Marinated Celery: 3 Recipes

In the expanses of our country, celery is more common among adherents of a healthy lifestyle. On its basis, a variety of cocktails and dishes are prepared to speed up the metabolic processes. It's all about the rich list of substances possessed by the plant. It is practically not cultivated in private plots, but with great success it is acquired in stores.


  1. To date, there are not many variations of the plant under discussion. Often the food consumed stems, which are otherwise referred to as stalks. Also popular roots and foliage. All of them differ in their purpose, external features and valuable characteristics in terms of the impact on human health.
  2. Stems quite juicy, low-calorie, pigmented whitish or light green tone. They are delicate in taste. This type is grown exclusively for the production of petioles and their subsequent sale for the preparation of meals and various beverages. Used in salads, cold appetizers.
  3. As for the leaf variety, the valuable qualities of such a plant are also impressive. The leaves are mixed into cocktails designed to rid the person of harmful substances, clean the blood and intestines. This variety is very fragrant, used for decorations and cooking salads. It goes well with other types of vegetation.
  4. Celery in rhizomes is quite long, which is why it is subject to preservation, pickling, as well as receiving in other variations. On the basis of this form of production fragrant seasonings are made, designed to improve the taste of absolutely any dish.
  5. Root is permissible to consume in its original, that is, raw, as well as after heat treatment. The roots are boiled, stewed, baked and even fried. They are fragrant and pleasant to the taste, as well as valuable characteristics.

Product value

  1. The basis of the presented product consists of valuable vitamin compounds, including B-group, retinol, ascorbic acid, tocopherol and other equally valuable. There is in the raw material vitamin K, which must necessarily enter the human body.
  2. Does not do without the most important mineral compounds. We are talking about manganese, potassium, magnesium, copper, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and other equally important. It is difficult to find a plant with the same characteristics and at the same time low calorie and the ability to enhance metabolism.
  3. It is for this reason that the product has gained demand and has found application in absolutely all areas of folk medicine. With it, you can cure pathological processes associated with the heart muscle and the vascular system. In the composition there are esters that establish the activity of the central nervous system.
  4. Thanks to bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, it will be possible to eliminate the problems associated with the intestines and the stomach. Also, the product is taken in violation of the kidneys and liver. It is eaten to strengthen the immune system and eliminate infections and fungi.
  5. The positive characteristics include the ability to prevent atherosclerosis, gout, hypertension, gastritis, peptic ulcer, pyelonephritis, liver ailments. Used vegetation in diabetes and the fight against obesity.

Marinating on the classic technology

  1. Relatively easy to implement and tasty snack, which requires not so many ingredients. All you need is about 0.5 kg. stalks, 10 gr. sesame seed and the same amount of olive oil, 30 ml. vinegar, 20 gr. sugar sand, 6 g. hot pepper, 5 teeth of garlic, 20 gr. parsley and 10 gr. salt.
  2. First, prepare the packaging. To this end, containers in which the product will be placed are sterilized. The same must be done with the caps, boiling them in water, after removing the gum for a while.
  3. Rinse the plant thoroughly, then chop it into pieces of decent length. They should fit in the jar and not jump out of its limits. Immerse the prepared vegetation in boiling water and record for a third of an hour.
  4. Next, put the product in the container for twisting, enter all the ingredients on the list. Pour in boiling water, then close the container with kapron and slightly shake. Now take a fireproof cooking utensil, place a thin cloth on the bottom. Inside put a jar and fill with hot water to the shoulders.
  5. Set the burner to the minimum power rating, notice one third of an hour after the start of boiling. During this period, the procedure will come to an end, you only need to remove the container and clamp it with tin. Wipe containers and put down the neck, then wrap and wait for cooling.

Marinating with greens

  1. In this case, use the oil base, which acts as a softener for the stalks. In the end, they acquire interesting flavor notes and become an excellent option for dressing for the first dishes. All of these components are designed to get about half a liter of twist.
  2. So take care of 0.25 kg. plants, 130 gr. Greenfinches of any kind (better than dill), and 15 gr. sugar sand, 125 ml. filtered water, 30 g. salts, 60 ml. sunflower oil, 3 garlic teeth, spices to taste and 50 ml. vinegar.
  3. Now take care of the preparation of the main component. It should not be dry areas, remnants of rhizomes, as well as other incomprehensible parts. Chop the plant to get slices of relatively equal size.
  4. Next, prepare the remaining components, chopping and washing them if necessary. Combine all the ingredients together and load them into sterilized containers. Perform a boil, as indicated in the recipe above, but can slightly reduce the duration of the stew.
  5. When all the manipulations come to an end, pull out the containers and wipe well with a towel. Next, hold the twist tin and a special key, then turn the neck down and let the product reach room temperature.

Marinating with vegetables

  1. All components are designed based on a three-liter container. Of course, it must first be sterilized, as well as the lid. You will also need about 850 grams. carrots and the same cucumber, 1.3 kg. celery, 30 gr. salt and greens, 10 gr. cloves, coriander, sugar. Vinegar in the amount of 75 ml.
  2. The workpiece is not difficult. It is necessary to chop and connect all the components in the container, then pour water on it and send it to the pan with hot liquid. In this form, the roll-up languishes for a quarter of an hour, after which it twists in the classical pattern.

There are not many formulations affecting the creation of blanks for the winter season. It should be remembered that in the process of cooking only sterilized containers are used. Otherwise all your efforts will be in vain. Products simply spoil, you can not enjoy it.

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