How to get rid of dandruff with soda

Soda is a panacea for all problems, an ideal and indispensable tool in every family. Cleans, washes, erases, even on human health has a beneficial effect. But what else helps to get rid of dandruff, few know. Unlike cosmetic shampoos, home remedies are increasingly gaining popularity due to the ability to independently control the dosage of the components used.

Anti-dandruff soda: true or fiction


The causes of the scales of the epidermis can be different, as well as the dandruff itself can be dry and oily. In each case, it is better to consult a doctor, but you can reduce the manifestation of this disease at home. Soda is an antiseptic, cleans hair from fatty contaminants, eliminates the symptoms of itching. Therefore, it is often the treatment that begins with shampooing with this product, which has excellent peeling properties. The skin and fat balance is not disturbed, therefore, the skin does not overdry, and the effect is even better in comparison with some shampoos.

As with any drug or folk remedy, soda requires caution. An allergic reaction may occur when the scalp is sensitive; Dyed hair may lose color after soda wash. Also, the owners of dry, thin, split ends is better to refrain from this method of treatment and prevention, but for oily curls is a suitable option. Soda is a non-toxic product and will not cause harm to health if it is observed. On the contrary, it serves as a mild scrub for the head, accelerates the blood circulation process, thus stimulating the access of oxygen to the hair follicles.

Getting rid of dandruff with soda

Soda is used separately to get rid of dandruff, but it can also serve as an ingredient in cleansing agents. Only the observance of certain rules is necessary:

  1. Soda has a shelf life and should not be neglected, otherwise the treatment only hurts;
  2. The powder is diluted with water, the temperature of which does not matter; if other ingredients are included, they are added first and water last;
  3. The composition of the soda mask is rubbed gently, gentle movements; the exception is soda rinse;
  4. The exposure time on the hair of any solution with the presence of soda should not exceed four minutes, and the frequency of use is governed by the need;
  5. Dosage is an important factor: to begin with, use about 50-70 g of soda for two liters of water, and each will individually determine the appropriate dose for himself depending on the condition and type of hair.

Haste is a bad helper, even if the problem is great. The use of soda requires constant monitoring in order not to disturb the water balance of the hair and not to dry them, which leads to loss. Caution and attention - then a positive result will bring satisfaction. To achieve it as soon as possible, we offer several recipes to choose from.

  1. The combination of oatmeal and soda is suitable for dry hair. 30 g of powder mixed in equal proportions with ground flakes. Fill with hot water and apply the mixture to the hair, then rinse off the resulting foam.
  2. Approximately 40 g of soda should be diluted with water until a thick mass is formed (a little olive oil can be dripped), rubbed into the root zone. Leave for no more than three minutes and rinse.
  3. Melt 40 g of honey, pour 50 g of soda powder, stir well and dilute with water. Creamy mask spread over the strands and after 4-5 minutes, rinse.
  4. You can wash your hair with ordinary shampoo, if in 40 g of your cosmetic add 20-30 g of soda and dilute with a glass of water. Oily hair should be washed with this product once a week; for dry-type, the frequency should be reduced to once every two weeks.
  5. Simplicity is different soda rinse. For half a liter of water, take 100 g of soda, stir and rinse already washed hair. A contraindication may be the manifestation of dryness on the scalp.

After visiting the pool on the hair may appear a green tint, the matter is that the presence of chlorine in the water. Wash off this greens will help the solution in this proportion: 0.5 tablespoons of water to add a tablespoon of soda with a few drops of lemon juice. This is a kind of first aid, after which it is recommended to use nourishing masks to avoid overdrying of hair.

Whatever way you do not use, it is worth noting the positive results that can be achieved, in addition to getting rid of dandruff:

  • oily shine disappears, a natural appears;
  • softness and purity provided for a long time;
  • ringlets easily comb;
  • visual increase in hair volume and improvement of their growth;
  • getting rid of itching, irritation, suspension of inflammatory processes.

Based on the above, we conclude that the use of soda within reasonable limits (in fact, like any drug) will not only harm the scalp and hair, but also improve their condition. Especially if you do not forget about the complex therapy, namely the use of nutrients after the masks of soda.

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