Tomato Azure Giant - description and characteristics of the variety

Indeterminantny grade. With proper care, a bush can reach two meters in height. On one brush, as a rule, about seven tomatoes are formed. This culture belongs to the mid-season varieties. Harvesting can be carried out on day 105 after landing in open ground.

Fruits have a slightly flat ribbed shape. Ripe tomatoes are colored light red. In some cases, tomatoes can weigh one kilogram. A distinctive feature of this culture are high taste and a relatively small number of seeds. Fruits are not very amenable to transportation over long distances. To this end, they must be collected in a state of technical maturity. Shelf life should not exceed twenty-one days.


This variety is suitable for lovers of exotic tomatoes. The tomato Azure giant belongs to the determinant species. Plants, as a rule, do not exceed 1.2 m.

  1. Shrubs have not too thick foliage. On average, up to eight brushes are formed on the shoots, on which 6-8 large fruits are formed. With proper care and a favorable climate, up to seven kilograms of a product can be collected from one bush. Ripe tomatoes reach 700 g, on the upper branches about 250 g
  2. The flesh is soft, sweet and sour, with a pronounced specific aroma. It contains a significant part of the substances valuable to the human body: from 2 to 3.5% of sugars, 1.3 - 2.2% of organic acids, 0.3% of pectin substances, mineral substances, vitamins.
  3. The shape of the fruit is flat, slightly ribbed, the color is dark purple. The fruits of the tomato Azure Giant will help to decorate and make unusual any holiday table. The flesh of these tomatoes is fleshy, moderately dense, has a sweet taste, with a slight pleasant sourness.
  4. The fruits are used in the preparation of tomato juice, various preparations, etc. They are also good fresh in salads and snacks. Tomatoes Azure the giant of many hostesses prefer to preserve, in order to diversify their winter atmosphere with their unusual look and remind of warm summer days.

Despite the fact that the hybrid is relatively new, according to its taste, it occupies an honorable place in the list of tomatoes. The first ripe fruits appear in July. Potassium and magnesium accumulate in fruits. Tomatoes also contain large amounts of iron and copper. The content of iron and copper in combination with folic acid determine the high benefit of the hybrid Azure giant with anemia.

Advantages of a hybrid:

  • Unusual appearance.
  • High taste.
  • Resistance to transpiration over medium and long distances.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Resistance to a variety of diseases.

The disadvantages can be attributed perhaps the need for tying and the formation of the bush.

Features of the structure of the bushes:

  1. As a rule, intensive plant growth coincides with the beginning of May or the end of April.
  2. Tomato stalks reach 1.2 m in height and, as a rule, have little branches.
  3. Fat shoots grow excessively from excess nutrition and soil moisture, the fruits on them do not ripen in a timely manner, which in turn adversely affects their productivity.
  4. A strong root system allows you to form powerful stems, it ensures their rapid growth and yield.

Planting and further care

Cultivation and care of large-fruited tomatoes has some differences from medium-sized and small tomatoes. This culture needs to be stepchild and tie up carefully. Otherwise, the stem can not withstand the severity of the fruit. In addition, this procedure will greatly facilitate watering and spraying the plant.

  1. Tomato Azure giant grown through seedlings, which are grown with additional lighting. Seedlings are fed complex fertilizers.
  2. Water the bushes must be directly under the root, otherwise there is a risk of sunburn.
  3. As a rule, tomatoes are planted on seedlings no earlier than two months before planting in open ground. On one square meter should grow no more than three bushes. The first days after planting the plant must be watered more often.
  4. If the tomato grows in greenhouse conditions, then it is possible and not to limit the growth of the bush, since all the ovaries will have time to catch on time.
  5. If desired, you can produce hilling of the bush, as well as its mulching. This will help to achieve maximum yield. With the right agrotechnology in one season, up to six kilograms of product can be collected from a bush.
  6. An important agrotechnical device is the removal of weeds and regular watering. A good supply of nutrients to the soil ensures excellent fruiting of the bushes.
  7. The plant can be grown without tying, but for ease of harvesting it is recommended to grow on the trellis.

In order to get more harvest from one bush is recommended to pinch the shoots. This will cause the formation of side branches. For constant fruiting, the bushes need feeding, otherwise they will bloom rarely and not abundantly. Top dressing with complex fertilizers is carried out from May to September - 1 time in 14 days. The plant loves organic matter. You can feed the bushes with humus or humus.


Late blight affects not only fruits, but also flower buds, stems, young ovary:

  1. On the stem can grow brown spot, which quickly covers the developing ovary with a ring.
  2. At the same time on young fruits separate brown spots are formed, which first soften and then grow.
  3. The disease is caused by planting in the southern regions, round leaves are formed on the leaves. The spots are brown at first, and then the whites have a brown frame. With a strong spread of the disease, the spots merge, causing foliage to fall.

The causative agent of soft rot is a microscopic fungus:

  1. The infected fruits rot and become covered with a thick stain in which there is a microscopic fungus - the causative agent of this disease.
  2. The fungus overwinters on plant residues in the form of mycelium and sclerocytes, which can be viable for many years.
  3. When germinating, they form mycelium and conidial sporulation, thereby providing the primary infection.

Affected bushes are sprayed with 1% Bordeaux liquid with the addition of colloidal sulfur. Effective drugs such as fungicides Chorus, Strobe, Raek, they are recommended to alternate. By the way, to increase the resistance of plants against diseases, you need to make mineral fertilizers in the form of supplements.

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