contains tannins, flavonoids, phytoncides, saturated fatty acids, as well as pectin and serotonin - one of the important hormones involved in the nervous regulation and fight of the body against the harmful effects of the environment.

Due to this composition, drugs with sea buckthorn have a healing effect on the body at the level of all systems:

  1. Anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.
  2. Fight against viruses and infections.
  3. Analgesic and antispasmodic effect.
  4. Wound healing effect, fast regeneration of damaged tissues.
  5. Strengthening the walls of blood vessels, lowering blood pressure.
  6. Regulation of blood sugar, excretion of cholesterol, slags, excess salts.
  7. Fight against free radicals, general strengthening of immunity.

Sea buckthorn is used for the prevention and treatment of a number of different ailments:

  1. In the cold period - to strengthen the body's defenses, to combat colds.
  2. With diseases of the joints, cystitis.
  3. For the treatment of gynecological diseases.
  4. For the healing of burns, abrasions, skin diseases, fungi.
  5. For the care of very dry and sensitive skin.
  6. To strengthen the fragile vessels, with varicose veins.
  7. With hemorrhoids and constipation.
  8. With poisoning and diarrhea and other disorders.

Sea buckthorn for cold

This plant has a tremendous effect in the cold season and in case of colds: it will not only help strengthen the body in order to avoid the appearance of unpleasant symptoms of the disease, but will also quickly eliminate the disease that has already started.

  1. The high content of vitamin C, which is 3 times more in fruits and leaves of sea buckthorn than in oranges (200 to 370 mg in different varieties), provides immunomodulation, and serotonin helps activate the body.
  2. Components of sea buckthorn successfully fight against viral and infectious diseases. Removing toxins from the body, helping to reduce fever.
  3. Anti-inflammatory functions help reduce puffiness, disperse lymph, speed up the process of cell renewal. With a wet cough, sea buckthorn heals microcracks and damage to the throat.
  4. When a cold, that is, hypothermia, provokes the development of other chronic diseases, such as joint diseases, urinary system, herpes - sea buckthorn drugs through external and internal use help to stop the activity of viruses, relieve pain, strengthen local and general immunity and soothe the lesions.
  5. If the disease has disturbed digestion, sea buckthorn will successfully heal the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, prepare the body after the disease for solid foods, eliminate diarrhea, and contribute to the absorption of food.
  6. In addition, for prevention in frosty weather, sea buckthorn oil and infusion can lubricate the skin of the face, lips, hands and feet. This will avoid frostbite.

How to use sea buckthorn

Jam and jams, juices and fruit drinks are prepared from sea-buckthorn berries, squeezed butter or caramelized whole. Also from the fruits, herbs and bark of the plant they prepare decoctions, tinctures, alcoholic tinctures and extracts. All components can be dried and stored for several months: evergreen leaves and oily berries well preserve all the beneficial substances.

In addition to the prophylactic use of sweets, juices, tea, and even sea buckthorn wines, its oil and extract are used:

  1. For compresses and lotions (if necessary, healing wounds, relieving itching, redness and irritation).
  2. For hot inhalations (with cold, cough, inflammation of the respiratory tract).
  3. For the manufacture of homemade cosmetics - ointments, lotions, shampoos.
  4. For baths and making medical candles (for hemorrhoids, women's problems, skin diseases).

Sea buckthorn in pregnancy and for children

Components of sea buckthorn, in the composition in which they are contained in the plant, in fact, do not cause allergies. Therefore, when other, more potent synthetic and antibiotic drugs are contraindicated, traditional medicine comes to the rescue. The use of sea buckthorn in moderate doses is acceptable and even recommended during pregnancy, during lactation, as well as in the diet of young children. However, if you are prone to allergies, be sure to consult your doctor before you start taking sea buckthorn products.

The plant is able to naturally contribute to the formation of the baby’s immunity, protect the body from viruses, as well as improve the quality of milk and speed up the metabolic processes.

Useful recipes for blanks

If you want to get tasty and healthy boiling or sea-buckthorn fruit drinks - it is better to pick them right after ripening, in late August - early September. During this period, they are rich in vitamin C and will serve as a good preparation for cold for the winter.

For oil and juice, it is better to get sea buckthorn and collect it by the end of September. Then, from the fleshy fruit will get more useful product, which is often used to treat skin and relieve inflammation.

It is not necessary to close the sea buckthorn, its antifungal properties, stability and high content of oils in the composition allow the berry to be stored for a long time, but still the fruit must be preserved with sugar, natural honey or alcohol.

Dried fruits and leaves are stored for up to a year in canvas bags or closed dishes, protected from direct sunlight.

Sea buckthorn jam
In order to preserve a maximum of vitamins in the fruit, jam is prepared in this way. Take:

  • 1 kg of ripe sea buckthorn berries;
  • 0.5 kg of sugar;
  • 1 liter of water.

Water is brought to a boil and scald it carefully enumerated and washed the fruits of the plant. After this, the berries are thrown back into a colander, pouring the resulting broth into a separate container. Sugar is added to this juice and the syrup is boiled, making sure that the sugar is evenly dissolved. Next, add berries and podvarivat until thick.

Cooking can be rolled up in sterilized jars or left in the refrigerator (preferably in the freezer).

If you do not want to boil the berry, simply boil the syrup and pour over the pounded fruits.

You can make a lively jam using honey. To do this, 1 kg of fruits are sorted, eliminating unsuitable berries, wash them and fray in mashed potatoes. After that, they just pour liquid honey. The composition can be slightly heated in a water bath or in a microwave to melt, but no boiling water treatment is necessary in this case - the specific properties of honey and sea buckthorn will not leave the jam fresh for a long time.

Another method of processing honey - pouring whole berries. So in them all vitamins for certain will remain. Berries lay layers in prepared jars, pouring each of them with honey to cover. Honey should not be too much, but at the same time the berries should be smeared from all sides. Therefore, they take warmed flower honey, which pours well.

Infusion of greens and bark
To maintain immunity and good metabolism, as well as for colds, you can brew a simple decoction of young buckthorn shoots that have not yet had time to be roughened. On the floor of a liter of water take 3 tablespoons of dry herbs. The collection brewed with boiling water and allowed to infuse for 45 minutes. Such tea leaves are drunk as ordinary tea, you can supplement the drink with lemon juice, honey, decoction of chamomile, mint, thyme and other favorite herbs or mix it with green tea (tea leaves are prepared separately, because green tea does not require a long time to stand).

A tincture of bark is kept for a day or two and is used as a lotion for joints, healing of abrasions and irrigation. Tannins in large quantities contained in the bark of the plant, contribute to the fight against viruses and the elimination of toxins. Before internal use, consult a doctor.

Delicious and healthy drink to treat throat
For colds, runny nose, tonsil edema, and cough, an infusion of sea-buckthorn fruit is used, which is prepared from both fresh and dried berries. Two full glasses of raw materials need to pour 1 liter of boiling water and knead the fruit, so they gave more useful components.

Broth is filtered and added to milk with honey to treat the throat. You can mix the broth with other components of a cold, for example, with lemon, ginger, currants. In conjunction with the hunter decoction will help cope with the poisoning and strengthen the body.


Before taking drugs with sea buckthorn, you must make sure that you are allergic to its components. You should also carefully consider the use of people with gastritis, gastrointestinal diseases, urolithiasis, liver failure.

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