How to motivate a child to study: 11 ways

What is happiness? Everyone wants to be happy, successful, healthy and beautiful. But often happiness is not a big responsibility, hundreds of subordinates and an impressive salary. Happiness is the opportunity to do what you love, to enjoy it day after day and to receive income from it. Why do we live if a person is forced to go to an unloved job every day, patiently waiting for the end of the working day? Why do you need to study, if it is boring, difficult and incomprehensible, if there are no friends, and the teacher is too strict? What is pastime for? Today we talk about the motivation for the child. Going to school is necessary, it is indisputable. But how to make this process easy and interesting? How to entice a child to go to school with pleasure and with pleasure receive new knowledge?

How to instill in a child a love of learning

From the very birth, modern parents try to make a comprehensively developed personality out of a child. From infancy they are dragged along development centers, from the age of three they are given to sports clubs, they are engaged in languages ​​and creativity. It's one thing when a child likes one thing. And another, when a baby looks like a driven horse, he has no time to just get bored, take a walk on the street, laze around. But mom feels great - she makes a child a successful person. But often children quickly burn out, do not want to do anything, even school lessons are no longer interesting for them. To study was a joy, you need to know a few motivational aspects that should be applied regularly.

Use knowledge
Let your child take advantage of what he has already learned. After all, who might like a boring theory? If the baby already knows the bill, let him count the cost of the purchased goods in the store. Conduct physical and chemical experiments at the household level. The most interesting thing is to use the language. If you have the opportunity to meet with an unfamiliar native speaker - do not miss it, be sure to talk to him. This could be a passenger in the next seat on the plane, a foreigner in the square - anyone. The main thing is that a person is positive.

Learn to learn
The process of obtaining information is also important. If the child gets everything in a finished form, learning becomes boring and uninteresting. Sometimes a child asks mom or dad to explain something that the parents themselves don’t remember. In such cases, do not hesitate to tell the baby that you do not know or do not remember. This is not at all embarrassing. It is a shame not to strive for knowledge. Be sure to look for the topic you are interested in on the Internet, try to find information in books, meet with competent people, finally. Teach your child to look for the right information and strive for knowledge, because it is so interesting.

Sometimes a good example can be a motivation for a child. Look around or even at yourself. Show your child that people become successful and rich, not because the money went from their parents or won the lottery (although this also happens). Often, success is work, quick thinking, persistence and ingenuity. Explain to the child that he must learn and develop fully if he wants to achieve something in the future. Be sure to show the opposite example - the one who did not study, did not receive any education, is forced to work for a small fee, because a person does not know how to do something unique.

The main thing is not evaluation, but knowledge!Waiting for the fives is one of the most common mistakes of parents. In the evening of each day, they ask what marks the child received at school. But in fact, it is important to ask what the kid learned today in school, what the new one learned, what he met. Do not force your child to study for one five - this is another big mistake. Man can not be an ace in the humanities and exact sciences. The main thing is not the numbers in the diary, but the opportunity to choose the direction in life. The future philologist will not need logarithms at all, and the engineer does not need to be aware of the intricacies of budding. We are not telling you that a child should drop half of uninteresting items. Just do not demand to be perfect in all spheres, otherwise he will develop the syndrome of an excellent student, when the child is very acutely experiencing the slightest failure, painfully criticized when he only performs the tasks set, but cannot form them independently.

Stay informed
Sometimes a child does not want to go to school, and there are good reasons for this. Perhaps he did not find a common language with the teacher, maybe his peers hurt him, or for some reason he disgraced himself in front of his classmates. That is why you should always be aware of what is happening in a child at school. To do this, be sure to regularly communicate with the class teacher, find out with whom your child is friends and communicates. But the most important thing is to build a trusting relationship with the child, not to intimidate and scold him when he tells something. And then you will be the first to learn about all the events and problems at school, up to and including romantic feelings for the opposite sex. This will allow you to respond quickly to problems, rather than wait until the peer persecution turns into a complete reluctance to go to school.

Structure tasks
Sometimes a child does not want to learn, simply because everything seems complicated and impracticable to him. Teach him to overcome these difficulties, for this you need to structure the tasks. Have you written an essay on music? First you need to find an interesting topic, read about it on the Internet, find a paper book in the library and take information from there. Perhaps you have a neighbor who worked at the conservatory, she will not refuse to supplement the abstract with interesting facts. It only seems to be difficult, but if you expand a large task into small tasks, doing homework is not a particular problem.

Do not study for a child
If the mother to the middle classes continues to help the child to do homework, he does not have a sense of responsibility for their actions and actions. The child must understand that in the family everyone performs their part of the duties. Mom and dad work, younger children go to kindergarten, grandmother prepares food, etc. And his job is to go to school and gain knowledge. When a child can take responsibility for his homework, he will learn to manage his time, he will be able to cope with the tasks assigned faster. Of course, you need to help the child so that he does not work, but you should not control the process completely.

Encourage the child
Agree that you react much more violently to the two, than to the fives and fours that the child brings from school every day. Just because you are used to it. Be sure to praise your child, no matter how old he is. Tell me that this time the test was better for him, mark the teacher's praise, tell the success to all the family. It only seems that good marks should be in the order of things. But in fact, the child is very sensitive to the promotions.

Do not compare
In no case, never compare the child with his classmates, older brothers and sisters. So you not only sow hostility, but also nurture an inferiority complex with him. Do not say that your neighbor has a better essay. Just ask your son what prevented him from writing an essay as well as he usually does.

Develop your child
This does not mean that the child should be given to the first circle, which is located next to the house. Surely, the kid likes some subject, be it music, chemistry or mathematics. This is where your parenting should apply. Like a child's music - take him to a music school, help me choose an instrument, find a good teacher. If the child is keen on chemistry, you can buy him an encyclopedia and a small children's laboratory with special reagents - the benefit now is all this in an affordable sale. Mathematics is very useful in the design - take the child to the circle "Young Technician". Be sure to follow the kid and his hobbies, develop his interests.

BiographiesAnother excellent motivation is to read the biographies of successful people in the area that attracts a child. If he likes Russian, be sure to read the biographies of famous writers and journalists, talk to your child about the achievements of this person.

The law of social psychology says - the child stretches for his environment, does not want to lag behind the level of children who are nearby. Therefore, it is very important to choose the team where the baby will be. The motivation to learn is the constant and daily task of parents, who should be understanding, loving and patient with the child, answer his questions, support him in time. And then the training will be easy and interesting. And with punishments, quibbles and threats to achieve nothing, remember this.

The modern world is full of information, any specialist needs to constantly develop and improve if he wants to remain a professional in his business. Therefore, it is very important to motivate the child not to memorize the school curriculum, but to be able to find the necessary information in time, use it, quickly master new tools for work. And then he will grow up a successful and competitive specialist who is constantly moving forward.

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