How to care for your face after 40 years

Almost all women aged 40+ are worried about the main issue of how to properly care for their skin. In the modern world there are many ways to rejuvenate. The main factor in this issue is only financial opportunities. If you look at the stars of show business, you can see that age is not a sentence for them.

Visual age-related changes of the skin of the face 40+

  1. At an older age, skin cells markedly reduce activity, hence slow tissue regeneration. As a result, you get visible wrinkles on the face and facial wrinkles.
  2. In adulthood, nasolabial folds are more noticeable. The skin becomes thinner and sags.
  3. The sebaceous glands stop working properly, similar factors are evident on the face. The skin can not get all the micronutrients, as in youth.
  4. The dermis around the eyes also becomes thin and flabby, more often horny particles appear, accompanied by desquamation.
  5. A person after lack of sleep slowly recovers, hence a negative result is seen on the skin.

For simple reasons, it is recommended to take the habit of systematically caring for your skin. Mature age is not a sentence, but only the beginning of a new life.

The basic rules of facial skin care after 40

To remain beautiful as long as possible, you will have to be patient. To do this, you need to constantly monitor the skin of the face, purchase high-quality cosmetics, apply nourishing masks from natural ingredients.

Daytime complianceIf you have a wrong dream, you will have to completely reconsider the rhythm of life. If necessary, change jobs or rebuild the schedule, if such is possible. Take the habit of going to rest no later than 22:00, while sleeping should be 7-8 hours. In the allotted time, cells are best restored.

Balanced diet
Review the menu, harmful products in direct proportion will affect the skin condition of the face. Systematically take an additional complex of vitamins for women of mature age.

Care for centuries
For proper care of the skin around the eyes, you need to find the right directional cream. Purchase a quality tool with a mark of 40+. Apply the cream before bedtime and after waking up.

Decorative cosmetics
Buy special cosmetic products aimed at the skin of the face for the elderly. The composition includes vitamins B, A, E and tialuronic acid. Nourish the skin with similar serums before bedtime. Pre face should be cleansed with milk.

Necessary cosmetic procedures for skin 40+

Start visiting beauty salons 1 time in 25-30 days. Rejuvenation procedures will noticeably help tighten fading skin. To do this, a deep cleansing of the face, contour plastic, lifting and peeling.

RF lifting
Popular and quite effective procedure that can replace plastic tightening. The result is striking, the skin is noticeably tightened and updated. Sleeping cells awaken and begin to work fully. The body also activates accumulated resources.

Contour plastic
Often, women in adulthood resort to the use of gel-filler. The substance is injected into the skin, while the composition itself is able to correct problem areas, smoothing them. After the procedure, the tone of the epidermis increases, the nasolabial folds are smoothed, and the facial contour is tightened. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, which is part of the preparation, the skin receives adequate moisture and nutrition.

Invasive procedures
Mesotherapy and biorevitalization belong to invasive cosmetology. Therapy is performed by injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin. Techniques are considered an excellent alternative to Botox, because the composition contains natural substances. Wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is fresh.

Home care for skin after 40

If possible, ask for help from a massage therapist. Also, the technique can be studied independently. Watch video tutorials or read a book. Systematically do a facial massage, as a result, the skin will receive the necessary blood flow, which will trigger cell renewal and enrichment with oxygen.

Biostimulating masks
Similar products for skin rejuvenation can be purchased at a professional store. After the procedure, the face looks fit and well-groomed. Be careful of fakes, do not order goods through the Internet.

Facebook (facial gymnastics)
Such procedures can be carried out independently at home. A few days later you will see a visual result. The meaning of manipulation is that you pump and tighten muscles. Do gymnastics, dividing the face into several zones.

Folk masks for face skin 40+

Masks are recommended to be applied every other day. After a while you will notice the effect of rejuvenation. Keep in mind that the mask must be changed every 8-10 days.

  1. Apricot and sour cream. After several procedures, the composition visibly smoothes the skin and moisturizes it to the full. Connect 30 gr. fruit pulp and 25 gr. homemade sour cream. Wash face thoroughly, wipe off moisture with a towel. Apply a homogeneous slurry to the skin, wait 20 minutes.
  2. Sea buckthorn and oil. The mask has proven itself as a rejuvenating agent. It is enough to mix 40 gr. fresh berries and 30 ml. any natural oil. Pass the composition through a blender, apply on face. Wait 25-35 minutes.
  3. Cream. To fully saturate the skin, apply natural cream with maximum fat content. Spread the composition in several layers. Wait for drying between each application. Wash off after 40 minutes.
  4. Aloe and honey. Combine in equal proportions egg yolk, aloe vera juice, flower honey and cream. Stir the ingredients until smooth using a fork. Apply mask for 30-40 minutes, remove.
  5. Cognac and yolk. For normal and oily skin suitable composition of 20 ml. liquor, 1 egg yolk, 15 ml. olive oil and 12 gr. liquid honey. Stir the product until foaming. Spread on the skin, wait a third of an hour. Wash yourself with cool water.
  6. Lemon juice and cucumber. Well-moisturize the skin based on 15 grams. cucumber pulp, 12 gr. honey and 10 ml. lemon fresh. Bring the ingredients to a homogeneous porridge, spread over the face. Wait 20 minutes, rub with ice cubes based on herbal infusion.
  7. Cucumber and peach oil. The composition is able to even out the skin and eliminate small wrinkles. To do this, cool the cucumber, remove the peel, rub the product on a small grater. Mix the mush with 10 ml. peach oil. Apply the product on the face in the usual way. Hold the mask for at least 20 minutes.
  8. Sour cream and cucumber. The mask is more focused on sensitive and dry skin. Mix gruel 1 cucumber and 25 gr. rustic sour cream. Apply a uniform product to the skin. Wait about 15-20 minutes.
  9. Cucumber and soda. The mask helps get rid of unwanted acne. For cooking means you need to take 13 grams. baking soda and 55 gr. cucumber mass. Mix the components, spread over the face. Massage the skin for about 12-15 minutes, wash.
  10. Protein and cucumber. If the skin of the face is inflamed for any reason, a mixture based on the cucumber mass and chicken protein will cope with this problem. The mask is whipped until smooth, then applied with a thin layer. Wait until the composition dries out a little, rinse.

Homemade creams for face skin after 40

Avocado and Wheat Sprouts

  1. Beeswax is sold in stores with honey. Buy a briquette, cut from it 60 grams. (about 3 cubes) and send in a ceramic dish. Build a steam bath, melt the product on it.
  2. Add 1 ml to the liquid mass. Avocado ester, 2 ml. oils on the basis of wheat sprouts, 1 ml. vitamin A (sold in a pharmacy). Stir for another 3 minutes, then add the tocopherol capsule (vitamin E).
  3. Now mix the ingredients with a blender or mixer until smooth. Move to a plastic jar, close and keep in the cold for no longer than a month. Use twice a day after cleansing.

Beeswax and Coconut Oil

  1. Build a water bath, place in a container 90 gr. beeswax. Melt the composition, add 80 ml to it. olive and 95 ml. coconut oil.
  2. Mix the ingredients well, wait for cooling. Next to the total mass, enter 5-7 drops of any essential oils and 2 ml. liquid vitamin E (tocopherol).
  3. Mix the ingredients again, send to the refrigerator. Use the composition as a moisturizer for daily skin care.

The subtleties of performing makeup for the skin of the face 40+

  1. Concealer. Choose a tonal base without reflective particles with matting effect. Prefer BB-cream, which is half of the nourishing lotion. The composition is distributed with your fingertips or a brush 20 minutes after applying a moisturizing day / evening cream. All masking tools must be bleached until the borders completely disappear. Tip: Ladies 40+ should abandon proofreaders in the form of pencils, dense concealers and thick tonal bases.
  2. Blush and powder. Prefer not compact, but cream powder. The first type emphasizes even fine wrinkles, while the light base masks skin defects. Experts advise to buy powder on 1,5-2 tones lighter than the tonal base. If we talk about rouge, suitable peach, apricot and pink shades.
  3. Eyeliner. Choose eyeliner with shading, do not use liquid eyeliner. Tint only the upper eyelid, in addition you can affect the outer edge of the bottom. Do not connect the lines together. Use a mascara that paints well the corners of the eyelashes to cover the mimic "paws" (wrinkles).
  4. Pomade. Kinks often appear above the upper lip, so be sure to use an outline pencil. It will prevent the spread of lipstick. Refuse shine, choose a matte lipstick of dark red (burgundy) shade. Light-colored cosmetics will be lost on the face.

At the age of 40+, the facial skin needs deep hydration, cleansing and nourishing. Consider the fact that when washing you need to completely eliminate ordinary soap and running water. Do not be stingy and get cleaners with a neutral level of acidity. Use milk for cleansing. Visit the cosmetic shop, pick up nourishing and moisturizing creams suitable for your skin type and age.

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