Jasmine essential oil: properties and uses

Jasmine seems to us as an evergreen shrub with fragrant flowers of warm shades. The plant has a pleasant, memorable smell. Jasmine oil can be called the king of these plant products. The aroma and useful qualities of the composition can not be overstated.

Properties of jasmine ether

  1. Since jasmine is a strong aphrodisiac, the use of oil greatly enhances libido. The product works well on male potency, helps women get rid of premature ejaculation and frigidity.
  2. Oil is particularly useful for the fair sex, as the composition relaxes the smooth muscles of the uterus. As a result, pain during the menstrual cycle and during labor is reduced.
  3. Jasmine ester is effective in treating female inflammation of the reproductive system. The plant product helps partners to fully relax during coitus. This greatly increases the pleasure of intimate preludes.
  4. Jasmine oil is naturally rich in antidepressant properties. Therefore, the composition is in demand in aromatherapy for the treatment of neurosis, stress, insomnia, physical and mental fatigue.
  5. Systematic inhalation of the oil composition perfectly stimulates brain activity, improves susceptibility to information processing, reveals hidden talents. Herbal product has a positive effect on the human endocrine system. As a result, hormones are normalized.

Jasmine oil application

The pleasant smell of jasmine ether has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional background of a person. The product helps the body to resist the depressive and stressful state. Soon the person finds peace, feels happier.

With regular inhalation of ether, some people arouse romantic feelings. The pleasant aroma of the oil stimulates the production of certain hormones. Also in the body, serotonin is secreted, the enzyme improves mood by an order of magnitude.

AntisepticThe components that make up the jasmine oil (benzaldehyde, benzyl benzoate and benzoic acid) have a fungicidal, bactericidal and antiviral effect on the body.

If the skin is damaged, lavender ester can be used as a lotion. Compress based on herbal product will prevent the formation of tetanus and co-infections.

Often, jasmine oil is taken orally. The composition reduces the effect of infection on the respiratory tract. Thus the flow of the usual cold and cough is much easier.

Jasmine ether helps with a strong cough, the composition provides a restful sleep during the course of the disease.

Herbal product well cleans the bronchi from sputum, suppresses the runny nose, thereby preventing snoring. Nasal congestion disappears completely.

The rich composition of valuable trace elements makes jasmine oil an effective drug in the fight against poor sleep. Jasmine ether after the first use will ensure a good sleep and fast falling asleep.

Jasmine oil is classified as aphrodisiac. This means that the composition itself adjusts to the intimate wave, creates a romantic atmosphere, attracts two people of the opposite sex to each other.

Jasmine ester increases libido, increases sexual desire, improves potency. The people of India decorate the bride with jasmine buds, and for good reason.

Jasmine oil treats impotence, reduces the likelihood of premature arousal (ejaculation), eliminates other disorders of the sexual sphere.

Skin care
Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties allow the use of jasmine oil to treat skin problems. The composition regenerates tissues, so that no traces of boils and purulent acne remain.

Jasmine ether heals major abrasions and kills bacteria in their cavities. Most often, products are used to care for sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin. Often the composition is used to cure dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema.

Pain reliever
Some eastern countries are widely used jasmine oil as a means of eliminating pain during childbirth and stimulate the process. It is known that most of the labor is performed with the help of Cesarean. Jasmine will help the girls push the baby on their own, because the ether stimulates the uterus.

The product shortens the delivery time and intensifies contractions. The composition also helps a woman recover faster after the baby is born, eliminating postpartum depression and depressed mood.

The use of jasmine oil in cosmetology

Jasmine essential oil is used in the fields of cosmetology and dermatology. Skin and hair care is achieved due to the unique chemical composition.

Jasmine oil has the following effects:

  • moisturizes lips, protects the skin from chapping and cracking;
  • forms the shape of the face, struggling with sagging and flabbiness;
  • eliminates bags and circles under the eyes, moisturizes the eyelid area;
  • fights striae after childbirth and drastic weight loss;
  • tones up dry skin, eliminates desquamation;
  • normalizes the release of fat, relieves rashes and acne;
  • suitable for the most sensitive skin of the body and face;
  • increases natural cell regeneration;
  • moisturizes, retains moisture in the dermis;
  • removes freckles and hyperpigmentation;
  • evens out complexion, eliminating green or yellow tint;
  • whitens purple spots after acne;
  • treats psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, urticaria;
  • slows down premature aging of the skin;
  • fights hair loss and dandruff.

Jasmine oil is not recommended to be used independently in order to avoid allergies. Mix the ester with the base cosmetic oil (almond, castor, sea buckthorn, corn and others).

The use of jasmine oil in aromatherapy

Aroma Coronas
Pendants made of clay or ceramics are sold in Indian shops and souvenir shops. It is enough to put the jewelry on the neck to enjoy all its charms.

In aromakulone there is a special compartment in which you need to drip about 2-3 drops of oil. Thus, the psycho-emotional background of a person is normalized, susceptibility to stress is reduced, and sleep is normalized.

Jasmine ether is designed to combat persistent anxiety. The composition enhances male and female libido, making the person attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Smoking pans and aroma lamps
Useful devices are sold in the shops of aroma oils and Indian themes. Also, tools can be purchased at specialized shops.

Through the use of lamps is the saturation of air and its aromatization. On a room of about 20-25 square meters. m. requires an aroma lamp, in which you need to drop 23-25 ​​drops of jasmine ether mixed with water.

Most often air aromatization is carried out in baths and saunas, rooms for relaxation and massage, offices, bedrooms. If you do not have an aroma lamp, pour hot water into the bowl and add the required amount of ether. The effect will be the same.

Massage using jasmine ether is considered one of the most sensual procedures. To prepare the mixture, you must add to the base oil (olive, almond, corn) jasmine ester. The calculation is carried out as follows: 25 ml. The base takes 8 drops of ether.

Jasmine oil goes well with the ester of neroli, patchouli, ylang-ylang, orange, tea tree, rose, cinnamon. The listed formulations are natural aphrodisiacs.

With the help of a massage mixture, you give your partner sensual pleasure. In addition, the procedure favorably affects the skin, making it soft and elastic.

With the help of a bath with jasmine ether, you can relax after a hard day’s work, as well as bring your thoughts in order and calm down. The bath has 10-20 drops of jasmine oil. The procedure is carried out for 20-30 minutes.

It was previously mentioned that jasmine ether falls into the category of aphrodisiacs. On this basis, the composition is often added to the bath in combination with other components in order to create an erotic composition.

So, combine 4 drops of jasmine ester with 2 drops of ylang-ylang oil and 6 drops of patchouli ether. Add this mixture to the bath and add some sea salt with your favorite scent.

CosmeticsJasmine ether is enriched by the usual cosmetic products for skin and hair care. Add 2-4 drops of the composition to body lotion, face cream, shampoos and hair balms, bath foams, massage products.

So you not only improve the condition of the epidermis and prevent many problems with regards to the hair, but also enrich the usual purchased products with a lot of vitamins. Jasmine oil smells and soothes.

Jasmine ether is often used in the manufacture of perfumes and pheromone perfumes. Natural aphrodisiac increases sexual attractiveness and gives confidence.

For jasmine oil to benefit, you must apply it as recommended. The product is contraindicated in hypotensive because it has the ability to lower blood pressure. Also, the composition can not be applied in its pure form, be sure to dilute the ester with base oil.

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