How to teach a child to drink water: useful tips

Water is the source of life. From the first days, the baby receives the mother’s breast milk, which is almost 90% water. The correct attitude to water - not only to drink, but also to bathing, is born in childhood. A child who drinks a lot and eagerly often does not experience problems with constipation, his ORVI easily passes, because the virus is known to be washed away with copious drinking. And in general, drinking a lot is good, both for an adult and for a child. But is water always needed?

Do I need to breastfeed baby

Breastfeeding counselors claim that breast milk contains all the necessary vitamins and enough liquid for a baby. They insist that the baby does not need to be soldered, at least in the first 6 months. This is explained by the fact that in nature mammals do not drink water, which can be contaminated and dangerous to the immature organism. Modern conditions allow us to "get" clean water, but does the baby need it if it has breast milk? Pediatricians around the world say that in some cases, feeding a child with water is not only possible, but necessary. What cases are we talking about?

  1. If the child is poisoned. Temperature, vomiting, diarrhea leads to rapid dehydration, especially in young children. This can be extremely dangerous. Besides the fact that you should definitely go to a doctor, you should definitely drink a baby, even if he is breastfed.
  2. For some kidney problems, the child should drink plenty of water.
  3. The jaundice of the newborn is associated with a large amount of bilirubin, which remains in the tissues after disintegration. To wash this bilirubin can only be plenty of water. If the physiological jaundice of the newborn is delayed, this requires a visit to the doctor.
  4. Some drugs require leaching from the body. Therefore, their reception is accompanied with a large amount of fluid consumed. Usually, when prescribing such drugs, the doctor informs about this need.
  5. If the child is bottle-fed, he must drink water.
  6. The hot season, strong sweating of the child - this is also a reason to offer the kid clean water.
  7. If the feces of a child are sheep, that is, in hard pieces, it is a sign of dehydration. In such cases, the water must be drunk necessarily.
  8. If a child’s lips are dry or cracked, this is another serious sign of dehydration.

Choosing water for the baby, it is not necessary to buy special children's water. Often you buy regular clean water at a triple price. Such a purchase is justified only if you are in the city center and the baby wants to drink. In other cases, the usual filtered and boiled water will do.

How to teach a child to drink water

Here are some practical recommendations that will help you teach your baby to drink water. After all, children's habits remain with the child for life. And this is the quality of the future health of the baby.

  1. A small child should be taught to water gradually. If he does not drink from the bottle, you can give the child to drink water from a spoon every 10-15 minutes. The kid will get used to the unusual taste for him and will be more willing to drink in the future.
  2. Water for a child should not be excessively hot or cold. Negative feelings can lead to unpleasant consequences and even fear, and the baby will no longer want to take a spoon or bottle in his mouth.
  3. If water is critical for a child (he is sick and suffering from dehydration), drink the baby with a syringe without a needle. Type in a clean syringe of water and gently, in a thin stream and in small portions, pour the water over the cheek of the child so that he can swallow the liquid and not choked.
  4. After six months, not only complementary foods, but also drinking, are introduced into the child’s diet. The kid should drink diluted juices, kefir, yogurt. An obligatory part of the daily ration should be clean water.
  5. An older child can be attracted to drinking water with interesting beautiful cups, cups, bottles and drinking bowls. Let the child choose what he wants to drink from, even if it is a children's toy dish or father's cup.
  6. If the baby does not drink in any, try to offer him a straw. Some kids, knowing the joy and pleasure of drinking through a straw, drink only in this way. What do you care? If only the child drank!
  7. In general, water is the best drink. But if the baby refuses to drink clean water, and the body needs liquid, you can offer the child compote, tea, juice. But remember that compote should be with a minimum amount of sugar or its absence, and the juice should be very diluted. Otherwise, the child will not receive a drink, but a meal - this is how the body perceives thick juices and saturated drinks.
  8. Leave mugs, bottles and cups of water in a prominent place, preferably at the level of the child's eyes. Often the baby does not drink, simply because he does not see the water, he simply forgets. And when mother offers - often refuses from harm. If you leave containers with water in each room - more likely that the child will drink more often. But be careful and follow the drink so that the baby does not become overwhelmed and does not slip on the puddle.
  9. Children older than a year can be taught to drink frequently through the game. Water teddy bears, dogs and dolls and tell them how tasty the water is in the bottle. Often this leads to the fact that the baby starts to drink more.
  10. Children often copy adults. Therefore, in order for the baby to take an example from you, start drinking water with the whole family. Put a cooler at home, let the water be visible. And then the child will begin to understand that drinking is an integral part of life.

These simple rules will help you push your child to the right way of life and drinking enough water.

Water is a vital nutrient that helps digest food, softens stools, helps the body to grow, and muscles to be supple and flexible. A sufficient amount of water in the body improves its performance, removes slags and regulates body temperature. Teach your baby to drink water - this habit will make the child healthier.

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