How to learn to enjoy life: the advice of a psychologist

Surely every person at least once in his life, faced with apathy. In this state, it is difficult to make decisions, and the protracted depression wants to knock on the door. The world ceases to please with its colors and wonderful events, a person gradually fades away. To learn to enjoy life, it is not necessary to use radical methods. It is enough to change the usual foundations and look at things differently. Experienced psychologists advise to adhere to practical recommendations, consider them in order.

Step number 1. Smile

  1. To enjoy life, first of all, you need to change the "sour" physiognomy with a radiant smile. Start your morning awakening with a simple exercise in front of a mirror. Stand in front, smile at your own reflection. At first it will seem to you that you conduct manipulations insincerely. Later, the smile will be more natural.
  2. To enhance the effect, along with a smile you need to celebrate the positive qualities in appearance. For example, today you noted how beautiful your eyes are. Tomorrow, note the hairstyle or lips. Try not to notice defects (small spots and so forth), focus on the good.
  3. A person who has loved himself entirely, knows how to enjoy life. This does not mean that you do not need to look after yourself. On the contrary, such a move will make act, transform, it becomes better every day. Particularly relevant recommendation is considered for people prone to a quick change of mood.
  4. Learn to smile at random passers-by, relatives and friends. Take the habit of thanking the bus driver and the shop assistant at the store, so you can brighten up their day and get a smile back. Uncomplicated communication will give a dose of positive emotions, filling your day with joy. Over time, you will become a smiling person, despite all the hardships.

Step number 2. Immerse yourself in work

  1. It is known that labor ennobles. Do a useful job, go headlong to work. Ask your boss to send you on a business trip or to give a responsible mission. Such a move will take your hands and head, with the result that you will not find time for self-flagellation.
  2. If there is no opportunity to plunge into work, go about your housework. Make a permutation, update the furniture, paste the wallpaper. Any activity will do, be it helping friends with moving or keeping a neighbor's cat. The main thing is not to dare to idle.
  3. The work includes refresher courses, sign up for one of them. If you wish, you can master a new business, for example, hairdressing, nail extension (hair, eyelashes), wood carving and so on. Needlewomen should look at the courses of cutting and sewing. You can decorate your apartment and create beautiful things.
  4. Men will suit the case associated with cars or other equipment, electrical, electronics, construction and repair. Try to make a hobby or a new hobby bring not only joy, but also profit. Combine business with pleasure, you will notice how life takes a different turn.

Step number 3. Go in for sports

  1. People who play sports feel alive, happy. Follow their lead, purchase a subscription to the gym or aerobic room. Make a training program with the coach, follow it strictly.
  2. Buy insulated protein, amino acids, and other health-enhancing foods from a sports nutrition store. Go to the correct six-fold diet, tasty food uplifting.
  3. An alternative to the gym is a kickboxing or mixed martial arts section, swimming, water gymnastics, acrobatics, all kinds of dances, yoga, stretching, and pilates. Choose the direction of your choice.
  4. Thanks to effective physical exertion and proper nutrition, you improve the health of the body. A beautiful body will make you move forward without stopping at what has been achieved. You will have an incentive that will make you enjoy your own success.
  5. If you cannot attend the gym, start exercising at home. Download the press, crouch, jump on the rope, do lunges, twist the hoop. Go jogging to the nearest park, go up to the apartment not on the elevator, but on foot. Instead of going to work by car, walk a couple of kilometers.
  6. For mummies with children, “childish” entertainment will be a good option. Ride your baby on a sled, visit the skating rink, go to the ski resort. In the summertime, go rollerblading or cycling, try to spend more time away from home.

Step number 4. Watch yourself

  1. To feel happy, satisfied with life, you need to invest in your own "I". The recommendation is especially relevant for beautiful ladies, who by nature are constantly unhappy with their appearance.
  2. As a transformation, you can use a complete change of image. This includes a new hairstyle, change of style of clothes, tattoos and more. Overweight people are advised to go on a diet, enroll in a gym or swimming pool.
  3. Revise your wardrobe, throw away everything that sits imperfectly. Try on shoes, surely you will find shoes, never dressed. Give all unnecessary friends or give to the orphanage, learn to get rid of the trash.
  4. If you do not want to experiment with appearance, create beautiful things in your environment. Make repairs, hang bright curtains and paintings, change old carpets. Get beautiful potted flowers, place them on the windowsills.
  5. The beauty lies in ordinary things, for example, nature. Go out of town for the weekend, enjoy the beauty of flowering plants, walk in the woods or in the park with friends. Seek joy everywhere.

Step number 5. Dream

  1. Dreamers are rightfully happy people, because from time to time they are in oblivion, being in their own dreams. As they say "Dreaming is not bad!", So dream. Such a feature should be present in the life of every person, be it a child or an adult.
  2. Dream about the real, you should not set impossible tasks. Imagine how you and your family are buying a house by the sea, traveling. Think of prestigious work and your own office, about an expensive car or big money. It should be understood that in their views do not need to limit yourself.
  3. Dreams have a nice feature to come true. The main thing when you represent a beautiful life, do not get depressed by the fact that you do not have it. After visualizing the future, start to imagine how it all happens.
  4. Do not listen to those who say that the dream is childish babble. Perhaps you will begin to lecture, do not succumb to provocations. Live in your own happy world, try to make your dreams come true slowly.

Step number 6. Travel

  1. To learn to enjoy life, it is not enough to sit for days at a time on TV or live on a home-work-home basis. Go to a language school, learn English or Spanish (the two most common languages ​​in the world).
  2. Embark on a journey through Europe. Upon arrival in one of the countries rent a car, travel around the neighborhood, take pictures. Have you ever dreamed of visiting New York? Fine! Set a goal and aim for it.
  3. Beach lovers should take a closer look at Thailand, India, Greece, the United Arab Emirates. Collect a small suitcase, get a burning tour and go to the airport. Spontaneity inspires new feats, you'll like it.
  4. It is not necessary to spend fabulous money on hotels, stay in hostels, plan your trip yourself. If there is no money for an overseas tour, travel around your own country. Visit relatives or friends in the neighboring cities, change their permanent place of residence.
  5. In cases where the proposed options are not suitable, take the habit of driving out of town every weekend. Get together with friends in nature, talk about pressing, get rid of the problem.

Step number 7. Go shopping

  1. Shopping is excellent uplifting not only the female, but also the male half of humanity. Go shopping with friends, get delicious perfume, clothes, shoes and accessories.
  2. Girls can get a beautiful underwear, it greatly increases self-esteem and attitude to life. If we talk about men's shopping, buy "nishtyachki" for your iron horse. The prefix "X-Box" is also considered particularly popular, consider this option.
  3. Shopping should not be thoughtless. Highlight purchases a few days a month or visit stores 1 time in 2 weeks. It all depends on the financial possibilities. Smile to sellers, relax between shopping over a cup of coffee and a croissant.
  4. It is not necessary to spend fabulous money on purchases, restrict trifles. Get cute knick-knacks for yourself and your family, prepare gifts for the upcoming holidays, arrange the house with scented candles.
  5. It is important to understand that shopping is, above all, a distraction. Do not try to spend all your savings, be sensible. Make a list of what you need, follow it with minimal deviations.

Step number 8. Do good

  1. To breathe new colors and positive emotions into life, learn to do good deeds. Go serve as a volunteer or help a friend with the move. Sew a cute sweater for a friend's daughter, provide comprehensive support to nursing homes or an orphanage.
  2. You can feed homeless dogs in the winter season, buy chrysanthemums from grandmothers on the streets. If you are asked for help, do not rush to say "No!", Do everything possible for friends and relatives.
  3. As you know, good returns a hundredfold, follow this advice. Today you will help a person, and tomorrow he will do a good deed for you.
  4. A good deed is to support friends in difficult times. You may notice that many problems in life are contrived. In comparison with the difficulties of another person, your troubles may seem petty.

It is easy to learn to enjoy life, if you have knowledge of psychological aspects. Smile often, look for the good in everyday things. Do sports, travel, dream. Change your image, go shopping with your friends, learn a foreign language. Improve yourself financially, enrich yourself spiritually, help other people, get a pet.

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