Can pregnant women smoke hookah?

It is extremely difficult to get rid of addictions in the form of smoking. But when a girl only learns about pregnancy, she has to radically revise their habits. Of course, in any case, cigarettes will have to be abandoned, but what to do with their alternative, hookah? After all, it is also prepared on the basis of tobacco, which, in the process of smoking, releases resinous compounds and settles in the respiratory tract. According to some data, hookah is even more harmful than cigarettes, so the danger to the intrauterine development of the fetus and the expectant mother is enormous. Let's deal with everything in more detail.

Smoking hookah during pregnancy

In the composition of cigarette smoke is present nicotine, tar, toxic substances that act as toxic poisons. All of them lead to the incorrect formation of the fetus, so once smokers after conception prefer the "tube of peace".

Indeed, hookah is safer because milk or water acts as a filtering link. All the most dangerous poisons remain at 40% in the liquid, but this does not mean that the future mother and her child are harmless to the heart.

In hookah smoke there are other compounds that have a negative effect on health. We are talking about dangerous arsenic, chrome, lead. All of them are not filtered, so they penetrate into the body. Also, hookah nicotine is much more concentrated than cigarette.

Hookah harm for pregnant women

When tobacco burns under the obvious influence of red-hot coals, then all the compounds remain in the cavity of the hookah. Some of the filter inhibition in the form of whole high-fat milk or purified water. If you stick to the opinion of researchers who have already studied the “tube of the world” along and across, it’s worth to say that the filter works by about 40%.

During puffing through a hookah pipe, the child in the womb literally suffocates, loses oxygen. Hence, the risk of fetal hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) increases significantly. And this happens only after the first puff. After the second and all subsequent vessels are narrowed, which further impedes the flow of oxygen to the placenta.

Add to this a significant release of carbon monoxide and toxic substances from hookah smoke. The result is sad, hookah can provoke the most serious consequences up to congenital pathologies and intrauterine defects. It is also possible that the baby will be born with a low on the nature of the immune system, will lag behind in development.

It is not uncommon for future mothers who carry a baby under their heart to have a child born prematurely. Prematurity is a consequence of smoking cigarettes and hookah.

The baby is born in the minimum weight category of about 2.5 kg. At the same time, the thorax and head are small, this is the result of a developmental disorder inside the womb. The future life of a child is noticeably burdened, it is prone to allergic reactions and colds.

It is also worth knowing that the effects of your smoking during pregnancy may not immediately affect the baby. It usually takes years, it is possible that the child already goes to kindergarten or school (4-6 years). Usually in such situations, children complain of poor memory, learning difficulties and other intellectual difficulties.

Myths about smoking hookah

  1. Most people argue that hookah is practically harmless and will not cause any harm to the health of the mother and baby. Supposedly cigarettes are much more dangerous. Such people cite the fact that the hookah contains much less tar.
  2. Also when smoking hookah, the smoke is filtered through the water. In addition, a similar way to relax supposedly not addictive. If you look at the world with sober eyes, it should be noted that such myths have long been destroyed by scientists.
  3. Numerous studies have shown that tobacco for hookah is many times more harmful than cigarette. In the first case, the nicotine content is several times higher than cigarettes. A standard pack of tobacco for hookah lasts about 4 times smoking.
  4. As a result, about 6.3 mg is ingested into the body at a time. nicotine. Moreover, in one smoked cigarette, this indicator hovers around 0.8 mg. Do not think that water will contain most of the toxin. A pregnant girl gets a huge portion of poison.
  5. Do not forget that in any tobacco smoke in large quantities there is carbon monoxide and nicotine. With just one puff of the hookah, up to 6 times more heavy metals, nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar come into the blood and the whole body.
  6. We should also mention the coals by means of which tobacco is ignited under high temperatures. This combination contributes to the penetration of the hazardous substance in the form of benzopyrene. Such a compound is a very harmful carcinogen that contributes to the development of cancer pathologies.
  7. In addition, the production of tobacco for smoking is practically not controlled in any way, it is extremely difficult to keep track of such a process. Therefore, no one can be 100% sure of the quality of consumed products. In such smoking mixtures there is a huge amount of flavors and flavor enhancers, which are very harmful.
  8. Various liquid compounds that fill the flask of hookah, purify the smoke only a small part. This is a marketing ploy. People both poisoned and continue to do so, believing everything that manufacturers and distributors of such products say.
  9. Even with the minimum amount of toxins that can penetrate the placenta to the developing fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy, provoke serious impairments in the development of the baby. It should also be noted that hookah is even more addictive. Do not believe everything they say about this.
  10. Do not forget that in the hookah tobacco there is all the same nicotine, only in greater concentration. Dependence on this simply can not develop. It should also be noted the frequency of such events. Beznikotinovye mixture quickly bored, hence the desire to try something stronger.
  11. When a person draws in with hookah or cigarette smoke, he actually receives the same harm as he is allowed to make it light. Here it is necessary to pay attention to a separate nuance. Cigarette you smoke about 4 minutes, and hookah for at least half an hour. It is easy to draw conclusions independently.
  12. It is worth noting that when smoking a regular cigarette, about 420 ml are excreted. smoke. If you smoke a hookah, the amount of smoke emitted can be safely increased by 3-4 times. It is important to understand that even filtering will not save the body of a pregnant woman from carbon monoxide. Also you get a huge amount of toxins.

Today you can find many manufacturers who claim that their products are safe due to the absence of nicotine. But in fact, in such tobacco, the concentration of other harmful substances like acetaldehyde, hydrocarbon, resinous compounds is increased. Therefore, do not get fooled by tricks, hookah is prohibited.

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