The use of hemp oil for hair

Cosmetic hair oils are one of the best solutions to restore lifeless and weak curls using only natural raw materials. Every day we have to spoil our hair, they suffer from chemical perms, hair styling, colorings, exposure to the sun, frost and salty sea water. A very rare woman and a girl can boast that she does not color, does not stack, does not curl and does not straighten her curls. If all these procedures are regular and daily for you, you need to feed your hair with oils. One of the best regenerating agents for painful curls is hemp oil. Today we will talk about the properties of this healing oil, indications and methods of its application.

Hemp is an annual plant that since ancient times has been used in various domestic fields. They wove hemp ropes from stalks, made fibers for fabrics. Seeds used for human consumption. Today, the cultivation of cannabis is strictly limited due to the impact that the plant has on the psycho-emotional state of a person. Hemp equated to narcotic drugs. But here oil, fortunately, does not affect the emotional state of a person, so it is freely distributed on the market. Hemp oil can be bought at any pharmacy.

Who is recommended to use hemp oil

Hemp oil, as a medicine for which there are indications and contraindications. So who needs to use masks based on this nourishing oil?

  1. Masks with hemp oil need to do women after a serious hormonal surge. Hemp oil will help to restore the density of the hair after hair loss during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  2. Oil is shown to the fair sex with dry and scorched hair. If you burned your hair, being in the sun or after an unsuccessful dyeing or curling, the oil will help you to save the hair from cutting.
  3. Hemp oil acts as an antioxidant - restores the skin, stimulates the regeneration of hair stem cells. This prevents early aging of hair. If your curls are dull, weak and thin, hemp oil can change the situation.
  4. Another indication for the use of oil is lifeless hair that is difficult to comb. The composition of hemp oil contains a large amount of fatty acids, which literally seal the scales of the hair shaft, making the strands smoother and more shiny. Due to the acquired smoothness they are much easier to comb.
  5. Oil should be used with strong hair loss. The product nourishes hair follicles with special acids that nourish it and restore natural hair growth. This helps to get rid of the fallout, make the strands thicker and stronger. With regular use of hemp oil, you can even get rid of a serious bald spot.
  6. Oil can be used in the fight against dandruff and other fungal infections. Hemp oil contains special antiseptic ingredients that suppress the center of inflammation. The result is noticeable after the first application.

There are two types of hemp oil available - cold pressed and heat treated. The first oil is most useful because it is not subjected to heat, which means it retains all the trace elements and vitamins. Oil obtained by heat treatment is easier to find, but it retained only a part of its beneficial properties. So try to buy and use a natural product.

How to apply hemp oil on hair

In some cases, hemp oil is simply added to the shampoo. One bottle is just enough for a full capacity of 500 ml shampoo. This is the optimal concentration in order for the hair to get its portion of useful substances, but not to be greasy or glued. Moreover, you will “treat” your hair with each shampooing. Agree, it is quite convenient, especially for those girls who constantly forget everything. If you want to get a better effect, use a clean oil mask.

  1. For hair of medium length one bottle at a time will be enough. Pour the oil into the china and place it in a cup of hot water. Our goal is to heat the oil safely, but not to spoil it with too high a temperature.
  2. When the oil becomes warm, you need to comb your hair and make a few partings. Apply the oil will be on dry strands to carefully treat each curl.
  3. Moisten the fingertips in the oil and begin to massage the scalp from the temples to the top of the head, not missing a single centimeter.
  4. Then you need to moisten the cotton pads in the oil and carefully walk them along the entire length of the hair. Try to process each curl.
  5. Remember to process the tips - most often they are the most vulnerable and painful.
  6. Gently gather the hair at the top of the head, securing it with a rubber band or barrette. In no case do not pull the hair, in an oily form, they are rather fragile and can break and be damaged.
  7. Leave the mask for several hours - the longer the better.
  8. Rinse with water with a large amount of shampoo so that the hair after the procedure does not look sticky and dirty. Rinse hair is not one, but several times. It is better to use baby shampoos - they do not contain silicone and other aggressive additives.
  9. In conclusion, be sure to rinse the strands with vinegar solution (add a tablespoon of essence per liter of liquid). This will help make the hair even more smooth and silky.
  10. Allow hair to dry naturally, do not use a hair dryer.

Make yourself a mask of hemp oil is not difficult. However, it will be much more convenient if a girlfriend or mother helps to apply the product to the hair.

Hemp Oil Hair Masks

Hemp oil is not only effective in its pure form, it allows you to achieve the best effect with the help of other components.

  1. Oil and avocado. Mix the avocado pulp with hemp oil so that a smooth gruel is obtained. Distribute it over the entire length, departing from the roots a couple of centimeters. This mask perfectly restores and nourishes dry and damaged hair. Wash off the mask in an hour and a half.
  2. Oil and nettle. This mask is suitable for those who want to get rid of dandruff. Three tablespoons of dry nettle should be filled with a glass of boiling water and let it brew. Mix oil with decoction in the ratio of 1: 3, apply the mixture to your hair and wrap your head with cling film. Leave for a few hours, then rinse your hair with shampoo.
  3. Oil and onions. This is an excellent mask against hair loss, able to tighten even the most serious and smooth bald spots. Onions should be grated, squeeze juice out of it. Mix in equal proportions with hemp oil and rub the composition into the hair roots. After rinsing, rinse the strands with water and lemon juice, this will protect the hair from unpleasant onion odor. The rest of the mask has no contraindications - it has a great effect on sleeping follicles, awakens them. Even after one application of the mask, the effect will be noticeable - a fine fluff will begin to appear on the hair edge.
  4. Oil, vitamins, yolk and kefir. This mask is designed for brittle hair with split ends. Mix two tablespoons of the oil with one yolk, vitamins A and E in ampoules and a small amount of kefir. Apply the mixture to the hair and leave for an hour under the film. It is necessary to wash off the mask with cool water, otherwise the yolk will coagulate and it will be difficult to wash it out of the hair.

These simple recipes will help you combine hemp oil with other ingredients to get an even more stunning result.

Often beautiful, smooth and shiny hair is not a natural reality, but the result of daily and regular self-care. Do not rush to cut the hair, if spoiled their unsuccessful staining or other aggressive procedure. With the help of cosmetic oil, you can correct the situation, make the strands smooth again and literally breathe life into them. The main thing is that the cost of such a procedure is low, it can be very easily done at home. Remember, beauty does not require sacrifice, it requires care and attention!

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