The benefits and harms of pepper for the health of the body

Bulgarian pepper originally from America is cultivated everywhere. This is not surprising, because the juicy and tasty vegetable has found wide application in cooking. You can benefit from both ready-made dishes with bell pepper, and from self-consumption of paprika in food. Consider everything in order.

Chemical composition

Bulgarian pepper is the most valuable vegetable that concentrates a lot of vitamins.
We should highlight riboflavin (vitamin B2), retinol (vitamin A), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), tocopherol (vitamin E), thiamine (vitamin B1). Also in the paprika there is nicotinic acid (niacin, vitamin PP), vitamin B3-6-9.

The vegetable concentrates the mass of macronutrients, such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, sodium, sulfur, calcium. Of the microelements in Bulgarian pepper there is copper, manganese, selenium, molybdenum, iodine, iron, and zinc.

In addition to the above compounds, paprika is rich in esters, pectin, fiber, poly-and monosaccharides, nitrogen compounds, alkaloids.

Calorie 100 grams. pepper is only 29 Kcal. Of these, 91.5 grams. given to water, 6.7 grams. - carbohydrate, 0.78 gr. - proteins, 0.4 g. - to fats, 0,6 gr. - ashes, 0.05 g. - saturated fatty acids.

The benefits of green bell peppers

  1. The product has a bitter taste and is ideal for a menu of weight-lifting people. Calorie green paprika - 20 Kcal. with calculation on 100 gr.
  2. Nutritionists advise to include green pepper in the diet of diabetics and obese patients. The phytosterols that are included in the composition control the metabolism of fats and do not allow them to be stored in prohibited places.
  3. Paprika controls cholesterol, deducing harmful, leaving useful for an organism. As a result, the likelihood of vascular occlusion and the development of cardiac pathologies disappears.
  4. Green paprika enhances the strength of the walls of the blood channels, increases all metabolic processes, saturates the organs with oxygen and blood in optimal volumes.
  5. Pepper does not have fat, but it contains many elements and vitamins that are indispensable. Since green pepper contains less sodium than red, it is indicated for consumption by patients with kidney disease.
  6. Acids, namely chlorogenic and p-coumaric, remove toxic compounds and carcinogens from the cavity of internal organs. The minus of green pepper is that it includes 9 times less retinol and 2 times less than vitamin C.

The benefits of red bell pepper

  1. Lycopene makes pepper the way it is, namely red. Another property of this substance is to prevent the development of malignant tumors. Lycopene protects the internal organs from cancer and blocks the access of blood to the existing cells of the neoplasms.
  2. So, taking paprika every day will prevent cancer of the ovaries, prostate, pancreas, and lungs. At the same time, the vegetable controls the blood sugar levels, reducing them with sharp jumps.
  3. Capsaicin, which is found in large quantities in the pulp, is a natural fat burner. Therefore, pepper should be included in the diet of those who want to lose weight, as well as people with obesity.
  4. Red pepper has a light diuretic and laxative effect, due to which the gastrointestinal tract is cleaned. Vegetable is useful to eat with constipation and excessive slagging of the body.
  5. Red paprika is valuable for hypertensive patients because it has the peculiarity of lowering blood pressure. Also, the vegetable dilutes the blood and accelerates its circulation, thereby eliminating the risk of blood clots.
  6. Incoming fiber absorbs into itself poisons, free radicals and other toxins, then gently removes them from the body. Zinc, which is in the pepper, is responsible for the reproductive function of men and women, and also enhances sexual activity.
  7. Red pepper contains 8 times more beta-carotene than yellow and green. It is for this reason that the vegetable must be consumed by smokers who lack this element.

The benefits of yellow bell pepper

  1. Yellow pepper surpassed its red counterparts in the number of incoming ascorbinka. Only 1 eaten fruit can satisfy the need for vitamin C for 5 days.
  2. The flesh of the vegetable practically does not include lycopene. But it contains an excess of carotene, responsible for the color of paprika. Also, the vegetable concentrates potassium and iron - the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the heart.
  3. The B-group vitamins, of which there are many peppers, are responsible for the central nervous system. As a result of constant consumption of paprika, sleep and general psycho-emotional state are improved.
  4. Iron prevents the development of anemia (anemia) in all categories of citizens. Pregnant women should eat a yellow pepper to reduce the likelihood of birth defects in the fetus.
  5. A bright vegetable enhances the protective functions of the body, which is especially valuable for people with low immune systems. Enough to eat half the fruit per day to provide resistance to pathogens in the offseason.
  6. The product contains lutein - a substance that is responsible for vision. Dosed reception of pepper lubricates the eyeball and strengthens muscles, prevents the development of cataracts.
  7. Yellow pepper prevents the development of heart disease. Thus, with systematic use, prevention of ischemia, bradycardia, myocardial infarction and stroke is carried out.

The benefits of bell pepper during pregnancy

  1. Doctors do not prohibit pregnant girls from eating Bulgarian pepper, because the vegetable has a beneficial effect on the health of the future mother and baby.
  2. Paprika suppresses the likelihood of congenital abnormalities in the musculoskeletal system and the central nervous system of the fetus, improves the blood circulation in the mother, removes salt and fluid from the body (fighting edema).
  3. Proper and daily intake of pepper prevents the likelihood of thrombus formation, improves the condition of hair and skin, strengthens the nail plate.
  4. Incoming mineral compounds and vitamins relieve the girl from toxicosis, removing the gagging urge. The product is useful for the nervous system of a woman, because it combats anxiety and the effects of stress.

The benefits of bell pepper during lactation

  1. If you use pepper during breastfeeding, you will significantly increase the quality and fat content of milk, will remove possible bitterness.
  2. Paprika strengthens cell membranes, reduces the risk of anemia (anemia) in the mother and child.
  3. A large complex of vitamins raises the "fighting spirit" of a woman, thereby coping with postpartum depression and possible breakdowns.
  4. Toddlers often suffer from colic and bloating. Pepper relieves painful symptoms, normalizes the stool of the child.
  5. It is useful to eat vegetables for constipation (including chronic), problems with the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and heart.
  6. Use the product only if the woman does not have an individual intolerance and allergies.

The benefits of bell pepper for women

  1. Bulgarian pepper of all colors is recommended for use by women at any age. Vegetable relieves women from unpleasant symptoms during menstruation and menopause, struggling with mood swings.
  2. The value of paprika due to the impact on the hair. As a result of systematic consumption, the hair becomes fluffy and smooth, the cross section and dandruff disappear.
  3. A large amount of calcium affects the teeth and nails, making them strong. Regenerating properties have a positive effect on the skin condition, healing micro cracks and smoothing wrinkles.
  4. In addition, the vegetable is responsible for the reproductive system, suppresses possible deviations in the work of the female genital organs. Pepper increases attraction to the opposite sex, because it is a natural aphrodisiac.

The benefits of bell pepper for men

  1. Strong floor is recommended to include Bulgarian pepper in the daily diet. The unique composition of the vegetable has a beneficial effect on the whole body. In particular, the potency increases, sexual activity increases.
  2. Regular use of pepper improves reproductive function, increasing the number of sperm. Therefore, experts recommend eating vegetable couples who have difficulty conceiving.
  3. Due to the chemical compounds in men, by using a vegetable, the structure of the hair is strengthened. In addition to all of the above, pepper reduces the risk of cardiovascular pathologies and the formation of thrombosis.
  4. The systematic use of the product increases brain activity and improves thought processes, memory. Pepper relieves the body of weakness, relieves muscle tension throughout the body.
  5. Vegetable is considered to be unique. In addition to taste and medicinal qualities, the product improves mood, removes from deep depression and relieves the body from chronic fatigue. In a short period of time increases efficiency.

The benefits of bell peppers for diabetics

  1. Bulgarian pepper is among the few products that are allowed for diabetes. The composition of the vegetable is the minimum glucose content. Therefore, experts are allowed to consume pepper in almost any quantity in the absence of other contraindications.
  2. The product is necessary for diabetics, such a move is due to the fact that the vegetable is rich in ascorbic acid. Vitamin C supports the protective shell of the body at the proper level. The substance also improves blood composition and stabilizes blood pressure.
  3. The valuable composition of bell pepper retains the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, thanks to this, timely transportation of necessary substances to all human organs occurs. Also, diabetics need to use freshly squeezed juice from pepper. The composition normalizes the condition and prevents possible complications.

Contraindications and harm to Bulgarian pepper

  1. If you have not used Bulgarian pepper before, you should familiarize yourself with a number of contraindications.
  2. Refrain from taking a vegetable if you find an allergic reaction to the product, hypotension, hemorrhoids, ulcers, gastritis, kidney and liver ailments, and an unstable nervous system.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to use a vegetable in any form, if you have ischemia of the heart muscle, colitis, a tendency to epilepsy, a heart rhythm, a duodenal ulcer.

The value of bell pepper is due to its rich chemical composition. But if you do not know the vegetable can cause significant harm. Paprika is indicated for use by breastfeeding and pregnant women, men, children, the elderly.

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