Candied Orange Peel Recipes

Citrus fruits are loved by many, but because people are interested in all possible methods of processing. In the course goes not only the preparation of jam and drinks, but also various sweets. Recently, candied fruits are especially popular. They are citrus slices, soaked in sweet syrup and subsequently dried. There are many variations of the blanks, but the most popular are candied peel of fruit.

The effects of candied fruit on the body

  1. Despite its naturalness, it is important to understand that such delicacies are notable for their high nutritional value. For this reason, they are not consumed in large quantities, so as not to gain weight. Enough to eat several pieces a day to ensure the supply of glucose in the right amount. Against this background, brain activity improves, the mood rises.
  2. Most of the compounds present in the final product are lost during the heat treatment process. However, some substances remain, for example, dietary fiber. They are aimed at normalizing the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and eliminating constipation. Soon after the start of the consumption of sweets, all functions of the digestive system are normalized.
  3. Dieters should not refuse fragrant treats. Of course, they are calories, but very useful. You can sometimes indulge yourself with sweets of this type to prevent the appearance of bad mood and breakdowns. However, do not get involved in candied fruit. If you can eat fresh fruit, use it.
  4. People with diabetes should refrain from the consumption of candied fruit or eat them in limited quantities. This ban is due to the concentration of glucose, which can lead to sugar jumps and a general deterioration of well-being. It is allowed to eat dried fruit only after talking with the doctor.

The best candied recipes


  1. We can repeat the classic technology to everyone, and we will begin with it. You will need a minimum list of products: 0.5 kg. sugar, the same amount of citrus peels and 0.4 liters. filtered water.
  2. So, first soak the zest in a container with ordinary water. The term of soaking is 3 days, daily several times it is necessary to change the liquid. Otherwise, it will begin to bloom, and the product will not leave a bitter taste.
  3. When the specified time comes to an end, remove the crusts and leave them to dry on a cloth. Chop in any order, as you like (cubes, diamonds, etc.). Boil in water for about a quarter of an hour.
  4. Then take water in the amount of the recipe and combine it with sugar. Put on minimal heat to get the crystals to dissolve. Add the crusts and simmer for 2 minutes, then remove from the stove and keep in the syrup all day.

With lemon juice

  1. Measure out sugar and citrus skins, taking 0.5 kg of each component. Also require 4 tbsp. l lemon juice, vanilla pod and a couple of clove buds.
  2. Fill the fireproof pot for boiling water, cast the zest and stew for 4 minutes. Drain, add cold water, repeat steps.
  3. Make a syrup based on all the spices and granulated sugar. Pour in some water. Then add boiled pelts to the syrup and leave them in the composition for a couple of hours. Then dry and consume.

From Julia Vysotskaya

  1. Carefully wash 5 citrus large enough. Wipe dry and cut the peel, chop it into small pieces. Send to heat-resistant container and pour 0.4 liters. water. Boil the raw materials for about 10-12 minutes.
  2. After the expiration of the specified time, change the water to fresh. Add a pinch of salt. Wait for boiling, protomite about 10 more minutes. Thanks to this procedure bitterness is removed from the zest. But the citrus aroma will remain in full.
  3. Again, change the water to fresh, only this time it is not required to add salt. Boil about 10 more minutes. Drop in a colander. In the meantime, start cooking syrup. Mix 0.5 kg. sugar, 0.25 l. filtered water and 20 g. butter.
  4. Bring mass to a boil, place zest in it. Continue to boil on lazy fire for about half an hour. As a result, the peel should be almost transparent. Remove the pieces from the syrup and dry. Leave at room temperature.

Useful tips

  1. It is noteworthy that in the preparation of such a delicacy is no big deal. However, beginners are advised to adhere to certain rules in order to prevent common mistakes. As a result, you can create the perfect treat.
  2. Always rinse citrus carefully. After drying, remove the peel, making incisions crosswise. Next, the zest can be separated using a tablespoon. This will greatly facilitate the procedure.
  3. Try to remove the zest large enough pieces. Thanks to the painstaking work pieces of candied fruits will be approximately the same size. In addition, the treat, in the end, goes quite an attractive look.
  4. Freshly made sugar peels are recommended to be stored in containers made of glass. The principle is the same as with classic jam. As for the remains of the syrup, it can be used for any purpose, for example when cooking pastries.
  5. Keep in mind that sugar syrup must be boiled on a lazy fire, otherwise it will turn into a lollipop. Finished candied fruits can be eaten not only in its original form, but also sprinkled with powdered sugar or dipped in hot chocolate. Show your imagination.

It is noteworthy that candied fruits play the role of not only a tasty delicacy, but also quite healthy. In addition, this treat is better to replace the usual candy. While cooking, show imagination, add lemon or any other citrus to orange zest. Add the vanilla or cinnamon powder to the syrup. As a result, you can discover many different recipes.

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