Turmeric - beneficial properties and contraindications

It is rare that a tropical plant can simultaneously be an original spice, a dye, a medicinal substance, and be used in the manufacture of fabrics or cosmetics. Turmeric was able to show its diversity in all industries.

General plant information

The most favorable conditions for the plant are the southern territories of Asia, and East India and Vietnam are considered to be their homeland. The surviving documents of the Middle Ages indicate that turmeric was used as a dye when metal, wood and gloves were necessary to give a golden color.

The plant can be recognized by its large leaves, which are oval in shape, and the color can be from light green to dark. And they grow immediately from the rhizome. Turmeric is not afraid of heights above 2000 meters, and is actively cultivated. This shrub reaches a height of 1 meter.

For many centuries of existence, the plant appeared many varieties, but people opted mainly on some species. Thanks to them, the famous seasoning is made:

  1. Long This variety is intended mainly for the preparation of meat and fish dishes.
  2. Ceodaria. Extract of its root is used, and goes on sale in the form of pieces. They are easy to crush hands. Apply mainly in the preparation of alcoholic beverages, alcohol tinctures.
  3. Fragrant. Indispensable in the preparation of many pastry dishes and pastries.
  4. Round. It can successfully replace starch if it causes stomach irritation. But still this variety belongs to the technical form.

Turmeric with its coloring properties gives the dishes a very unusual yellow tint, which helps to improve the appetite and digestion process, and, therefore, the stomach and gallbladder work better, bile and digestive juices process the food better. Turmeric, added to the products, is able to quite significantly soften the too sharp aggressive taste of many products, saturating the ingredients with beneficial fats.

People actively use the plant due to the fact that it contains: essential oils, different special aroma, as well as curcumin - a dye that helps to give a unique golden tint. It is extracted from the leaves and roots by the method of extraction.

The taste of turmeric is as unique as its color. Spice lovers describe the taste of turmeric in their own way, but all are unanimous in the fact that there are notes of a pleasant, mild, harmoniously combining soft ostrinku and salty unobtrusive flavor. But a large dose turns the spice into an over-saturated, hot and hot ingredient.

Turmeric has many useful substances for people. The main ones are:

  • iron and calcium;
  • iodine and phosphorus;
  • vitamins.

In order not to purchase a fake, you can identify the turmeric (another name for the spice) by smell. He is very nice, but weak-tempered. It does not dissolve in water, unlike alcohol or fatty bases.

Recommended dose

There are restrictions in making spices. Per day it is possible to use on average for:

  • adults up to 50 g;
  • children are only 10 years old

Often, turmeric is used to whet the appetite, but in small quantities, so as not to harm the stomach.

How can you lose weight, including in the diet of turmeric

Slimming is a long process. But to achieve weight loss is possible for those who set such a goal. Turmeric will help with this, but not as a main ingredient, but as an additive. And not in its pure form, otherwise the effect will be the opposite - you will want to eat more.

Using turmeric, active processes in the body begin. The presence of essential oils helps to speed up the metabolism, which contributes to the breakdown of fats. The vitamin group acts positively on the walls of blood vessels, and having significantly strengthened, enriched with life-giving oxygen, they work more easily. The liver is actively involved in the filtration process, and turmeric is able to remove the liquid, but not dissolving in it. And, if the diet is correctly painted, the moisture and carbohydrates first go away. That is why nutritionists advise to eat in small portions, but with a balanced menu. Turmeric contributes to increased metabolism, water fats begin to break down.

But the obvious benefit will be only if the nutrition is made according to all the rules of dietology, as there is a danger that the extra fats and carbohydrates received by the body with food will be deposited in the subcutaneous fat, and then all the efforts of turmeric will be reduced to zero. At this time it is necessary to limit the liquid in large quantities and not to load the body with active physical exercises, as well as to visit the bath and sauna more often, if, of course, health allows.

The impact of spices on the liver, blood vessels and the body as a whole

There is no rest time for the liver; it constantly filters the blood in order to cleanse the body of accumulated substances that threaten human health. To help her work, should include in the diet of turmeric. It has been calculated by doctors that using only 10 to 12 grams per day of this spice improves the entire protective system of the body.

But also this dose contributes to the fact that:

  • kidney function improves;
  • strengthens the central nervous system;
  • blood sugar levels approach normal;
  • the fundus muscles are strengthened.

If to restore the work of the organs, turmeric is only an ancillary worker, then for capillaries and vessels it is more useful than medicines. Doctors often note a positive trend after the inclusion of turmeric in the diet, which is able to neutralize the autoimmune syndrome of vascular disease. Disappears threat of thrombosis.

Turmeric against arthritis

Arthritis causes a lot of suffering, has dangerous destructive effects on the body. Scientists have tried to determine whether turmeric has a healing effect on this disease. It turned out that patients need to eat turmeric, as it can, thanks to its components, affect the cells of bone tissue and soft joints. As a result, well-being improves significantly.

For patients who are experiencing the full severity of the disease, a special prescription in the form of a compress is offered, it helps to calm the pain and helps to overcome the disease.

Sift in a container of turmeric in the size of a teaspoon, adding 2 teaspoons of ground ginger to a state of powder. Mix the ingredients, and add ½ teaspoon of crushed red pepper. Separately in a water bath should be heated mustard oil and as soon as it becomes hot, add to the prepared spices. Thoroughly stir, to achieve the consistency of gruel. The resulting medicinal mixture to lay out or gauze on a napkin, or a fabric of natural fiber and strengthen the painful places.

The procedure should last a few hours. But if after a short time the pain has passed, it is advisable to remove the compress. If the pain is acute enough, you need to wait until the home-made natural medicine takes effect. Sometimes they use this remedy for the night, and only in the morning can the pain pass.

Turmeric and GI Disease

Gastritis is another scourge of modern man. Snacks, experiences, improperly composed menu can provoke many diseases of the stomach. But turmeric will help relieve pain, as well as reduce the number of attacks, short-term exacerbations. But you can not rely only on spices, you need the main course of therapy under the supervision of the attending physician.

There is an excellent tool that reduces pain in the stomach. Measure out 10 grams of turmeric. Separately, dissolve 4 tablets of activated carbon in boiling water, and then mix both ingredients. Should be taken before meals, a tablespoon. As a health treatment course can be extended up to three weeks. But, if you need to continue the treatment, you will need a break of 14 days. If during this period there are pains, consultation of the attending physician and use of tablets is necessary.

How to cure psoriasis

Unfortunately, psoriasis has not yet invented an absolutely effective tool. Because patients suffer from inflammatory skin rashes, which are accompanied by itching, pain and burning sensation. In addition, the crusts on the scalp and seborrhea bother. And in this case, turmeric comes to the rescue of people, but in the form of tincture, ointment or pills, because the acquired 100% spice can provoke an allergic reaction.

Industrial production of a drug consists of 95 percent of turmeric extract, and during treatment you can eat only 1.5 to 3 grams before meals for three weeks. However, if improvements are noticeable, you can take a short break.

It is possible to purchase infusions of ready-to-use tinctures in the pharmacy chain, and there is a wide choice - both on a water and alcohol basis. What is more acceptable for health can decide the doctor, the independence of choice can harm the body. The difficulty is that alcohol has a tendency to dry the skin, and therefore it is not recommended to use this type of drug to treat dry dandruff. A positive effect will cause a water base. Before starting treatment, tincture instructions should be studied. Typically, therapy is based on the use of 40 drops, which are washed down with boiled water. Repeat no more than three times a day for two weeks.

If the medicine for psoriasis, dandruff is used as an ointment, then it is used only locally - just on the affected area. So you can get rid not only of dandruff, but also from redness and itching. Ointment must be prepared. To do this, take the fourth part of the ointment and heat up, wrapped in a clean bag or foil. Then add 100 grams of water and mix well. You should get a homogeneous mixture, which is intended for a compress. It must be securely fixed, since the affected area must be treated for at least 6 hours. The skin must then be rinsed with a medical shampoo, removing all traces of the ointment.

For patients with type II diabetes, turmeric is very helpful!

Scientists have found that when combined with oily water, turmeric can normalize blood sugar, but it does not require the use of medications. Butter this spice does not break down, because the effect of turmeric only increases. When this significant fact was found out in 2009, and turmeric was included as a medicine, the number of patients decreased, and more than 70 percent of patients feel like full-fledged members of society.

There is a prescription for patients with type II diabetes. We need the usual spice that you want to sift and pour boiling water. Ginger and black tea are added here in equal proportions, and after thorough mixing a teaspoon of honey is added. The tool should be liquid, and it is taken only after meals. This infusion will have to do every day - either in the morning or in the evening, and within 1 - 2 months, if you want to stabilize the sugar level.

Turmeric as a remedy for various diseases

To relieve inflammation in bronchitis, you can use turmeric, then you do not have to include in the treatment of stronger antibiotics. During a cold, turmeric will have such effects on a sick body:

  1. Antibacterial, helping to eliminate inflammation with the help of useful trace elements and successfully fighting viruses, eliminating their cells. Moreover, this spice preserves a useful microflora.
  2. Antiseptic, combating natural allergens and disinfecting blood.
  3. As a natural antibiotic. It is noticed that turmeric acts positively on the lymph nodes.

If you have burns of varying severity, turmeric ointment will be an indispensable tool.

Turmeric also helps to fight against cancer due to the presence of an antioxidant that can replace an already damaged cell with the help of a neutralization process.

Drug Prevention

To prevent diseases, they mix turmeric with milk and drink this drink, which is not for nothing called "golden milk". It has a beneficial effect on the blood vessels and stomach, intestines and heart muscle, supports the overall tone of the body.

Application Restrictions

But still this unique plant has its inhibitions. Despite its many medicinal properties, it is necessary to correctly use turmeric in preparing dishes, and as medical purposes, observing the necessary proportions. Otherwise, you can harm the body or contribute to the exacerbation of the disease.

Before using turmeric, it is necessary to know the state of your health, as an allergic reaction may occur during an overdose. If dishes are prepared for small children, the allowable dose of spices should be considered.

Turmeric has a strong choleretic property, but if you use it during an exacerbation, you can greatly harm, and the first signs will be diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Therefore, during the ablation of the biliary tract, a doctor's permission to use turmeric is necessary.

If the therapeutic course continues for patients with diabetes, then turmeric can provoke not only dizziness and fainting in some patients, but also coma. This is because turmeric greatly enhances the effects of drugs.

During pregnancy there is a danger that too high a dose of spice can increase the tone of the uterus, especially in the early stages.

Lovers of turmeric need to know that its large consumption can provoke inflammation of the duodenum.

Remember that everything is useful in moderation, and do not neglect this simple rule.

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