How to learn how to make a wheel at home

Well, who did not try to make a wheel in childhood in physical education classes? Surely many. However, not everyone got this acrobatic element. But do not despair. This does not mean at all that in your advanced age you cannot make an even wheel. To make a wheel or teach this child, you need to know the correct technique for its implementation. So let's get started.

Preparing for an item

To make the wheel does not require any special training or incredible power. The most important thing in this exercise is the ability to keep balance and the ability to coordinate movements in the up-and-down position.

  1. Before you start to engage, it is very important to pay attention to contraindications. The wheel can not be done if in recent times you had injuries to your hands and knees, back problems, as well as disturbances in the work of the vestibular apparatus. In addition, if you are suffering from dizziness and migraines, you should also refuse to do the exercise.
  2. Think about where you will train? After all, often small rooms are not suitable for carrying the wheel, because with your feet you can touch a chandelier, a wardrobe or a corner of a table. It is very good to engage in nature, and even better - on the beach. Soft sand will save you from injury. However, there is also a minus - there is no flat wall, where you can train. The best solution is the gym. There and the wall is, and mats can be enclosed to protect themselves from injury in the fall.
  3. If you are a beginner acrobat, it is important to think about an assistant who will insure you when performing an element. It should be no less than your height.
  4. Pay attention to your clothes. Tight jacket and narrow pants will not allow you to be as mobile as possible. Baggy clothes also do not fit - it will fall in an inverted state. To make an element beautiful, you need to wear sporty and comfortable clothes - for example, tight-fitting T-shirt and short shorts.
  5. Allow enough warm-up time. Carefully work out the muscles of the neck - turn your head to the side, make bends and turns. After that, knead the arms and legs - squat, make a "mill", follow the "scissors". In addition, bend back and forth a few times - so you prepare your back for the upcoming loads. It is very good to do stretching - during the exercise you will have to set your legs far apart. Do not think that warming up is a pair of jerking hands and two squats. After warming up, your heartbeat should increase, you should be hot. Only in this way can you really warm up the ligaments and muscles so as not to injure them when performing an acrobatic element.

All these preparatory measures are aimed at protecting a person from possible injuries. After all, the wrong technique or lack of insurance can lead to injury to the wrist (when the tendons are stretched), a blow of the head or a bruise of the shoulder.

Learn to make a wheel near the wall


It’s impossible to start the wheel immediately, it can be dangerous. To begin with, you should learn some other skills that stand in the way of a big goal - to complete the perfect wheel yourself.

  1. First you need to learn to stand on the hands near the wall. To do this, stand with your face to the wall, place your hands 10 cm away and try to throw one foot after the other against the wall. To do this, you need to push off with one foot from the floor, and the second to keep the wall. If you do not succeed, perform the run-up exercise - two three steps before putting your arms and legs will rise simply by inertia. Just be careful not to hurt your wrists. To avoid this, hands should always be kept straight.
  2. After you can quickly and without any problems get up on your hands near the wall, you need to learn how to balance. To do this, spread your legs and swing from side to side so that your legs fall as close as possible to the floor.
  3. The next stage of training - setting feet on the floor. To do this, stand on your hands and begin to balance. When you feel the weight of your body and you are ready, you need to put your foot on the floor and at the same time raise the opposite hand. That is, you put your right leg and raise your left hand. Ideally, the arm and the opposite leg should form a straight line.
  4. When you put your foot on the floor, slowly push the other foot and raise the other hand. It is very important to do the exercise slowly, with the arrangement. This will allow you to feel the weight of your body, you can distribute this weight correctly.
  5. Carefully work out all acquired skills in both directions. Try not to touch the wall, but keep your balance.
  6. After that, it is important to learn how to stand out from the side. Now no need to stand up straight. Stand along the wall and lift your right leg. With a sharp but careful movement, place your hands one by one, and throw your feet, starting from the right, on the wall. You already know how to descend - this is what you taught in the previous stages.

Everything. You can perform a wheel near the wall. This is the main condition for making the wheel yourself.

Technique of the element "wheel"


First, a wheel without a wall must be carried out with safety net. The man stands behind your back and holds you by the ankles. Subsequently, when you perform the acrobatic element more confidently, there is no need for insurance.

  1. Stand straight and mentally draw a straight line through your legs.
  2. Raise your arms and front leg up.
  3. Lower the front arm and at the same time give a good push with your back foot. It is this push that will help you turn the body over and throw your leg up.
  4. Touching the floor with your hand, push off sharply with it, and put the second one on the same mental line.
  5. At this time, watch for the back leg - it should be straight. Otherwise, you will not have a “wheel”, but a “frog”.
  6. After both legs are at the top, you need to finish the exercise, first dropping one leg and raising the opposite hand. Then return to the starting position, that is, stand up on your feet.

Remember, the success of the exercise depends on the integrity of your limbs. If you fix your arms and legs smooth and balance, you will succeed!

How to run a wheel on one hand

The next tricky acrobatic element is a wheel on one hand. In order not to stretch the ligaments and not to damage the wrist with such a serious load, you can wear a special wristband. The technique of execution is the same, except that now you will not rely on two hands, but only on one. In this case, you need to bend your knees a little to give the body an even greater push in the jump. Make a swing and hold your hand forward. Feet need to push off stronger than usual. Do not forget to keep your legs straight. After the feet complete the circle, you need to drop to the floor with the opposite leg and only then remove the supporting arm. If you are out of habit trying to lean on the other hand while doing this exercise, you can just hold it on your chest. But in any case, do not fix it with bandages or ropes - in an emergency, a hand can save you from injury.

But such a wheel is also not the limit. If you easily carry out a wheel on one hand, you can make an element without hands at all. Do not believe ?! And here in vain. If you sit down a bit before doing the exercise and give the body a greater rotational speed and direction, the element may well turn out. The work of the legs is important here - the success of the planned business depends on the intensity of their push. During the execution of the wheel, try to jump higher so that the element occurs in the air, and you do not touch the floor with your head. Stretching is also of great importance in this exercise. Professional dancers and athletes performing this exercise, keep your legs in a straight line, that is, in the splits.

If you want to learn all these tricks, but you still cannot even stand on your head near the wall - it does not matter. Acrobatics can be acquired, especially for small children. Daily training and diligence will allow you to gain enough stretching and skills to perform such elements. Train your body, learn to coordinate movements and improve your skills. And then you can surprise others on the dance floor, on the beach or in the gym.

Watch the video: how to make a ferris wheel at home (October 2019).


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