How to cure depression at home

No matter how cheerful a person is, depression can cover anyone. Moreover, it happens sometimes quite unexpectedly and often does not depend on age crises. Depression is a dangerous thing. It delays, absorbs, deprives all joy of life and, what is most terrible, in some particularly difficult cases, leads to suicide. The world is beautiful, and you need to see it only in rich colors. But how to achieve this and defeat the prolonged despondency, we will tell you.

Depression: the way it is

Depression is a disease of our time, everyone knows about it, but in practice many have come across it. Sometimes (and this happens quite often) they mistakenly take temporary fatigue for the disease, or even invent a false state, because it is now fashionable. But the problem is that the true ailment is very insidious. Beginning in the depths of the human psyche, it grows into its roots, destroying not only the mental state, but also the physical one. Quietly, gradually depression wins all possible territories and takes bright colors, painting the world only in shades of gray.

This condition is very dangerous. It deprives a person of the joy of life, draws energy and leads to physical diseases that close the circle. If you do not pay attention in time, do not try to help the patient and do not pull him out of the pool of hopelessness, everything can end badly. If the depression strengthens and grows, it may not work out on your own. Then hope only friends, doctors, specialists.

But in general, the rescue of a drowning person is subject only to the drowning person himself. And a person can cope with a problem much more effectively, but only if he notices it in time and does not allow him to drag off the whirlpool of despondency. For this you need to know the first symptoms of the beginning of the disease.

Symptoms of depression

  1. Depression develops gradually. Everything can start with periodic panic attacks, anxiety, irritability, and even tearfulness. Initially, such attacks will rarely appear, but over time they will become more and more frequent.
  2. Self-doubt, envy towards others is also one of the signs. A person begins to reproach himself that he is worthless, does not know how and cannot, while others around him achieve everything they dream of.
  3. Closure, lack of interest in what fascinated before. Anxiety symptom. If you have noticed that you increasingly want to be left alone and indulge in sad thoughts, and past hobbies seem meaningless and dull, this is a clear manifestation of rising depression.
  4. Physical disorders: insomnia, fatigue, lethargy, headaches and muscle pain. Coupled with a bad mood and all the increasing states of anguish, anxiety, self-blame are clear signs of a developing ailment.

Most suicides, unfortunately, are due precisely to the fact that a person entered a state of deep depression and was unable to get out. He was swallowed by a gray world without joy, light, pleasant moments and love. So, so that this does not happen, you need to clearly understand what measures to combat the disease exist.

Total victory, or how to get depression to recede

Fighting depression is a complex event, and it is not limited to one thing. In particularly advanced cases, one has to turn to specialists who can prescribe a drug treatment (and sometimes inpatient). But still, in most cases, you can cope on your own.

  1. Diagnostics. If you have noticed a constant despondency, bordering on despair, think: why is this? Carefully analyze your life. Maybe the reason for separation? Or do you just have chronic stress, or someone strongly offended? As soon as the reason for finding out, the enemy will face, and it will be easier to fight him.
  2. A change of scenery. One of the most effective ways is to completely change the environment, the environment, throw everything and wave somewhere. Perhaps the village to the grandfather, to a new country, to another city. Changes always have a positive effect on human energy reserves, so they are recommended primarily in a depressed state.
  3. Positive emotions. Without them, too, nowhere. But how to achieve a positive? Firstly, allow yourself some kind of adventure, which is not binding, but at the same time new and unusual. There are many options: jump with a parachute, flying in a balloon or in a wind tunnel, visiting fashionable contact zoos now. Secondly, new relationships will also stir you up and add vitality. We just warn you right away: this should be a frivolous novel, without any plans or prospects. For example, resort.
  4. "Yummy". To straighten the mood, improve immunity, and, consequently, the resistance to the disease, will help some food. First of all - chocolate. It is actually present in the so-called "hormone of joy", so many get from the consumption of cocoa and all its derivatives, this positive. In the second place, any citrus fruits, as well as strawberries. It seems that by creating them, nature itself has protected us from diseases. The huge content of vitamin C, the refreshing taste with sourness, bright color - all this will scare away the depression.
  5. Physical activity. If a person moves a lot, he not only gets tired, but also lives fully. No wonder that it is said that it is life that is in motion. Look at small children: they constantly do something and at the same time very rarely really get upset. They simply have no time to lose heart. The physically tired body feels alive and quickly falls asleep, leaving no time for sad reflections, therefore sport is one of the best ways to combat depression. Dancing, swimming, aerobics, bodybuilding - now the choice is truly great and accessible to everyone.
  6. Hobbies and entertainment. A person must have a favorite activity, otherwise he will begin to be depressed. The modern entertainment industry offers an infinite number of hobbies in which you can try yourself, as well as activities that you can attend. Do not deny yourself this!

Only a positive, positive attitude and your own desire to be happy will help you completely get rid of depression. We wish you to deal with this ailment once and for all!

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