Tomato Slavic masterpiece - description and characteristics of the variety

Vegetable garden or suburban area can not be imagined without the presence of beds with tomatoes. Universal vegetable is very popular and is used to prepare a variety of dishes. Russian breeders are working on improving and breeding varieties constantly. Type of tomatoes Slavic masterpiece is characterized by rich yield and high germination of seeds. It is intended for cultivation in greenhouses and on open beds. Low-growing bushes are more often planted indoors.

Variety description

The plant reaches a height of 1.5 meters. When growing bushes need garter and remove the stepsons. Fruits are medium and large size, weight ranges from 150 to 180 grams, individual specimens can grow up to 400 grams. The fruit shape is flat-round, the peel is smooth, durable. Large tomatoes are slightly ribbed. When fully ripe, the vegetables become red. The taste is sweet, with a slight sourness.

The harvest begins in June and ends in September. From one bush you can collect 8-10 kg of ripe tomatoes.


Grow a variety seedling method. Seeds are sown in containers filled with prepared soil. To do this, the land must be mixed with sand and peat. For quick germination, containers are closed with film or glass, and cleaned in a warm, well-lit place. After the appearance of 2-3 leaves on the seedlings, the plants dive into separate pots. Before planting it is necessary according to the general rules to harden the seedlings. Planting in a permanent place is carried out 50 days after sowing the seeds.

Care rules

  1. Tomatoes of this variety require good watering while loosening the ground and removing weeds. Watering is done 1 time in 3-4 days, on dry days such manipulations are carried out daily. It should be watered only at the root, not allowing water to fall on the leaves.
  2. During the summer season, plants need to be fed several times with organic fertilizers. This is required to be done during the growing season, during the flowering of the bushes, and when active fruiting begins. To improve the taste of tomatoes, mineral additives should be added.
  3. To prevent the branches from breaking under the weight of a tomato, the bushes should be tied to supports. Pasynki need to be removed, and the soil around the bushes spud.
  4. During the summer, it is necessary to conduct a visual inspection of plants for the presence of diseased areas for diseases. Sick leaves and rotten fruits are removed. Shrubs should be sprayed with special insecticides.
  5. In order to avoid many dangerous fungi, it is necessary to air the greenhouses regularly. If there are signs of the invasion of harmful insects, the bushes need to be treated with chemicals.
  6. Regular loosening of the soil will help get rid of a lot of dangerous larvae and beetles.

The advantages of the variety

Tomatoes varieties Slavic masterpiece quite resistant to various diseases. Durable peel of the fruit makes tomatoes suitable for long-term storage and for transportation over long distances without loss of presentation. Gardeners celebrate a long period of fruiting, which is a clear advantage of the culture. Fruits have standard sizes, therefore are excellently used for all types of preparations. Tomatoes are made from pasta, sauces, ketchups, canned in whole and in halves. If you follow all the rules for growing varieties Slavic masterpiece, you can get excellent quality fruit and a rich harvest.

Reviews gardeners

  1. Nikolai Sergeevich, 49 years old: Last year he planted this variety of tomatoes in the garden. Bushes grew very strong and low. Despite the short stature, the plants should be tied to the crossbars, and the stepchildren should be cut off. The result was a pleasant surprise. All tomatoes are of excellent quality. Taste is sweet with slightly pronounced sourness. Over the summer I fed the bushes 3 times. I think it helped to get excellent yields. Tomatoes are well suited for fresh consumption and for canning.
  2. Tamara N., 48 years old: I grow tomatoes Slavic masterpiece varieties for 3 years. I like their tomato sour taste. Billets are obtained the highest class. I always make lecho and tomato juice. Bushes do not grow and are not tall. Pasynki must be removed. I water about 1-2 times a week. This variety has a high yield. In addition to cooking, we eat fresh tomatoes all summer. Even a beginner can handle growing this variety. I want to recommend to all gardeners who like to plant a variety on their plot.

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