How to get rid of sugar addiction

Along with alcohol, drugs and tobacco, sugar addiction is one of the most rapidly spreading diseases, which sometimes threaten not only health, but also human life. A seemingly harmless at first glance, sugar and products containing it in excess amount cause a person to take more and more large doses of this chemical, causing a persistent psychological dependence. It is psychological, physiology, the need to use excessive doses of sugar is irrelevant. But there is a solution! It is much easier to get rid of sugar addiction than, for example, from tobacco or alcohol.

Sugar harm


The physiological need for sugar is not so great. The required amount of carbohydrates, which include the glucose in sugar, which is necessary for normal human life, comes to us with normal food.

The need for sweets arises against the background of a deficiency in the body of serotonin, which is sometimes also called the “hormone of happiness” or the “hormone of pleasure”. It is associated with a person receiving positive emotions associated, for example, with success at work, with a satisfied sexual desire, after violent emotions after winning a favorite team or listening to a good concert, etc. But constantly experiencing positive emotions is impossible, so after a while a person begins to feel the need for a new portion of chemical stimulants of well-being.

The simplest of them are sugar, alcohol, drugs. It is not in vain that sugar addiction is on a par with alcoholism and drug addiction. These are phenomena of the same order, having the same nature and needing treatment. Just getting rid of the addiction to sugar is much easier than to alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Excessive consumption of sugar is fraught with violation of the natural metabolism, the development of serious diseases, primarily diabetes. Now the number of diabetics is growing at a galloping rate, and not only in Russia and in the CIS countries. This phenomenon is typical for all modern developed countries.

Another danger of excessive consumption of foods with a high sugar content is the development of obesity and bulimia. Medical practice shows that almost all people suffering from overweight, use sugar and its substitutes in large volumes. Most of them can help elemental reduction of carbohydrates in the diet.

How to get rid of sugar addiction

The answer to the banality is simple and obvious: give up sugar and sugary foods. Observe this or that special diet is absolutely not necessary - just every time before you eat sweetness, think how irreplaceable is another slice of cake or a sweet bun for you now? Absolutely it is impossible to refuse sugar, and it is not necessary. It is enough to use products in which sugar is contained in minimal quantities, for example, fresh vegetables and fruits, dried fruits. In natural honey, despite its sweet taste, pure glucose is much lower in pure form than in a sweet bun or cake. Another great way out is dried fruit. They have all the necessary vitamins and minerals, they have nutritional value in full, but will not lead to obesity and the development of sugar dependence.

Cannabis products are equally dangerous. In the process of preservation, sugar is necessarily added to their composition, which may not even be felt to the taste, but is present in every can of canned food in a large volume. This applies not only to sweet fruit, but even canned fish or meat.

Separately, mention should be made of sweet carbonated drinks, which are so firmly included in our daily diet that many, especially the younger generation, do not even know how to do without them. An ordinary bottle of cola contains 18 pieces of refined sugar. If you offer someone to eat almost one-third of a pack of refined sugar in one sitting, then the majority will be horrified by such an offer. But almost nobody will refuse to drink a cold bottle of cola in hot weather. At the same time, sweet carbonated drinks do not quench thirst, but only create such an illusion. For the disposal of sugar, a large amount of liquid is required and a person buys a new bottle of cola, which will require another, and more, and more. A vicious circle is formed: to quench thirst, a person buys a sweet carbonated drink, which in itself causes thirst.

If you are unable to get rid of sugar dependence yourself, then a psychotherapist can come to the rescue. Treatment of this type of addiction (dependent inappropriate behavior) should be treated as the treatment of alcoholism or drug addiction - a complex. The body does not need sugar in such volumes. Dependence is not physiological, but psychological, and a psychotherapeutic approach is required for its treatment.

What to replace sugar


Finding a complete substitute for a sweet bun or soda bottle is completely easy. The most reasonable way out is to follow simple rules for shaping your diet. Meals should be complete, balanced, but contain sweet foods in a minimum amount. The body will receive the required amount of carbohydrates with fresh fruits and vegetables, and sugar will be deposited in the fat folds or lead to the development of diabetes.

Diabetic sugar substitutes, which are sold in pharmacies, do little to help the treatment of sugar dependence. Despite the relatively low content of glucose in their composition, they have a sweet taste and will weakly help in the fight against psychological attachment to sweets. Their main purpose is to help diabetics eat a sweet product without ingesting glucose in their pure form.

Brown, cane sugar and raw sugar, which are widely advertised lately, will not help all the more. The advertising is based on the postulate of the naturalness of this product, but after all, the refined oil, which is familiar and familiar to us from childhood, is also not made of oil? It does not matter what it is called - refined, reed or raw, in the end it is all the same - sugar!

The benefits of life without sugar


Everyone has the right to freedom. Any dependence - on tobacco, alcohol or sweets limits his freedom, makes him build his own behavior and daily routine, taking into account the ability to satisfy his pathological passion.

Of course, sugar addiction is not as dangerous as others - it does not harm others, but only to the most suffering person, but why spoil your own life?

It is not in vain that sugar addiction refers to the same kind of addiction as other mania - it leads to a change in a person’s life and behavior. He needs constant satisfaction of his passion, despite the fact that it leads to the destruction of his own health.

Any dependence exists only in the head of a person. Try to change your behavior correctly, review the diet and diet, and you will see for yourself that life has acquired a completely different meaning and fullness.

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