How to get rid of diabetes with folk remedies

Diabetes mellitus is a disease, unfortunately, not so rare. Many people suffer from its manifestations, not knowing how to get rid of the disease. But the truth is, are there any ways to part with the disease once and for all? And, if there are, how safe and effective are they? Well, today we will try to find out everything on this issue.

What is diabetes

To fight a dangerous enemy, you need to know him well. So let's take a closer look at the disease. Diabetes mellitus is a complex disease of the endocrine system. It is directly related to the violation of the production of the hormone insulin, which regulates the glucose content in human blood. That is why the adjective "sugar" is used.

The violation of insulin is of two types: absolute and relative. In most cases, the first species is genetically determined. He is very hard to cure, and no means of improving the patient’s condition noticeably will succeed.

It is quite another thing - the second type. It develops in people with metabolic disturbances, most often with overweight, but it can also for a number of other reasons. Since this is not a congenital disease, it is amenable to therapy, including through independent efforts. But let's be honest, first of all, with ourselves. To self-medicate, especially such a dangerous disease, is unwise and dangerous. If you want to use proven national recipes, special gymnastics and other non-traditional treatment methods, then consult your doctor.

You must be sure that independent action does not harm, but, on the contrary, will help your health. Only in this case, you can use all that will be offered below.

So, diabetes - the defeat of the endocrine system. It affects all metabolic processes, causing the body suffers quite strongly: carbohydrate, protein, fat, water-salt, mineral. As a result, overall health deteriorates dramatically, and internal physiological systems fail.

By the way, cats and dogs are also susceptible to this disease. No wonder they are referred to the smaller brothers of man.

Well, let's now try to find out if it is possible to get rid of diabetes yourself.

How to cure diabetes

To begin with, the second type of diabetes can be cured almost completely. Medications will help, of course, but along with them other measures are no less effective. There are several of them:

  • Change lifestyle;
  • Reduce weight;
  • Follow a special diet;
  • Take advantage of popular recommendations;
  • Workout;
  • Calm down, do not panic, purposefully go to a cure.

And now about each measure - separately.

Lifestyle: what to change

Almost everything. To defeat the disease, you need to get together and completely revise your daily regimen. Add more activity, mobility. Abandon bad habits and unhealthy diet. Learn to get up early and go to bed at the right time so that the body does not live under constant stress.

But the most important thing is to tune in correctly. To defeat the disease is possible only if you look at life positively and do not limp. And it depends solely on your inner spirit and attitude to the problem.

Weight loss: the number one challenge

Diabetes occurs due to overweight and causes him. Here is such a vicious circle. That is why the first task of the patient is to do everything so that those extra pounds are gone. And here 2 components are important - the correct diet (about it a bit later) and physical activity. They are vital for everyone who suffers from diabetes! And that's why:

  1. During physical exertion, all processes, including exchange, are improved and accelerated.
  2. Straining, we spend more insulin, which leads to a decrease, and then disappearance of the clinical manifestations of the disease.
  3. All organs are supplied with oxygen, which also contributes to the deviation of the disease.

So, physical exertion in diabetes is necessary. Many experts advise to do cardio, in particular - running. They are the most effective for weight loss.

Proper diet: task number two

However, if you continue to eat the wrong diet, no exercise will help. Food is especially important in case of diabetes mellitus: illicit foods contribute to its progress. So, what can you eat for ailment?

  1. Low-fat, dietary meat: veal, turkey, chicken, rabbit. Pike, zander, cod are the best of fish. Go well seafood.
  2. Fat-free and lactic acid products. Quail eggs are preferable, as there is no cholesterol in them, chicken eggs are not more than two a day.
  3. Muffin is excluded. But the bread is allowed, but only wholemeal, you can with bran. Pasta - limited.
  4. Grains are practically all permitted in cereals and soups, with the exception of rice and semolina, which provoke an increase in blood sugar.
  5. The most interesting is sweets. It is better to replace them with sour fruits and berries such as plums, cherries, apples, citrus fruits, currants and peaches. But if you still want, then take only those that are made using sugar substitutes. The department for people with diabetes is available in almost all large grocery stores.
  6. Vegetables and fruits. Eliminate sweet fruits such as bananas, figs, apricots, melons, etc. from the diet. Vegetables are allowed: radishes, spinach, eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini, beans, cabbage.

Nutrition is the basis of a successful cure for diabetes mellitus, so they should not be neglected in any way.

Folk methods

In the people, too, for a long time already there are techniques and recipes for the fight against diabetes. Effectively help some homemade tools. We will tell about them.

  1. Mumie. In general, this product is already overgrown with legends. It is used very often in alternative medicine, which deserves special attention. In principle, it is useful, and it has been proven on a scientific level, but you shouldn’t hope for salvation from any troubles. To reduce the manifestations of diabetes, folk recipes recommend using the remedy every morning in a small piece, strictly before meals and in the evening before bedtime. For best absorption, you can dissolve in warm water and drink.
  2. Decoctions. It is believed that they help speed up the metabolism, give it a boost. In the treatment of diabetes, the most effective decoction of bay leaf, lingonberry and blueberry, goatling, St. John's wort, juniper, licorice root, birch buds. These components are thoroughly crushed, mixed and poured boiling water: for one part of the herbal mixture, 2 parts of water. Infused for at least 10 hours, better in a thermos. Drink half a cup before each meal.

When treating diabetes, it is important to understand that this diagnosis is not a sentence at all. And, if you treat it correctly, follow all the advice and listen to the opinion of the doctor and the sensations of your own body, it is possible not only to reduce the manifestations of the disease, but also to get rid of it forever. Most importantly, do not get carried away and do not go away from traditional medicine in self-treatment. Combined therapy, and everything will work out! This is what we wish you!

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