Tomato Smoothie - description and characteristics of the variety

Most gardeners prefer to grow tomatoes, in addition to other vegetable crops. Grade Heartbreaker is the work of the originator Myazina L.A., it is one of the most frequently selected species for growing in temperate areas, as well as in the southern regions. Due to its main characteristics, it is excellent for growing, both in open spaces and in greenhouses.


The variety has good yields, even in a changeable climate.

  1. Fruits ripen about 107 days after sowing the seeds.
  2. The height of an adult plant reaches 1.7 cm when grown in greenhouse conditions.
  3. It has high yields and allows you to collect up to 4.5 kg from one bush.
  4. Fruits are usually large; the variety bears fruit throughout the high season.
  5. The leaves are usually delicate green with a simple inflorescence.
  6. It is highly resistant to habitual diseases for tomatoes.
  7. Easy enough to care for.
  8. Perfectly endures long journeys and does not wrinkle.
  9. Good performance during long-term storage.

The versatility of the variety allows you to grow plants in different regions with a diverse climate. With proper care, it shows excellent fruiting characteristics.

Distinctive features of the fruit:

  • heart-shaped elongated shape;
  • bright pinkish or orange-yellowish tint;
  • ripe fruit weight not more than 0.3 kg;
  • tomatoes sweetish taste with a slight sourness;
  • have hypoallergenic characteristics;
  • differ in smoothness of a surface and fleshy pulp;
  • exude a pleasant unobtrusive scent.

It is important to note that this variety is recommended for baby food and for people on a special diet.

Possessing a pleasant taste characteristics, it is excellent for use both fresh and canned. Perfectly complementing salads and appetizers, the tomato is suitable for giving variety to any feast.

How to grow?

This variety of tomatoes shows the best indicators of ripening under simple conditions: preparation for sowing should begin as early as the end of March. Healthy seedlings grow with the basic recommendations:

  1. Sowing into the soil is made to a depth of no more than 2 cm.
  2. The temperature in the room where the seedlings are grown should be maintained no higher than 21 degrees.
  3. After the appearance of the first shoots it is necessary to maintain constant illumination.
  4. Watering plants must be well-settled water every 5 days.
  5. Hardening seedlings must begin as early as 2 weeks before transplanting to a permanent place.
  6. It is recommended to plant up to 4-5 plants per 1 sq. M.
  7. Prikorm is made 3-4 times.
  8. Regular loosening and cleaning of weeds.
  9. The formation of an adult bush consisting of 1-2 stems - for a better degree of yield.
  10. With proper attention and regular care, this variety allows for a season to receive a decent amount of the crop.


  1. Marina, 48 years old: Picked up for giving unpretentious variety. Sellers advised the Smoothie. It was recommended that even baby food is suitable. Interested. The results exceeded all my expectations. First, it was unpretentious in the care. Watered, loosened, fed. I didn’t even have to tie up, the grown tomatoes have grown to a meter and a half. Tasty and juicy, collected right up to the end of September. And they ate them almost until the New Year. I advise gardeners!
  2. Inna, 54 years old: Hello! A gardener with experience, fascinated by this 30 more I was not. This variety gave me a sample from our gardening neighbor. Recommended both tasty and sweet. I grew all summer, I am very pleased with the harvest. Children helped to collect more by the end of September. Not expected to bear fruit for so long. My husband transported to the city in two batches - the berry did not hesitate, despite the fact that we have bumpy roads and go for 3 hours. Made a lot of blanks, mashed her friend's grandchildren - did not cause an allergy. So a great variety for everyone. Thank.
  3. Ivan G., 72 years old: Good day to all! I'll tell you my growing experience that I tried this summer. The summer was quite hot and not rainy. Grandchildren brought different seedlings to us from Granny. Of all the varieties of tomatoes, I liked the Smoothie. I can not always get up early to open a greenhouse, sometimes I forget to water in time. I thought it would probably not survive anymore. Grandma swore about my forgetfulness, but continued to loosen when she came to the country. And so, despite all this, there was a good harvest. And Grandma then all of us pleased with delicious preparations for the winter, so that we still eat wonderful tomatoes.

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