Tomato Northern blush - description and characteristics of the variety

Northern blush obtained by domestic breeders at the beginning of this century. The purpose of creating a variety was originally the possibility of growing it in harsh climatic conditions. This variety will give a decent harvest in Siberia, the Far East, and the Urals, in central Russia.

Characteristic and description

The variety is suitable for cultivation in different conditions - both open soil and greenhouse: in greenhouses, greenhouses. He is not very whimsical to care, can withstand low temperatures.

"Northern Blush" belongs to the early varieties. Ripe fruits are formed already on the 90th - the 100th day after the first green leaflets “hatch”.

Description of the variety:

  1. It belongs to the determinant type, that is, the bushes have a limited growth.
  2. The variety has a particularly high resistance to low temperatures at the time of development of the shoots and the formation of ripe fruits.
  3. The leafness is average, while the sheets have a pleasant emerald color, in shape and size - the usual, the appearance of the foliage - typical of the culture of tomatoes.
  4. Flowers are collected in simple and elegant racemes.
  5. The first peduncle is already formed at the level of the first leaf, which is extremely unusual.
  6. One bush is covered with an average number of brushes - from 5 to 7.
  7. Shoots have a medium immunity, are fairly resistant to pests, viruses, bacteria.
  8. Bushes ripen very early - in mid-July, therefore adult plants are never affected by the blight, so common in tomato culture.
  9. The yield level is low. Approximately 6 - 6.5 kg per 1 m2.
  10. Reached maturity fruits have a rich red color.
  11. All tomatoes ripen at one time, together, which is very convenient when harvesting.
  12. The weight of a mature fruit varies from 110 to 120 grams.
  13. Tomatoes are great for fresh consumption, "straight from the garden", as well as for canning, pickling.

In general, the variety has good characteristics that make it popular for growing, in different conditions.

Cultivation and care

Landing material must be prepared 2 months before the planned landing on a permanent growth site. For the northern regions, landing is planned for the end of spring.

The grade "Northern blush" is grown, as a rule, in the amount of 3 stems. This is necessary in order for all fruits to ripen in a short summer, and the declared harvest could be obtained.

Plants do not require a pinching, or nipping, or pruning, which greatly simplifies maintenance. The density of leaves is average, the bushes look attractive and neat without the above procedures. But be sure to require support and garter to them. Adult shoots have a low growth: from 0.8 to 0.9 meters. In general, the care of tomatoes is the same as for the other, other varieties: watering, loosening the soil, weeding, applying top dressings as indicated on the fertilizer label.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages makes it possible to quickly determine the choice in favor of this variety or choose another type of tomatoes for growing. Among the advantages:

  1. Quick ripening of ready-to-eat fruit.
  2. Maturation in one moment, so to speak, "the whole team."
  3. High degree of resistance to low temperatures, the ability to produce fruit in adverse climatic conditions.
  4. Resistance to a common disease among tomatoes - late blight.
  5. Good enough yield.
  6. Unpretentiousness in the care - unlike many other varieties of tomatoes, this one doesn’t require either staking, or pinching, or pruning. You just need to tie the bushes to the supports. For the rest - the usual care.
  7. The ability to use the fruit in any form: fresh and processed.

Among the disadvantages we can mention only the susceptibility to other diseases, except late blight. With proper care - this can be excluded.

Grade Reviews

On the Internet, for the most part, you can find positive reviews about this variety of tomatoes. They have proven not only in areas with unfavorable climate. They are grown in the Moscow region and the southern regions. The variety pleases with its yield, precociousness and versatility in its application: it is suitable both for fresh salads and for preparing "winter snacks".

Tomato variety "Northern Blush" - an excellent choice for the grower of any region of the country. Due to the simplicity of cultivation, negligence to care, it can grow and novice farmer, without experience. Having provided the tomatoes with due, proper care, careful attitude - you can safely expect to receive tasty, healthy, beautiful fruits. They fit on any table.

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