The benefits and harm of cranberry for the health of the body

Cranberries grow on a short shrub that is resistant to frost and changes in weather conditions. Preferably the bush is located near the marshes and peatlands. Ripening begins in September. It is this period that ensures that after consuming you are picking a berry with a fully formed chemical list of elements. Many people wonder about the benefits and harms of cranberries.

Cranberry Ingredients

Berry concentrates in itself a small share of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Calorie portions weighing 100 grams. makes 27 Kcal.

Cranberries are rich in fiber, di- and monosaccharides, water, ash, pectin, organic acids, dietary fiber.

With regards to the elements, phosphorus, tin, molybdenum, sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium accumulate in fruits. The berries contain a lot of zinc, barium, iodine, titanium, aluminum, cobalt, boron, copper, silver, chromium, manganese. Of the vitamins emit niacin, tocopherol, thiamine, folic acid, pyridoxine, ascorbic acid, riboflavin, vitamin K1.

Cranberry berries are loved by many for their unique composition. They have a lot of natural sugar, namely glucose and fructose.

Organic acids produce citric, malic, quinic, amber, oxalic, chlorogenic, ketoglutaric.

In addition to the above valuable elements, cranberries include catechins, betaine, bioflavonoids, phenolic compounds, leucoanthocyanins, and flavonols.

If we talk about the nutritional value of fresh fruits, indicators allow the use of cranberries in the diet. Dried berry accumulates much more saccharides, so you should be careful with it.

Cranberry Benefits

  1. Cranberry is used as the main component for drugs aimed at combating cancer. Berry has a feature to block the blood flow to cancer cells, thereby triggering the self-destruction of the tumor.
  2. Berry is a natural antioxidant that prevents premature aging of tissues, preserving youth. Cranberry suppresses the action of free radicals, cleanses the liver and kidneys.
  3. Often, cranberry juice is treated for tonsillitis and other similar illnesses. Fruits have the ability to reduce body temperature during fever. Also, the berries remove mucus from the respiratory tract and clean the lungs of smokers.
  4. Flavonoids are responsible for the elasticity of the vascular walls. Elements expand the blood channels, provide blood with oxygen. As a result, the prevention of thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, atherosclerosis, varicose veins and other ailments of this type is carried out.
  5. Cranberry is one of the best natural multivitamin complexes. With a systematic reception improves the condition of the hair and skin, normalizes the activity of all internal organs. Cranberries are useful for eating to categories of people who are naturally low in immunity.
  6. Fruits contribute to increased appetite. As a result, the metabolism and digestibility of food is improved, the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases is carried out, and the stool is stabilized. Cranberry gently cleanses the intestines from stagnation.
  7. Diuretic properties allow the berry to be used by people who suffer from excessive edema of limbs and tissues of internal organs. Cranberry removes excess water, does not allow salts to retain the liquid. Because of this, heaviness in the legs goes away.
  8. Useful qualities of the berries spread to those who have a tendency to form blood clots and increase cholesterol in the blood. Cranberries conduct prevention of these ailments.
  9. Fruits are irreplaceable at fever, respiratory diseases, cold. Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties will quickly cure the disease and relieve fever. Also, the immunity is strengthened "on all fronts."
  10. Cranberries are useful in conjunction with antibiotics to enhance the effect of medications. Only before this, consult your doctor. Berry fights with frequent migraines, headaches, heartburn, general malaise.
  11. It is useful to use ground cranberries with honey or granulated sugar to increase the efficiency of the brain and physical endurance. These qualities are appreciated by the categories of people working head. Also, the berry is shown to receive athletes.

Cranberry application

  1. To cleanse the intestines. Cranberries are valued for their ability to gently cleanse the intestinal tract from stagnation. In addition, after receiving the drug, the entire work of the internal organ is normalized, the digestibility of food improves. Mix cranberry juice with beet juice in equal proportions. Use 3-5 sips 3 times a day. Most often similar composition treat constipation (including chronic), vascular spasms.
  2. For colds. To cure colds or inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, combine aloe vera juice with cranberry juice, lemon juice, sugar, honey and vodka. Measure out each ingredient in equal quantities, mix and mix. Take 3 tablespoons 3 times a day. Keep in the cold.
  3. To recuperate. It is useful to use cranberry juice, diluted with water in equal quantities. Especially suitable for people who work a lot physically, lead an active lifestyle, play sports. Diluted drug will enrich brain cells with oxygen, quickly fill the lack of strength, will give vigor.
  4. From hypertension. If you suffer from high blood pressure, prepare the following remedy. Mix 500 gr. cranberries with 130 gr. sugar, add 250 ml. filtered water. Send the raw materials in the pan to the stove, cook for 8 minutes. Strain, cool, dilute with water 50-50. Drink a whole glass (250-300 ml.) 1-2 times a day.
  5. From diabetes. To normalize the course of the disease and alleviate the condition, it is necessary to maintain the level of glucose in the blood at the correct mark. Crush a handful of cranberries, pour 250 ml. hot (but not boiling!) water, leave for an hour. Take 50 ml every day. twice a day.
  6. For the prevention of the genitourinary system. Berry is useful to use for the prevention of diseases of the genital and urinary system in women and men. In order to increase metabolism, protect internal organs from infections, take 100 ml. cranberry juice daily, breaking the specified amount of 3 times.
  7. From diarrhea. If you regularly suffer from diarrhea or wish to carry out a planned normalization of the chair, use a mixture of berries and cranberry leaves. Take an equal amount of ingredients, pour 500 ml. hot ode Send the composition to the stove, boil for 6 minutes after boiling. Strain, cool, take 130 ml. 4 times a day.

The use of cranberries for pregnant women

  1. Fruits are recommended to use, adhering to the daily norm. The health of the woman and the baby will increase significantly, the intrauterine development will be more harmonious. Many girls encounter problems with the genitourinary system while carrying a child.
  2. Ailments most often occur on the background of a weakened immune system and hormonal disorders. In the female body, progesterone is secreted. This hormone promotes the development of bacteria in the urinary canals. To cope with the trouble, you need to drink cranberry juice.
  3. The drink is the strongest antibacterial composition. Juice suppresses the spread and further development of harmful microbes microflora. The main feature of the product is that it is not addictive, unlike medical drugs. Therefore, the drink is completely safe during pregnancy.
  4. Often, girls in the critical period are faced with actively developing caries and inflammation of the gums. In this case, it is allowed to use only cranberries. Berries have an antibacterial effect, disinfecting the mouth and eliminating the sources of problems. The composition is well proven in the fight against streptococci.
  5. Cranberries are rich in flavonoids, enzymes are actively involved in the full absorption of ascorbic acid. As a result, the elasticity of blood vessels increases significantly, the blood is cleared of harmful compounds. In addition, the presence of antioxidants has a positive effect on the activity of the central nervous system, reducing the risk of postpartum depression.
  6. Cranberry helps girls in pregnancy to deal with dropsy and edema. Similar troubles arise due to the inability of the body to respond to any changes. Fruits help a woman to adapt to virtually any hormonal changes. The daily rate for pregnant girls cranberry juice or juice is about 2 liters.
  7. Cranberry berries well prevent the development of cystitis and renal pathologies during gestation. In this case, the morning is recommended to start with a glass of natural fruit drink. The drink is prescribed as a prophylactic to avoid complications due to the development of the fetus. The composition activates placental circulation.

The benefits of cranberries for children

  1. Studies have shown that cranberry is good for children. The fruits significantly increase the appetite of the child and strengthen the function of the protective sheath. Regular consumption of berries eliminates children's dry cough from the body.
  2. As a prevention of colds applied remedy on the basis of cranberries and honey. Useful delicacy relieves the child from the symptoms of the disease, nourishes the body with valuable trace elements and combats constipation.
  3. Children are allowed to give cranberries in any form. Berries can be added to cereals, salads, desserts and tea. From the fruits are prepared no less useful kissels, compotes, juices, infusions and fruit drinks. Children less than 3 years old are advised to give only non-concentrated drinks.

Hurt cranberries

  1. Cranberry will bring invaluable benefits to a person if the recommendations are followed and there are no contraindications. Fruits are forbidden to use in any form for gastritis, liver ailments in acute form. Cranberry has a high acidity.
  2. Natural cranberry juice is contraindicated in any stage ulcer. It should be more cautious to people who have weakened tooth enamel. If you consume berries immensely, then this does not bode well.
  3. Remember, no matter how useful the product is, you should always follow the recommended daily intake. If you have chronic illnesses, consult a specialist before consuming cranberries.

Cranberry is considered to be a unique berry, which at times can improve human health and get rid of the list of ailments. Abuse of the product can lead to sad consequences. Enter the berries in your daily diet gradually, carefully monitor the reaction of the body.

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