Soul of Siberia Tomato - description and characteristics of the variety

The soul of Siberia is a mid-season hybrid variety. The plant is tall, it is planted and grown in open beds or in hotbeds. The variety is characterized by resistance to disease, tomatoes do not crack, differ in even shapes and sizes.

Characteristic variety

The fruits have a pleasant aroma and sweet taste, fleshy, with a smooth surface. In the inner part there is no pale heart, and there are yellow spots near the peduncle. Planting of seedlings is carried out at 50-55 days after sowing the seeds with a frequency of three to four stems per square meter. The plant must be tied up, stepson and form into one stem.

If you read the reviews of tomatoes of this variety, it can be noted that it has a high yield. Fruits of a round form possess pleasant tastes. Ripe tomatoes are easily transported, without loss of presentation. If poor fruit are collected, they ripen well at home.

Tomatoes of this variety must be tied up. To increase the amount of the crop, it is recommended to install special supports for the stems.

Distinctive qualities

Siberia is known for the fertility of its lands, thanks to which it was possible to get the best varieties of tomatoes. Breeders describe the Soul of Siberia variety as follows:

  • tall bushes - grow more than 180 centimeters;
  • tomato weight - up to 900 grams;
  • ripening period ranges from 85 to 90 days;
  • ripe fruits have a heart-shaped and pink color;
  • taste is sweet;
  • The plant can be grown both in open ground and in greenhouses.

Some fruits can reach a mass of 500-600 grams, the first harvest often gives tomatoes weighing from 700 to 850 grams. When grown in beds on each bush, three stalks are formed, in greenhouses - two. Each stalk has six to eight fruits.

Crop description

If the season has good weather conditions, then gardeners manage to collect 5-6 kilograms of crop. On average, 20-25 kilograms are released per square meter. This figure is considered high.

Positive and negative qualities of the variety

Tomatoes of this type are distinguished by a large number of advantages, among which it can be noted that the variety:

  • unpretentious to weather conditions;
  • resistant to temperature fluctuations;
  • gives a rich harvest;
  • resistant to the development of diseases.

Tomatoes are successfully grown in all types of soil, respond well to mineral and organic dressing.

Of the negative qualities of gardeners note that the greenhouse must be great height, because the bushes are tall. For the same reason, it is necessary to securely tie up the trunk and provide strong support to the branches so that they do not break.

When grown in heated greenhouses, the crop can be harvested throughout the year. This is especially important for Siberia, in which the warm season is rather short.

Diseases and pests

Distinctive features of the variety are that tomatoes are not susceptible to fungal diseases. The presence of the disease may indicate that the care of vegetables is very poor and of poor quality.

In order to avoid difficulties in growing such tomatoes, it is necessary to ensure optimal soil moisture, airing the greenhouse where the plant is kept. Significant fluctuations in temperature do not harm the tomatoes, but you need to be careful. Pests, such as gourd aphid, can harm plant growth, leading to a decrease in yield. In this case, it is necessary to use special preparations, following the recommendations indicated on the package. In addition, weeds should be removed where harmful insects can develop.

Strongly harm the bushes are capable of slugs. They fight with them by introducing ash into the soil and getting rid of excess foliage.

How to care for a plant

To get a rich harvest of tomatoes Soul of Siberia, the soil must be regularly loosened, watered and fed. When grown in a greenhouse requires regular ventilation of the room.

Application area

Ripe tomatoes are usually not canned. They have an excellent taste and contain a large amount of vitamins, so they are mainly consumed fresh, they are made from salads, tomato juice or pasta. Some housewives salted tomatoes barreled way.

Summing up, it should be said that this variety is distinguished by unpretentious care. If you follow some simple recommendations, you can collect a large number of tasty and fragrant fruits.

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