Preparation of horseradish for the winter: cooking recipes

Rhizomes, which are famous for valuable properties, are gaining increasing popularity. Experienced housewives know firsthand how important it is to timely prepare conservation for the cold season. In addition to the fact that the twists help to maintain health, they often act as a supplement to the main food. In today's material we will study horseradish and its healing effects on the human body. It is recommended to consume the roots in any form to enhance the functions of the immune system and overall recovery.


  1. Horseradish is a vegetable that has been known since ancient times. The homeland of the presented product is considered to be Europe, namely its south-eastern part. Local businessmen first began to cultivate the plant and consume it in food. Of course, they did not immediately come to this. Initially, the product was used exclusively in the field of folk medicine. Due to its severity, it was considered an excellent antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating agent.
  2. The plant is attributed to perennial crops, is included in the cruciferous family. Differs in its dimensional features, as well as a lush ground section. She has many elongated leaves, the edges of which are curled waves. Thus, the beam is obtained in the form of a kind of outlet. Petioles elongated and semi-direct.
  3. There are branches in the upper part of the stem section. The petiole itself reaches one meter high, although there are also large specimens. When flowering begins, you can see whitish formations in the upper part. Subsequently, elongated pods of oval format appear on them, reaching half a centimeter in size. In each pod there is a seed, as a rule, there are 4 pieces.


Immediately it should be noted that the roots of the plant are successfully used in traditional medicine. With the help of such raw materials, local healers are able to cure serious enough pathologies. The rest of the product can be prepared in various ways. Everything will depend only on your further preferences.


  1. This method of storage is ideal for you if you have a basement or cellar. Due to this, to prepare the seasoning is not difficult. Before sending the raw material for storage, clean the roots and dry thoroughly. This is best done outdoors.
  2. For such purposes it is necessary to acquire a wooden box. Cover the bottom with good fine sand. Put the workpiece in a row. Sprinkle sand between them. Consider, each root should be well sprinkled with sand from all sides.
  3. Alternatively, use a foam box. Put the prepared raw material into it. Keep the product on the balcony. In this case, it is important to maintain optimum sand moisture. Spray it out with a spray bottle every 10 days.


  1. Take into account, with this method of storage of raw materials will lie at a positive temperature. Because of this feature, the product must be prepared, observing some subtleties. Rinse the roots thoroughly with running water. Remove the skin in a comfortable way.
  2. Leave the blank to dry in the open air for 2 days. After that, cut the workpiece into pieces no longer than 5 cm. If you want to achieve the longest possible storage, use an airtight container.
  3. Put each root in a separate clean and dry bag. It is best to use bags with a special fastener. You can also solder them yourself.


  1. It is noteworthy that the product in question can be frozen in various ways. Chop the raw materials into pieces and fold them into bags. Send to the freezer. At the right time, remove the seasoning and use as intended.
  2. Alternatively, you can do the other way. Crush the product, mix it with anything if desired. Send the blank into the bag and freeze. Also use as needed.

In dried form

  1. Wash the roots of the classical technology and dry. Peel and shred random pieces. Dry using an electric dryer or oven. If possible, perform the procedure outdoors in the shade.
  2. As soon as you prepare the raw material properly, grind it into a powder with a grinder or blender. This seasoning must be stored in an airtight glass container. Due to this all useful properties and flavor of the product will be preserved.
  3. If you wish to store dried pieces of root, then it is best to do this in bags made of their cotton fabric. Such preparation is widely used for making sauces, salads and soups. Seasoning goes well with fish and meat.

Impact on the body

Before proceeding to the procurement, it makes sense to consider the positive impact of the presented culture on the human body.

  1. In the fields of cosmetology, folk healing, culinary skill, not only rhizomes, but also juice based on them are used. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic characteristics. Kills pathogenic microflora and improves intestinal motility. There are phytoncides in the product that destroy microbes in the pathways of the respiratory system.
  2. If you systematically take raw materials, it will stimulate the activity of the digestive system, induce cravings for food, improve the functioning of the urinary and reproductive organs. Some argue that the product is able to break down and remove formations in the kidneys. But this statement has not been studied by doctors, so it’s probably difficult to speak.
  3. The property of rhizomes to enhance the outflow of bile and improve liver activity is well known and studied in detail. You also need to consume the roots of diagnosed gastritis, which developed on the background of low acidity. Separate attention should be paid to the positive effect of the culture on the heart muscle, the vascular system, the thyroid gland and other major organs and systems.
  4. A liquid is squeezed out of the roots, which later becomes the basis for treating angina, ARVI, flu and other problems of this kind. The plant is treated with antritis, tuberculosis, bronchitis, pleurisy, toothaches and headaches. It has the best effect on the oral cavity, killing bacteria, preventing caries, periodontal disease and stomatitis. Also, the product relieves inflammation of the gums.
  5. Self-made snacks should be taken by those categories of people who constantly face strong emotional stress, wear out, and engage in physical and mental labor. It is also useful to consume the compounds in patients with diabetes, because horseradish has the ability to lower the concentration of glucose.
  6. Essential oils, present in a decent amount, maintain the strength and elasticity of the blood channels. Special enzymes enrich the blood with nutrients, as well as struggle with atherosclerosis, varicose veins, neuralgia, low blood pressure, oncological diseases. Some studies prove the effectiveness of rhizomes in the treatment of cancer.
  7. Valuable qualities apply not only to the activities of internal organs. The plant is used externally. With its help, osteochondrosis, sciatica, arthrosis, arthritis and other problems of this kind are cured. When the rhizomes are processed into the composition of gruel, then impose on sore joints to relieve stiffness and discomfort. Also, these tools treat fungal lesions, bruises with abrasions and cuts, strong pigmentation.
  8. Not only the root system is endowed with valuable qualities, they also have leaves. In their composition there are many dietary fibers, phytoncides, esters, and other important compounds. Foliage in the process of receiving increases the secretion of gastric juice, helps digest heavy food, prevents constipation and the accumulation of decay products. Leaves tinctures are used as a means of fighting viruses.
  9. No wonder they say that this product is useful for the male half of humanity. It is used to treat ailments associated with the sexual and urinary system of the representative of the stronger sex. If during urination there is a burning sensation and other discomfort, they are treated with horseradish infusions and other products with the inclusion of this product. The composition also increases the potency.


  1. The advantage of this product is that it can simply be eaten, used as a seasoning or a medicine. The problem is that raw materials have negative sides.
  2. It is worth knowing that the product increases the acidity of the stomach, you can also encounter colitis. It is forbidden to consume seasoning for acute intestinal disorders and kidney disease.
  3. It is important to know that the presented raw materials are contraindicated during the carrying of the baby. The active compound can harm the expectant mother and baby.

Horseradish boasts a valuable composition. Therefore, it makes sense to procure it for future use. Consider popular product storage methods. Use seasoning as needed. Remember that with regular intake in moderation you will benefit exclusively. Consider contraindications.

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