How to get rid of mice in an apartment or private house

The appearance of mice in the house - the most unpleasant situation that can happen both in the apartment and in a private house. In a short time, more than 10 rodents can build up from just one individual, therefore, it is necessary to fight with uninvited guests immediately after the discovery of the first "attack" on food. In order for the process of expelling gray mice to be effective, it is necessary to find out where they came from and know the most popular recipes for getting rid of rodents.

Mice - carriers of various diseases


During the onset of cold weather, especially in autumn and early winter, mice begin to actively look for a warm place to breed and raise offspring. Usually rodents walk in pairs and the most attractive for them is a dwelling with unsanitary conditions, where you can find a lot of food debris. Mice are dangerous for humans because they are good carriers of diseases such as bubonic plague, salmonella, leptospirosis, tapeworms, tularemia. The rodents themselves are only carriers of these bacteria and viruses - diseases do not bring any harm to them, however, a person who has eaten an infected food product may suffer from this.

Today, thanks to advanced medicine and modern antibiotics, in the early stages it is possible to stop the negative effects of viruses on the body, however, pregnant women and people with low immunity are at particular risk. There are cases when a pregnant woman, infected by mouse encephalomyelitis, gave birth to a child with serious defects of mental and mental development. In this regard, it is necessary to destroy dangerous rodents already at the first signs of their appearance in the house, without waiting for their reproduction.

Causes of mice in the house or apartment

Especially often the mice are found in private homes, where there are pets. The main food for horses, chickens, cows is wheat, oats and other cereals, to which mice are also not indifferent. During frosts or lack of food, they begin to look for a warm shelter with food. The ideal place for mice is the house - here is warm and plenty of food. By the same gap in the floor, the walls so attract rodents - they can live in a person’s dwelling not only in pairs, but also in whole flocks.

The chute in the apartments is also a great place to live in mice. Carefully monitor the cleanliness of the space next to this device, otherwise a small mouse can gently jump you into a bag or bag and safely settle in the house.

Here are some more reasons for the appearance of mice:

  1. Rodents are attracted by the smell of nuts, seeds, so if you saw gray mice in your yard, pack them tightly and keep them out of sight.
  2. Do not forget that garbage, any, ranging from paper, to food, only contributes to the appearance of rodents. Even if you live in an apartment on the top floor with unsanitary conditions, wait for your uninvited guests soon.
  3. Mice easily penetrate even into homes where there are small cracks. That is why rodents should beware of residents of old, timbered houses.
  4. Another reason for the appearance of mice is the storage of food in one place. The number of smells from this only increases, for rodents it is a kind of "fragrant bait".

It should be added that regardless of the reasons for the appearance of small, dangerous animals in a human's dwelling, it is necessary to fight them hard and fiercely, not allowing any indulgences and pity. Only in this way will you save your health and your children.

How to get rid of mice: folk recipes and homemade methods

If you live in an old house with slots, close them. Iron brush for cleaning cauldrons - a great solution for this method. Steel wires to gnaw mice can not afford, so they quickly leave your home in search of something more simple. Do not forget that animals can sneak under the wall, so pay attention not only to the floor, but even to the topmost holes.

Block mouse trails
Place traps or odorous substances near small minks. Remember, these rodents are able to fit even into a 2 cm gap, so carefully check your dwelling and find the way through which the mouse passes every day.

The smell of peppermint perfectly scares rodents
Among other plants, it is peppermint that won the title "Mouse Scarer." Since ancient times, on collective farms and farms, mint was dried in order to protect the home from mice and rats in the winter. Only two drops of mint act on the rodents as a repeller - mice run away from the place where there is a smell of this wonderful grass. In order to get ahead of the appearance of animals in your house, lay out cotton swabs with two drops of peppermint oil in the areas where their appearance is more expected - these are slots around the house, trash cans, kitchen and other places where crumbs from bread, sunflower seeds. This event will help to muffle the smell of food and leave only the smell of peppermint frightening for mice.

The cat in the house - the mouse out
No wonder people with great life experience advised to keep a cat in the house. It turns out that even regardless of whether she catches mice or not, rodents are simply afraid to penetrate a person’s dwelling due to the smell of urine. Apparently, the mice are afraid of this smell because of a possible attack - they are trying to protect themselves. It is therefore necessary to put the cat trays near the places of cracks in the house, and at night - in the hallway or near the kitchen.

It is believed that the best for catching mice are cats. They are much more efficient than cats, cleaning the house from uninvited guests. It also “works” well if the owner does not feed his pet - cats and cats then go on the “hunt” of their own accord and need.

Snake excrement scares off mice
It has been noted more than once that in zoos you will never see a single mouse next to snake cages. The fact is that the smell of snake feces has a frightening effect on rodents - in trying to protect their lives, they run away from the place where at least a little bit of this "fragrance" exists.

If you want to protect your home in this way, ask the workers of the zoo for the stool of snakes and place them where the mice may come from.

Attention! Beware that pets or children do not eat snake stools! Such frightening traps can be set only in such places as a cellar or attic.

Electronic blocks from mice - just in case
Modern devices depress rodents. Ultra-short waves, not visible to humans, dogs and cats, cause the mice to run away from such an inappropriate place to live. For efficient operation, electronic units are connected to the network in the amount of one mechanism per floor.

It is worth noting that experiments with such electronic devices in 4 cases out of 10 were unsuccessful. Mice rarely pay attention to the mechanisms - or they emit too few waves, or they are absorbed by objects such as palace, carpet, and bedspreads. In any case, trust should be only popular among buyers models - personal user experience will help you make a decisive choice.

Clean - the guarantee of health!
If your house is completely clean - there are no crumbs and garbage, the arrival of gray small animals to you is extremely small. Keep your house in order and do not be afraid of the appearance of mice!

Help owl barn owls
If you are concerned about the appearance of mice, call on the aid of the natural "cleaner" - owl-owl. In an urban setting, of course, it’s not worth waiting for such a bird to appear, but residents of villages or villages can easily count on its help. For this, it is enough to arrange a small dwelling for the owl. In one night, an owl can exterminate about 15 individuals of rodents. This method is very useful for those who maintain their subsidiary farm or sow the field with cereals.

Mousetrap like never before
The most common and well-known method is mousetraps. Install them behind the kitchen, in the attic, in the subfield. The main thing is to choose the right bait.

Suitable seeds, lard, crackers. However, the cheese, known as "rodents dainty", is completely unsuitable for this purpose. Do not like his mouse, remember!

Bay leaf
Very often, residents of apartments and houses are worried about the question: what if the mice began to climb the cabinets in the kitchen? To use poison is dangerous, and to leave it all so is doubly dangerous. To do this, use the bay leaves. Spread out a few pieces on the shelves - it will scare the rodents from food supplies. Acetic essence and other strongly smelling substances also help well.

Ash vs Mice
Ash causes allergies in mice, so the mice run away from the place where it is scattered.

Odorous substances
Pay attention to such odorous compositions as Vishnevsky ointment, turpentine and distribute them around the perimeter of the house. Mice will try to leave your home more likely in order to save your life.

Chemistry against rodents

In the hardware stores a large number of different types of poisons and poisons created specifically to combat mice. It should be noted that they should be used only in exceptional cases when all other methods have not provided the proper result.

Poison and poison manufacturers usually applied to the favorite treats of rodents - sweet jelly, seeds, grain, bread crumbs. Being at first glance an ordinary food, they contain a sufficient amount of poison. Eating such food, mice gradually accumulate poison in themselves, and only after the lethal dose do they die. This usually occurs near the usual habitat of the mouse, or in its "nest." The very first poisonous product is tasted by the male, since it is he who is the main one in the mouse family. Next, they will begin to eat the prepared mixture of the female and the offspring.

Attention! After the mice start dying one after another, a terrible smell spreads around the house that an ordinary person cannot tolerate. Therefore, you can put poison only if you are sure that you can find and destroy a poisoned mouse, or if rodents disturb you in the country house, and you will be able to change your place of residence when you get rid of mice.

How to protect the house from the penetration of mice

If you are seriously concerned about the entry of rodents into the house, carefully consider your life. Unsanitary conditions - that's exactly what attracts such animals. Garbage, things stored in the corner, furniture not moved by years, cracks in the walls and floors are the favorite "friends" of rodents. Clean, spacious and uncluttered rooms do not like mice, so they will not even try to enter such an apartment or house.

Try to pay more attention not only to wet cleaning, but also general, in which the room is carefully examined from the sudden cracks, the walls and floors are treated with disinfectant solution. Periodically check the shelves of kitchen cabinets - keep them clean and tidy. Only in a house where cleaning is often carried out, garbage is regularly taken out - there is no reason for the appearance of rodents.

Never did a mouse bring anything good to a person. It is only in the fairy tale about Cinderella and Snow White that mice are removed and sewed. In fact, mice gnaw through plastic bags, cardboard, paper, climb on the uppermost shelves just to find food for themselves. Cases where rodents damage the wiring are especially dangerous - short circuit and fire may occur. That is why the issue of getting rid of mice should concern all residents of apartments and private houses. If you started the situation and the rodents attacked you - it remains only to contact a specialized company that will make a complete deratization of your home. This method is quite expensive, but effective.

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