How to store pine nuts at home

Only a lazy person does not know about the benefits of pine nuts. Therefore, we will not paint the content of vitamins or minerals in them.

The collection of Siberian "gold" has a certain specificity, which will draw on a separate article. Therefore, we will not talk about it now.

But we will discuss how to store pine nuts. For it is not enough just to buy such a valuable gift of nature. We must also know how to protect the nuts from rancidity, mold, insects and rodents. After all, they are sold in various forms, and each imposes certain rules.

How to store roasted peeled pine nuts

No After roasting, nuts are stored for no more than 3 days. In any conditions. During this time, they must always be eaten. The fact is that when heated, they begin to emit a large amount of oil, which very quickly goes rancid.

If you try to preserve roasted pine nuts, then you risk getting an absolutely inedible, bad-smelling, bitter product for 4 days already.

How to store raw peeled pine nuts

There are much more variations here, since without heat treatment of the nuts can be saved for a decent period.

Freezer. Yes, pine nuts are frozen. After thawing, they do not change their consistency and do not lose all useful properties. Yes, and to taste such nuts are not inferior to freshly cleaned kernels.

How to freeze pine nuts? Procedure:

  1. The kernels are peeled from the shell.
  2. Do not wash! Only sift from small debris.
  3. Immediately after cleaning, the nuts are poured into a food container with an airtight lid. Suitable and special vacuum package for freezing.
  4. The filled container is placed in the freezer.

This method of storage allows you to save pine nuts for 3-4 months without fear of getting mold or bitter delicacy.

Important! Thawed pine nuts a second time do not freeze.

Fridge. The door of this unit has an optimum temperature for saving pine nuts. But the humidity inside the refrigerator is quite high. Therefore, the shelf life of peeled nuts is only 1, maximum 2 months. But sometimes this is enough.

In which container to store pine nuts in the refrigerator? After all, you can not just pour a handful on the shelf and wait for a miracle. Suitable dishes:

  • glass jars
  • food plastic containers
  • special zip fastener bags

It is very important that the lids of the containers fit snugly to them, otherwise the nuts will smell with other products. Or worse, absorb excess moisture from the air. By the way, owners of units with the "but frost" function (these are refrigerators, inside which ice does not freeze) can not worry about excessive humidity in the chamber. But you should not forget about the presence of foreign odors.

How to store pine nuts in the shell

In case you bought, received as a gift, stole (choose the right) unpeeled nuts, then your imagination is where to roam. The most important thing is to find a place where the temperature does not rise above + 17 ° С, and the humidity of the air stays at the level of 55-60%. It may be:

  • cool storage room
  • dry cellar
  • ventilated underground

It is clear that it is more difficult for residents of apartment buildings to find the right storage space. In this case, fit a refrigerator under the window or a kitchen cupboard. In the old-style apartments there are quite spacious built-in storage rooms.

What to store unpeeled pine nuts? Siberians recommend using for this:

  • Dense cardboard boxes.
  • Cans.
  • Wooden or bark boxes.
  • Glass containers.
  • Canvas or linen bags.
  • Wicker baskets.

Plastic containers, these residents of our country do not recognize. Follow the advice of professionals, because they are content with the wisdom of their ancestors, and use only natural materials.

Properly chosen storage conditions allow you to save unpeeled pine nuts for up to six months.

How to store pine nuts in cones

Sometimes a person buys or receives a pine cone as a gift. But he doesn’t want to taste the Siberian delicacy right away. Or, for example, it suddenly turns out that such cones are a whole bag. It is physically impossible to eat them immediately. One thing remains: to properly save the gift of nature.

This does not require anything special. Only a wooden box with a lid is needed. Feel free to pour cones into it, close, and place in the conditions described in the previous section. Why do you need a cover? It will cover your stocks from dust and unexpected guests - rodents or insects. After all, they, too, are not against eating pine nuts.

Another option is even easier. Pour cones into a canvas or canvas bag. Then hang them from the ceiling with a strong rope. Basement, underground or storeroom, does not matter. General conditions:

  • darkness
  • cool
  • dryness

With this method of storage cedar cones feel great up to 8 months.

Useful recommendations

It is best to buy pine nuts in October, or even in September. This is the best time to collect and fully mature.

Do not try to store nuts in syrup or rolled in sugar. Such a delicacy has a very short shelf life. He is only 2-3 days.

Do not try to wash the nuts before laying in reserve! This will provoke the earliest occurrence of mold, or something else pathogenic for the body. In general, pine nuts are not taken to be washed, even peeled. They are recommended only to sweep or trumpet from possible small debris. The craftsmen use a stream of air from a vacuum cleaner, naturally on the street. Otherwise, trash and garbage will scatter throughout the house.

If you remove the nuts from the freshly picked cones, then by all means dry them before storing. It is enough to spread the fabric and put the nuts on it with a layer of not more than 5 cm. From time to time, pick up your stocks. After a few days in the sun, you can pour the treat into the right container to put it in stocks.

Now you know how to store pine nuts. And you will long enjoy the delicate oily taste of this wonderful product in all respects.

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