How to get rid of bed bugs folk remedies

Some people shudder when they hear the word "bed bug". And this is not surprising, because getting rid of bed bugs is quite difficult. They live in mattresses, on clothes, in wooden furniture, under carpets, on curtains. They feel great with a person - they drink his blood and annoy him with their bites. Bedbug lays eggs and multiplies quickly enough. If you decide to take up the fight against bed bugs and after fierce battles you will keep at least a few insects alive, they will very quickly restore their population.

That is why it is very important to know how to properly and comprehensively deal with bedbugs. You can fight on your own - if you have enough nerves and strength or professionally. It should be noted that professional services are not cheap, but they are guaranteed. Consider all solutions to the problem in order. But first we will try to determine where the bed bug can enter the house. This will help eliminate the possible cause of insect colonization of your home and prevent further "guests" from staying.

Where do bed bugs come from

  1. From the neighbors. This is one of the frequent causes of bedbugs in high-rise buildings. When a person wakes up in the morning with regular bites on his legs, he is surprised - because the apartment is well-groomed and clean, where could the bugs come from? Bedbug penetrates through the cracks of the floors from unscrupulous neighbors. Bedbugs can come through the ventilation shafts, through the gaps of electrical wiring - because they are flat and fit everywhere! If your case is such, it is worth talking to your neighbors. You will be helped only by joint pest control (extermination and elimination of pests). Otherwise, you will persecute them in your home, and they will come to you again. If the neighbors do not give in to persuasion, you can call the sanitary epidemiological station - it monitors the hygienic norms in apartment buildings.
  2. From animals. Do you have pets? Do not even ask where the bugs could get into your home! If you live in a cottage, bedbugs can get to you from the hen house or the rabbit, not to mention cats and dogs. The bug is a rather slow insect. It can not run fast and fly. However, its advantage is that bed bugs can live for a long time without food - for several months or even a year. Therefore, they go on a long journey "to man." In fact, the bugs perfectly smell the human smell, so they rarely make mistakes in the chosen routes.
  3. From the suitcase. This is another common cause of bugs in the house. This applies to travelers staying in various hotels and other places that may be infected with bedbugs. Bugs are especially often brought from warm countries with a humid climate, because this is their homeland. In order to protect oneself from such a risk, immediately after the journey it is necessary to stretch all clothes on a high temperature - 90 degrees. Dry things in the sun to be sure. It is necessary to process and wash all the soft objects in which the bug can settle. Hand over the suitcase, backpack and bag to the dry cleaner, because even one single female, which you may not notice behind the lining of the suitcase, can lay eggs and breed a whole colony of insects in your house.
  4. From the furniture brought to the house. The bedbug loves beds and sofas - it’s warm and satisfying for him - after all, people sleep on beds and couches. Very often bedbugs can get into the house with acquired furniture. New furniture is rarely infected with bugs, because bugs feed on human blood. But if the sofa is bought "with hands" - be prepared for surprises.
  5. From clothes. If you spent the night in a place where bedbugs breed, you will certainly bring them to your house on your own clothes. The same thing happens if you have a person infected with bedbugs for the night. Be careful taking dubious guests.

How to get rid of bed bugs yourself

If you declared war bugs - you need to think about the tactics of battle. The fight against bedbugs is impossible without a thorough general cleaning. Bedbugs die at low and high temperatures. If there is a harsh winter outside and -20 or hot summer and +35, the struggle becomes a little easier. It is enough to put the sofas and beds in the cold or under direct sunlight. In a few hours all the bugs will die. However, it is worth noting that in the sun the eggs of the bugs remain alive, so the procedure should be repeated. The larvae hatch in 20 days, so re-pest should be approximately after this time.

First you need to expand the sofa, lift the mattresses from the beds, put the furniture on its side. Carefully inspect all the cracks of wooden furniture, look behind the lining of the mattress. It is very important to find the "nest" where the bugs live - this will provide most of the successful outcome of the case.

Bed bugs love to settle in bedding, clothes, curtains, carpeting. Often, bugs live behind baseboards and behind wallpaper, in various crevices, on bookshelves, in soft toys. They can even appear from the outlet. Bed bugs love heat, so they can spend the day in engineering, crawling there through the vents. Bedbugs lay larvae in laptops, microwaves and other equipment. All probable places of residence for bedbugs need to be treated with special insecticidal agents.

Professional anti-bed bug

There are several tools that can help you effectively get rid of bedbugs. They can be bought at hardware stores.

  1. "Get". This is a series of remedies against various pests. The tool is made on the basis of chlorpyrifos. White liquid, which needs to be processed all the cracks, leaves no residue and is completely safe. Therefore, processing can take place in a house where there are animals and small children. This tool is also used in medical institutions. The non-return guarantee for bugs is six months.
  2. "Executioner". This tool is made on the basis of fenthion. It has a very sharp smell, so you need to wear a mask during the treatment. Close all doors and windows tightly - bugs do not tolerate a pungent smell and come out of all the cracks. After that, they can be dotted to destroy. After airing the smell completely disappears. After 15 days, the harassment must be repeated to get rid of the hatched newborn bugs.
  3. "Delta Zone". At the heart of - deltpmetrin. A small bottle is quite economical, odorless, but very effective. With this tool you will be able to drive bedbugs out of the house for at least two months.

All means have similar methods of exposure. They may be in the form of a powder, an aerosol, or a liquid that is poured into small containers. Combat, Carbosol, Tetrix, Clean House, Xsulat-25, Dichlorvos - this is not a complete list of effective remedies for bed bugs.

Folk remedies against bedbugs

As you remember, bugs do not tolerate high and low temperatures. To get rid of these annoying insects, you need to process furniture, mattresses, clothing and carpets with a stream of hot steam. You can also pour things with boiling water or freeze clothes in the freezer.

To protect the bed from bedbugs, the legs are often smeared with turpentine or kerosene. Such a strong smell will scare away the insect and it will not be able to climb to you - bugs are not able to fly. However, be careful - a sharp smell can make you dizzy or allergic.

Very often, bedbugs are fought with the help of some plants that have a specific smell. This is tansy, wormwood, boulder. An armful of these plants can be placed in the ventilation holes to prevent the arrival of bed bugs from the outside. Also in the fight against bedbugs can be useful tea tree oil. They can wipe corners, baseboards, bookshelves.

Bed bugs are afraid of a sharp vinegar smell. Therefore, it is possible to treat the room with concentrated vinegar essence. It can be poured into a spray bottle and sprayed onto all the intended habitats of the bugs. But a strong smell can cause indisposition, so before treatment, do not forget to wear a respiratory mask.

Folk remedies for getting rid of bed bugs are ineffective because an unprepared person cannot know where these uninvited guests hid. If you are tortured by bugs, you can call a brigade of professional exterminators who will help you in this difficult war.

Professional Services

Specialists who offer their services, most often use special professional anti-bedbugs. They seek out and cultivate every area that may be exposed to this insect.

Self-persecution of bed bugs often turns into a flight of these animals. They run away from the acrid smell that is distributed in the apartment, and after a while they safely return to you. And modern disinsector equipment quickly heats or cools the room for several hours. Bedbugs simply do not have time to escape - they die.

It is worth noting again that the larvae are not susceptible to various kinds of treatments, so pest control needs to be done several times.

During the procedure, there should be no small children or animals indoors - the products of chemical poison can be dangerous for them. All people present in the room should be in respiratory masks, it is better to wear clothes that cover all the skin integuments, specialists must work in gloves. Before pest control, it is imperative to pack the dishes and products in sealed bags. Also worth taking care of children's clothes and toys.

Preventing bed bugs in your home

  1. If you are returning from traveling or hiking, even before entering the house, pack all things into sealed bags. Dry clean or wash at high temperature.
  2. In the summer, use mosquito nets. They will protect your home from bedbugs, which can simply crawl to you through an open window.
  3. During the repair carefully cover all the cracks, do not leave the bugs a chance. Isolate the outlet box with silicone glue.
  4. Treat all ventilation shafts with mothballs - bugs do not tolerate this smell.

Often people realize that in their house live bugs, only by bites on the skin. However, it is not only unpleasant, it can be dangerous. Bedbugs bites can cause allergies and skin rashes. Therefore, you need to wage a fierce and patient war, as soon as you noticed the first traces of insects in the house.

Bedbugs can appear not only in an untidy and dirty apartment. Sanitary standards of hygiene - not the main criterion for the life and reproduction of bed bugs. They can stay in a cheap hotel or in a luxury house. The main thing is to know how to get rid of them.

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