Pine essential oil: properties and applications

Pine ester comes from the most common oils. The composition has enzymes that are useful for the human body. Ether is popular in traditional medicine and life. Mostly oil is used in aromatherapy to purify indoor air and relieve fatigue in humans.

Properties of pine ether

  1. For a long time, pine oil has been actively used to treat many diseases. The composition effectively copes with bleeding, rheumatism, burns, scurvy, and frostbite. The oil helped to tighten the non-healing wounds, eliminating lice and parasites in animals.
  2. Healers of the time assured people of the usefulness of the ether in nervous disorders and depressive states. To date, studies have shown that the composition has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional background of a person with aromatherapy.
  3. Regular inhalation improves brain activity, improves concentration, memory. A person has energy, quickly recovering strength. The tool is useful not only for mental stress, but also after physical.
  4. Aromatherapy is especially necessary for people who are susceptible to suspiciousness, stress, depression and severe irritability. After carrying out several procedures, a person becomes more judicious, calm and without difficulty to solve difficult situations.
  5. Pine essential oil has become famous for its ability to reduce fever during seasonal colds. The composition effectively resists the development of bacteria in the body, strengthening the protective function. Aromatherapy tones up. With the help of inhalations on the basis of ether, coughing can be overcome.
  6. Oil is actively used for massage purposes. The composition prevents the development of osteochondrosis, myositis, arthritis and neuralgia. Herbal product relieves joint pain when rubbed in. Ether in folk medicine is used to rid of kidney and urolithiasis.
  7. Problems with the lungs will help solve the pine ether. The product cleanses the organs of sputum, relieves cough, helps with smoking and chronic bronchitis. In addition, the herbal composition effectively resists headaches, restoring blood pressure.
  8. With the right dosage and use of pine oil, you can get rid of edema by diuretic action. Systematic reception solves problems with potency and prevents the development of deviations on this basis. For healthy men, oil is useful for stimulating sexual activity.
  9. With serious injuries and diseases, pine ether helps the patient recover faster. Like any ether, the product has a complex and unique chemical composition. That is why the oil has such an extensive scope.

The use of ether in everyday life

  1. Ether effectively counteracts the appearance of moles among things. Soak wood or cotton balls with pine oil and place it in a cupboard on the shelves. The use of the composition in the room will help eliminate the unpleasant smell of tobacco smoke or odor.
  2. In order to always have a pleasant smell in the room, resort to the help of aroma lamps. You can also make an air freshener with your own hands. To do this, take a bottle with a spray, pour water and a few drops of raw materials. Spray as needed.
  3. Oil goes well with other formulations. To create a natural freshener, mix in a container of 10 drops of esters of pine, tea tree, eucalyptus, caipuga and neroli. Dilute herbal ingredients 300 ml. clean water. Ready air freshener will fill the room with aroma and prevent the development of harmful bacteria.

Indications for use of pine oil

Ether is shown to receive in a number of diseases, such as:

  • fever, fever;
  • inflammation in the upper respiratory tract;
  • sore throat;
  • radiculitis;
  • neuritis;
  • arthrosis with arthritis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • neuralgia;
  • myositis;
  • lethargy;
  • dizziness;
  • sweating caused by weakness;
  • herpes;
  • furunculosis;
  • seborrhea fat;
  • scarring and hyperpigmentation of the skin;
  • acne, acne.

With certain cardiac pathologies, pine ether can adversely affect health and cause an allergic reaction. The same applies to patients with nephritis. Before use, make a test for the absence of individual intolerance.

Application of pine oil

  1. Oil is recommended to take the categories of persons who are often subjected to emotional shake and nervous drops. The composition is also used by people with impulsive and aggressive behavior.
  2. Pine Ester has found application in the field of nail care. If you are faced with a separation of plates, prepare the bath with ether. The product is used to slow hair growth after epilation.
  3. Pine composition treat seborrhea, dandruff and alopecia (massive hair loss). The ether is added to the usual mask, then rubbed into the scalp. Also, the product has a rejuvenating effect, fights wrinkles.
  4. Girls are used to adding pine oil to regular body and face care cosmetics. Enough to supply the familiar bottle with the contents of 2-5 drops, then use in a typical way.
  5. The use of pine ether is allowed as an additive to other (non-oily) components or in combination with other esters. In the second case, suitable lavender, cypress, rose, eucalyptus, rosemary.
  6. To get rid of cold, sore throat and cough, you need to rub the chest with 20 drops of pine ether mixed with the base oil. To alleviate the pain of injuries, pine is combined with olive oil and applied as a gauze compress.
  7. To cure bronchitis or tracheitis, prepare a mixture of 40 grams. honey, 3 drops of pine ether, 3 drops of rosemary oil, 2 drops of eucalyptus ether. Massage the chest.
  8. To combat purulent wounds are preparing compositions for lotions. Mix 30 ml. boiling water with 3 drops of pine oil, moisten with sterile sponge. Attach to the damaged area and wait 5 minutes.
  9. Ether has found application in the treatment of acne and acne. Measure out 10 drops of rose ether, 5 drops of bergamot oil, 40 ml. vodka or alcohol. Put 1 ml in the product. Pine ester, wipe your face with a sponge in the mixture.
  10. To improve blood circulation and cope with edema, mix 6 drops of pine ether with 12 ml. corn oil. Rub the lower limbs with this tool for 10 minutes. Then do a contrast rinse bottom-up.
  11. Some ailments of the kidneys, livers, adrenal glands suggest the intake of essential oil inside. However, this can be done only after prior consultation with a specialist.
  12. Pine air do inhalation. Procedures are especially useful for residents of a megacity and workers of polluted industrial bases. The respiratory system is cleaned and aromatized (disinfected) in the same way.
  13. You can do anti-cellulite and relaxing baths. Add 15-18 drops of ether and a handful of large sea salt. Then everything is mixed until dissolved. The procedure lasts about a third of an hour. Water temperature should be below 39 degrees.
  14. Oil improves hair. It is enough to drop some ether into conditioners, shampoos or serums. Importantly, before applying, make sure that there is no allergic reaction.
  15. Girls like to make trays for nail plates and skin of hands. In this case, you need to warm up to 38 degrees water, drop into it 2 ml. oils of pine and 20-25 ml. wheat oils. The procedure takes half an hour.

How to make pine oil

  1. The product is obtained as a result of exposure to high temperatures. Homemade production does not accept this method. For this reason, the tool is made from sunflower oil and pine needles. Also, as the basis of suitable almond, corn, olive oil.
  2. Measure out 80 ml. base, take 3 small heady hop cones. Take the needles from the tree, not the one that has already fallen. Wash the raw materials using natural soap.
  3. Dry with napkins or towels. Send in a mortar and very finely press. You can slice the contents. Judge by your preferences.
  4. Transfer the raw material to a shaded glass container, add oil base. Cork a jar, send it to darkness and coolness. Exposure period is a week. Every day, the dishes need to shake.
  5. After a specified period of time, the second stage begins. Keep the container with the future oil in the dark for another 2 weeks, but this time do not shake the contents. Let the precipitate appear.
  6. After a specified interval, filter the oil using gauze folded in 3-6 layers. Press the needles, they are not needed. Storage is made in a sealed dark bottle. Leave the oil in the refrigerator.

Contraindications to the use of pine ether

  1. As, however, and any product, pine oil has limitations in use. If you do not comply with them, you run the risk of facing side effects.
  2. Sometimes the product causes a rash and general irritation of the epidermis. Ether can harm the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.
  3. If you abuse the composition, you provoke a concentration of concentrated substances in the body. From here begin the difficulties in the work of the respiratory tract. Know the measure.
  4. You should not use the oil composition inside, if a doctor did not prescribe such manipulations to you. The recommendation is especially relevant for patients with kidney pathologies.
  5. If you apply ether on the skin, do not apply it in pure form. Choose a suitable base oil and mix the ingredients in unequal proportions (approximately 1 to 10).
  6. Very carefully pine ethereal composition is used by older people and children. In the first case, hypertension often begins, in the second - an allergic reaction.
  7. Ladies who are breastfed and in a state of pregnancy should use products only after the examination and approval of the attending physician.
  8. The oil prepared according to the homemade recipe is kept strictly in a dark bottle and refrigerator for about 11 months. After this period the product cannot be used.
  9. To avoid side effects, before the first acquaintance with the product make a preliminary test. It will show if you are allergic to oil ester.

Ether pine can be used everywhere, often housewives add the product to the water when cleaning the apartment. Such a move contributes to a good antiviral protection. Pine oil should be applied wisely in traditional medicine. Consult with a physician to establish individual consumption of plant product.

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