Tomato Northern Queen - description and characteristics of the variety

The variety of tomatoes North Queen created by breeders specifically for growing in the northern regions. The tomato is highly resistant to adverse weather conditions with a lack of heat. Seasoned gardeners positively respond to this variety, noting a large number of its advantages over other types of vegetable culture.

The variety Northern Queen is listed in the State Register of the Central Black Soil Region. It is designed for planting in open ground on private garden plots. In the northern areas, the culture is successfully grown in greenhouse conditions and shows high yields.

The main advantage of the variety is that it is distinguished by unpretentiousness to weather conditions and resistance to diseases.

Characteristic variety

The plant is determinant, that is, undersized. High bushes usually give more yield, but caring for them is more difficult because they must be tied up and shaped. This variety does not need stading and shaping.

North Queen is one of the brightest specimens intended for cultivation in the northern regions. This is a tomato of early ripeness, giving a good harvest, regardless of weather conditions. For this quality, the variety is valued not only in areas with a cool climate, but also in the central Russian regions. Often this plant is planted in garden areas in southern latitudes.

The characteristic that the producer gives to the variety testifies that one of its main distinguishing qualities is that it is ultra early. For vegetable crops that are grown in cold regions, this is an extremely important condition, since it is necessary that they ripen and give away the harvest even for a short summer season.

Important! The variety tolerates coolness, however, in order to get the maximum amount of crop in northern latitudes, tomatoes are advised to plant in film structures.

Grow a plant seedling method. If you sow the seeds in a timely manner, you can harvest a quality crop in the last decade of June. The reason for this is that the variety is actually ultra early. The ripening period is about 85 days after sowing the seeds. Bushes should be planted to a permanent place when they are well developed. This is usually done after 50 days.

If the tomato is grown on open ground, you can do without pasynkovaniya. However, when grown in greenhouse conditions, in order to increase the amount of the crop, the stepchildren are still recommended to be removed.

To care for a tomato of this variety is quite simple, it does not require any special procedures. It is necessary to make regular moderate watering. In addition, periodically tomatoes should be fertilized. This is extremely important, since only high-quality fertilizing can give a guarantee of high yields in adverse weather conditions and lack of sun.

It should be borne in mind that the plant is short, so it is not worth expecting that there will be a lot of harvest. However, if you properly care for the plant, about 3 kilograms of ripe fruit can be harvested from each bush.

When planting seedlings on a permanent place, you need to make sure that the distance between the bushes was about 40 centimeters. If this condition is observed, approximately 10 kilograms of tomatoes can be removed from one square meter.

Crop description

The fruits that the North Queen variety produces can be described as follows:

  1. The use of such tomatoes is universal. The fruits of this variety are most suitable for making salads. In addition, they are consumed fresh, canned, and make of them a variety of preparations for the winter.
  2. The shape of ripe tomatoes is flat-round.
  3. The color is bright red, the surface is smooth, the flesh is very juicy.
  4. The main advantage of these tomatoes is that they do not crack, because the skin is quite dense. Not every salad variety of tomatoes differs in such quality. Fruits retain their shape and do not burst during transportation and heat treatment.
  5. On average, the weight of each tomato is 150 grams. Below grow larger fruits, on the upper branches - smaller.

Opinion gardeners

The owners of the gardens, who planted the Northern Queen on their plots, speak about this variety mostly positively, noting that it gives an excellent harvest even in cold summer. In addition, small tomatoes have an excellent taste and are great for canning, because they do not crack.

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