Pyrenean Mountain Dog - breed description

This animal makes an impression on all who have ever had to see it. The magnificent white dog amazes with its external nobility and courage, has excellent physical qualities and wonderful character. He has a good reputation, confirmed for thousands of years, which made the breed very popular among other large breeds. The charming pet with snow-white wool attentively and thoughtfully looks into human eyes.

The Pyrenean mountain dog is a true aristocrat of the canine world. Previously, they herded sheep, guarded the houses of the French nobility, and nowadays they are loved by family and wonderful guard.

From the history of the breed

During archaeological excavations in the Pyrenees discovered their burial, which is about 2000 years old. It is assumed that Pyrenean dogs are descendants of mastiffs. This breed appeared somewhere in the mountains and for many years its representatives were used as herdsmen for cattle. These large animals were not afraid of predators due to the fact that they themselves are strong enough and large. They could bravely fight with wolves and even a bear who encroached on defenseless sheep. Mountain Shepherd Dogs have a loud and awesome voice that is capable of scaring the enemy, and the owner is well heard.

In the Middle Ages, they guarded the castles, and then settled with the local nobility, pastures and royal palaces. These dogs received the greatest popularity when they settled in the courtyard of Louis 14. There is a legend that it was the Pyrenean dog that saved Charles 6 from the infuriated bull.

On the territory of Europe, they appeared due to the resettlement of tribes from Asia and the central part of the continent to new lands. The main purpose of their breeding was to protect herds from local predators. Thanks to many years of breeding, the Pyrenean breed obtained all the necessary qualities to become the best guard and guard.

In the Louvre, they settled in the seventeenth century. Initially, the Pyrenean dogs settled for the guard in the palace, then aristocrats liked it. The first written mention of this breed recorded in 1407 year. A historian originally from France notes that they have been of great benefit in guarding the forts.

In the 700s, the Pyrenean dogs became the most sought-after watchmen of the French. Many guests of the country were amazed by their external nobility and excellent protective qualities. Because of this, they began to export. In the 85th year of the 19th century, the Pyrenean rock was registered by the English Kennel Club. In 1923, breed standards were adopted.

Today they are very popular in Europe, America and Japan. Pyrenean mountain dogs were recognized worldwide after the 33rd year of the 20th century.


The kingship and grace of the Pyrenean mountain dog amazes everyone who has seen it live. Even the appearance of representatives of this breed suggests that they are clever and handsome. Due to the powerful physique they are subject to any peaks.

  1. Dimensions. Height in withers is from 65 to 72 cm in females and 70-80 cm in males. The weight of females, on average, is about 45 kilograms, while for males it is around 60. But for some individuals it can reach 80 kilograms.
  2. Head. Large, but not "heavy." The shape of the skull is convex with a pronounced occipital protuberance. Nape in the form of a vault.
  3. Muzzle. Is full. Moderately tapers to the nose. Has the form of a blunted wedge. Upper lip slightly covers the bottom. The color of the lips is black or with black edging. The nose is the same color.
  4. Eyes. Have almond shape. Small in size. Express intelligence and ingenuity. Eyelids black. Eye color is brown.
  5. Ears. Located on the same line with the eyes. Triangular and rounded at the ends. Small in size. In the quiescent state are trailing. When changing the situation lifted on the cartilage.
  6. Neck. Strong. Short length.
  7. Torso. Slightly more than the height of the dog. The chest is long and wide. The back is strong and fleshy.
  8. Limbs. Proportional length. Strong. With moderately arched fingers.
  9. Tail. Concerns hock joints. Well pubescent. When changing the emotional environment rises above the back and forms a ring.
  10. Wool. Long and thick. Double Layer The undercoat is very thick and dense. May be completely straight and slightly wavy. On the neck "collar", on the paws of "pants".
  11. Colors. The main color is necessarily white. It can be completely white or have marks (only the tips of wool are painted): grayish, cream and red in the head, body, tail and ears.

Character and temperament

Pyrenean mountain dogs need a will or feel. This is not a sofa pet, suitable for living in an apartment. You can not keep dogs of this breed in an enclosed space, where they feel imprisoned. In nature, they are very active, mobile, funny and happy. Therefore, you should not start the Pyreneans to decorate the carpet or sofa. The owner of this noble creature must have a private house with a separate territory.

Physical activity provides them with good health and good mood. The Pyrenean mountain dog has a calm temperament and a very positive, good-natured character. Despite their impressive size, they are very gullible to people and can easily get lost in free-range.

Inexperienced trainer may seem completely stupid occupation of the Pyrenean mountain dog. The dog hears everything and understands, but opposes the execution of commands. Some stubbornness is characteristic of dog breeds. Good intellectual abilities guarantee successful learning, however, natural pride and stubbornness can create obstacles for learning teams. It all depends on the right approach. The owner should be the authority for his own pet, then the learning process will be easier. If at least once to make concessions to the animal, it can begin to ignore the wishes of the owner.

Positive qualities of the character of the Pyrenean mountain dogs:

  • Easy to train.
  • With proper education, they are very attentive and obedient.
  • Do not differ intrusive.

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is recognized as an excellent companion and friend of the family. They do not conflict with other animals. They have good mental abilities and a balanced docile nature. They do not have a tendency to aggressive behavior, but they are excellent guards and defenders. Males look more impressive and somewhat larger than females.

Character and temperament - the main advantages of dogs of this breed. These standards of the breed made special demands. Individuals that have a quarrelsome, dishonest and harmful character are excluded from breeding. Naturally, training is sometimes difficult, but the results are amazing. Representatives of this breed have a developed intuition.

Attitude to children

Like other peace-loving dogs, they get along well with children and are able to become their best friends. However, this applies only to older children of school age. Do not leave the Pyrenean mountain dogs with the kids alone.

Attention! Despite the balanced character, dogs of this breed are always wary of strangers. When a stranger is not dangerous, they still perceive him with extreme caution. It is unlikely that the owner’s friends will become friends of his Pyrenean mountain dog.


Large breeds of dogs like no one need proper education and socialization. In cases where the Pyrenean is planned to make a guard, you can not bring him aggressive. Begin training should be with the earliest age, up to 5 months.

There are special techniques for the education of large breed dogs. They need to instill love and devotion to their owner. The animal must unquestioningly perform the standard commands: "You can not", "Fu", "Ko me", "Lie", "Sit" and respond to the name.

Maintenance and care

When a brave breeder decides to house a Pyrenean mountain dog, he takes on the responsibility of caring for a large pet. Representatives of this breed have a thick, fairly long hair with a thick undercoat, which does not pass water and perfectly protects the animal from the cold. It goes without saying that it requires a certain attention and care. In general, the content of this dog is no different from other large breeds.

  1. Necessarily weekly brushing with long and thick teeth. Leftovers must be removed with a wet hand or towel.
  2. During the link, you will have to brush your pet every day or at least every other day.
  3. It is necessary to bathe the animal once a quarter or in case of emergency. To do this, use a special or odorless baby shampoo.
  4. When the dog is only slightly soiled, you can wipe the contaminated areas of wool with a washcloth or a damp cloth.
  5. You should regularly inspect the paws for cracks and scratches. If necessary, they are treated with antiseptics, and then lubricated with a moisturizer. If the paw pads are cracking, then special vitamin complexes must be introduced into the dog’s diet.
  6. Ears must be inspected daily. If there is a discharge from them, the pet must be shown to the veterinarian.
  7. Eyes are an indicator of how a dog feels. They must be inspected regularly. Dust or dust can get into them while walking. In such cases, the eyes are wiped with a weak solution of chamomile or calendula.


The Pyrenean Sheepdog can be fed with a special industrial food for large breeds of dogs. However, breeders often emphasize that it is natural food that is desirable. Meals should be 2: 3 of protein and 1 third include carbohydrates and fats.

It is mandatory to be present in the diet:

  • Low-fat meats: chicken, veal, rabbit, turkey.
  • Sea fish in boiled boneless form.
  • Sour milk products: cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream.
  • Cereals: rice, corn, buckwheat, oatmeal.
  • Vegetables: cabbage, beets, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin.
  • You can add dried fruits: apples, berries, pears.
  • Vegetable oil: olive, sunflower, corn. About 1 tbsp. l in a day.

Meat can be given raw, pre-frosted and doused with boiling water. However, it is safer if it has been heat treated.

During the period of active growth, puppies need to enter into the diet vitamin-mineral complexes. They can be purchased at a veterinary pharmacy. And you can use those that are sold in a standard pharmacy, for example, fish oil or brewer's yeast.

Representatives of this breed, due to the nomadic way of life of their ancestors, have a slow metabolism. Therefore, you need to monitor the size of portions and calorie so that the pet does not acquire extra pounds. In the cold season food should be more high-calorie than in summer.

Health and life expectancy

Thanks to the centuries-old natural selection, Pyrenean dogs underwent natural selection. Most individuals have excellent health, strength and endurance. Life expectancy of representatives of this breed is on average 10-12 years.

To maintain the health of the pet will help the proper care and good conditions of detention. If you suspect a health problem with a dog, you must show the animal to a veterinarian. It is necessary to conduct all scheduled vaccinations in a timely manner. Quarterly deworming with complex action drugs designed to combat tape and round parasitic worms will help protect health.

Puppy price

In the CIS countries, this breed is not so widely distributed, but there are still good nurseries in large cities. It is necessary to buy puppies only in person, preferably by visiting the nursery in person.

The price of puppies is from $ 250 per pet class "pet" and from $ 1000 per pet for breeding.

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