How to increase the fat content of breast milk

Young mothers who decide to breastfeed have to follow a strict diet. They exclude from the diet foods that can cause a newborn allergy or colic, limited to cereals, lean meat and vegetables. Due to the meager menu and constant stress in the body, the amount of nutrients decreases, and breast milk becomes too thin and “dietary”. How to fix the situation? Change lifestyle and diet.

The benefits of pumping

The baby in the first minutes of feeding drinks front breast milk. It contains many vitamins and useful components, but in terms of texture it resembles water. The child quenches thirst, and then receives a second type of milk, which is called back. This food is fatter and more nutritious. The back milk is thick, like condensed milk. It is necessary for the baby for rapid growth and weight gain.

Some children are lazy to suck long breasts or eat in a few minutes, not having time to get to the main food. They drink the front milk, and the back remains in my mother's breast. Infants who do not receive fatty foods develop normally and do not complain about their health, but may weigh less than expected. If the mother thinks that the newborn is too thin, and it would not hurt to gain 1-2 kg, then she is recommended to decant before feeding.

Special tool suck the front milk, which is different from the back color. There is almost no fat in dietary baby food, so it has a bluish tint. Secondary milk is yellowish.

Strained food is not poured into the sink, but poured into a bottle. First, the newborn empties mother's breast, then, if he is hungry, he is fed with front milk. It is important that the child receives and light, fatty foods.

If you feed the baby only with thick rear milk, digestive problems begin. The reproduction of beneficial bacteria that colonize the intestine is slowed down and dysbacteriosis appears. The baby suffers from colic and constipation, it becomes restless and painful.

Sometimes mothers themselves are to blame for the fact that a newborn gets only diet food. They apply the baby first to one breast, then to the second. He manages to suck the front milk, but does not get to the fat back.

The baby after feeding is fed, but naughty? He is not disturbed by colic and cutting teeth, and diapers dry? The next time the newborn will require breast, you need to feed only one breast. Apply to the second, if the baby completely devastates the first.

Fat analysis

The pediatrician after the next weighing declared that the mother should correct the diet and enter the menu with butter and other high-calorie foods? From pork and buns with condensed milk, only a nursing woman will recover. The child will continue to gain 200 or 300 grams per month and fall behind peers.

Not all babies become plump and rosy cheeky. Some children have a fragile physique, so they are different from the others and do not meet the standards. Moms who are worried about the fat content of breast milk are recommended to conduct an experiment:

  1. Take a ruler and a transparent glass. Measure 10 cm from the bottom of the tank and mark it.
  2. Strain the milk. Pour the first portion into the sink, fill the second glass to the mark.
  3. Put the container aside, it is advisable to put next to a source of heat, so that the milk will quickly turn sour.
  4. Wait 6 to 12 hours until fat appears on the surface. Do not shake or stir baby food.
  5. Measure ruler thickness of the upper layer. A good indicator - from 3.5 cm and more.

On the surface of the milk accumulated 4 cm of fat? The child gets nourishing and healthy food, and the mother does not need to run to the shop for dumplings and sour cream or eat 500 g of walnuts each day.

Diet and quality of milk

Soviet-style pediatricians force nursing women to follow a strict diet. There is one reason: the child will have colic if the mother allows herself a salad with cabbage or a sausage sandwich.

A woman's diet affects only her well-being and weight. Colic in a child occurs due to the lack of good bacteria involved in the digestion of food. Diet does not affect the well-being of the newborn, but may worsen lactation or cause a lack of milk.

During the day, a woman breastfeeding should consume from 1800 to 2500 calories. Her body needs the right and natural products, which are rich in minerals and vitamins. The maternal body gives healthy substances to the infant, but their supply is not unlimited. The exhausted body is not able to produce fatty and nourishing milk, so mothers should abandon a rigid diet and enter meat, fruit, fish, and even some sweets into the menu.

A nursing woman recommended cereals: buckwheat, wheat, millet, oatmeal. Brown rice with lentils, corn and barley porridge is also useful. In cereal a lot of fiber, which normalizes digestive and metabolic processes. Cereals cleanse the intestines and saturate the body with vitamins.

Milk products
Moms lose a lot of calcium during pregnancy and lactation. To replenish stocks of the macro, should be consumed daily:

  • cottage cheese dishes;
  • cow and goat milk;
  • kefir or natural yogurt;
  • hard cheeses;
  • ryazhenka.

Moms who want to not only improve the composition of breast milk, but also to lose weight, are recommended to choose low-fat products.

Meat and fish days
The body of a nursing woman should receive not only calcium, but also phosphorus, then the bones of the baby and mother will be strong and healthy. The main source of mineral is fish. Preferred marine species like salmon, herring, salmon, flounder, hake.

Mom and baby need protein. You can get it from meat, eggs and cottage cheese. Recommend beef, rabbit, turkey and chicken. Pork, though tasty, but contains a lot of fat.

Meat and fish are baked, boiled and cooked in a double boiler to reduce the calorie content of dishes.
During the day, a woman should eat at least 100 g of chicken fillet or hake so that the child can get enough protein and gain weight.

Fresh and healthy
The main source of vitamins is fruit. Nursing recommended baked and fresh apples, pears, bananas, plums, peaches and apricots. Citruses are carefully introduced into the diet, but if a child does not have a rash after an orange or lemon, then it is also possible. In the summer, my mother is advised to eat watermelons and melons, drink compotes and make jelly or jelly from fruit.

Vegetables, like fruits, contain many vitamins. Nursing women who allow themselves broccoli, beets, carrots, squash or eggplant stew, never have problems with lactation. A healthy body that receives minerals and vitamins, produces milk of proper fat, which is useful for a child.

Interesting: Some sources claim that mom can not onions and garlic. Spicy vegetables change the taste of milk, which is why the newborn refuses to drink it. In fact, babies react normally to such a snack, and sometimes they begin to demand breasts more often.

Drinking mode
Mom should not drink before each feeding a glass of water or a cup of tea with milk. Excess fluid in the body leads to stagnant milk. Drink water or juice when thirst appears. Also useful are soups and compotes, herbal teas and jelly, you can even have some coffee, but without fanaticism. Only alcohol is banned.

Hemoglobin and lactation
In the diet of a nursing woman should be chicken, beef or pork liver. The by-product is a source of iron, which the new mother so lacks. With low hemoglobin, the state of health worsens, problems with lactation appear. In order for the child to receive fatty and healthy milk, mother is obliged to eat liver, boiled or raw beets, to drink pomegranate juice.

Women are contraindicated strict diets and fasting. First you need to take care of the baby and his immunity, and then engage in figure and lose weight. And if you properly plan your diet and eat only healthy food without preservatives, mom will lose hateful kilograms and without exhausting loads.

Good sleep and rest

In the first months, newborns are restless and require constant care. Mom has to get up at night and rock the baby, she does not get enough sleep and gets very tired. In the body due to exhaustion, malfunctions begin, lactation and the quality of breast milk deteriorate.

A nursing woman should be protected from stress and excessive loads, so night duty is recommended to entrust the father. Let him rock the newborn while the wife is resting and gaining strength. The body of a sleepy and cheerful mother produces fatty milk, which is rich in nutrients.

An intensive exercise is contraindicated for a nursing woman. After discharge from the hospital, the mother should rest for at least a month, and preferably more. Allowed only walks in the fresh air.

You can play sports after 8-10 weeks, but start with a light charge. Training exhausting the female body, affect lactation. Yes, mothers want to return to the prenatal form, but they have to choose: either lose weight and pump a press, or feed the baby with nutritious and high-quality milk.


It is recommended to massage the mammary glands 10-15 minutes before applying the newborn to the breast. Stroking and kneading by stroking circular motions. Thanks to the massage, more back milk is produced.

It is recommended not only to knead the chest, but also to apply a child to it more often. The maximum interval between feeding the newborn is 2-3 hours. When the baby eats, he is removed from the mammary glands for 5 minutes, and then offered them again. It seems to the mother's body that the baby is undernourished, and he is trying to increase the percentage of fat in baby food to make it more satisfying.

Folk methods

Helps and tincture of nuts. They contain protein and healthy fats, which are well absorbed by the female body. It will take 2 tbsp. l any nuts: walnuts, cashews, almonds, cedar or pistachios. Chop the cleaned kernels, pour a glass of boiling milk. Billet to insist 30 minutes, then drink. If you do not like the taste of the tincture, add honey to it.

Important: Nuts can not be abused. They are high in calories and can cause excess weight.
Moms are also advised to use infant formula, which should increase the fat content of milk. But such additives do not affect the quality of children's food and only lead to an increase in body weight.

Mother's milk is the perfect food for a newborn. The female body knows best how much fat and vitamins should be in it. Nursing mothers recommend a lot of rest, eat right and enjoy communicating with the child, and then she will not have problems with lactation.

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